Tuesday, 14 July 2010


Ok, here goes.

This is exciting. Exciting, but still pretty nerve-wracking! I’ve had a professional photo shoot done for a new website, along with a couple of videos. I think I’ll just go ahead and show you them. There’s not a whole lot of point beating around the bush. First off, there’s this. It’s a video of my photo shoot.


Different look right? Never thought blonde would suit me as much as it did, but then I did used to be blonde when I was younger so I guess it makes sense.

Ok, and here are a few of the photos that came out of it.


So, the website, in case you haven’t guessed by now is What it hopes to do is create non-explicit transgender fantasy films. I’m sure some of you will be familiar with Fictionmania, and that’s basically what this is but with films instead of stories. They are currently looking for more models/actors to star in their films, so why not go for it if you want to!

I hope this project does work out well for the people involved, whether I’m part of it or not. I think it will as well, it does seem like something that’s lacking on the internet, or anywhere for that matter.

I don’t think I’m going to go on and say much more for now. Yesterday I had a 13 hour night shift and I’m feeling a little tired today, what with my messed up sleep pattern, so I don’t really feel like staying up much longer. I think what I’ve given you is enough stuff to peruse for now anyway. I look forward to hearing your feedback about it all!

One thing I will just say, yes I know, I really need to sort out my voice. I really do hate it, and what is more annoying is that I think I sometimes sound ok, but then listening back to my voice on a recording just makes it sound ridiculous and very deep. If I’m going to be in any of these films, or even just in day to day life I’m going to need to train my voice.

Oh yes, I’m also aware that the last video I uploaded is only available in the states because of the music licensing stuff. I will sort this out one way or another soon, but until then, just treat it like any major film release; in America they usually come out several months before it comes to other parts of the world. I’ve never understood why that happens, can they not take too much money in one week or something? Wallets not big enough?!

Anyway, I’m going to bed.

Night! X


43 Responses to “”

  1. Leigham Says:

    Pretty fantastic. Where in the UK is it based? Can you say? I would have probably loved to have taken part just a couple of years ago.

    Love to see more

    Also, sweetie, don’t worry about your voice. It sounds fine, everyone sounds pretty weird when they are recorded. To yourself always sounds the weirdest.

  2. Randi Dennis Says:

    Hey Ella,

    Very very pretty hon….amazing…and yes it looks as though they have the right person tolaunch the site.

    About how YouTube operates…well this is nothing new. I have had a similar proble with some of mine, even though there is a now an official clearance I have from the person who held several of the copyrights [You know of one particular song that has that after all she wrote it about…… ]It is odd, although the thinking here would be that seeing YT is now in league with many artists, they figure they may as well get a piece of the copyright pie as long as this is a hot media means [and for the foreseeable future that is going to be the case]

    Have a good one…love the pics….and keep an eye on your emails!!

    Til later on,



  3. Randi Dennis Says:

    Hey Ella,

    PS: Do not worry about the voice…it is excellent….:):) Besides it is part of what makes You You!!!!!

    Til later on,


  4. exaxis Says:

    You look fantastic. I’m still not sure about the fantasy aspect of the outfits but you know what you’re doing. As long as you’re the one in charge, you’re not being exploited. As to being blonde, an amazing surprise; it works doesn’t it? 🙂 Between tranisa, photographers, yourself and your supporters… just make damn sure you are doing what YOU want. I’m sure I’m over-reacting but I worry.
    Take care of yourself and be well.

  5. steph Says:

    looks wonderful Ella –

    Yuo have a stunning look and are so naturaly feminine – keep up the good work and i’m sure your website will become hugely popular with lots of girls!

    take care,


  6. flickstar Says:

    Congratulations. The pics look great. I’m so jealous, I bet every crossdresser dreams of having a pro photoshoot. But you deserve it, you’re gorgeous.


  7. Nicole Says:


  8. Hermione Simpson Says:

    You look fantastic ella in the photos, has you look very feminine anyway & blonde really suits you, also is the dress you’re wearing your own alice in wonderland dress which you’ve worn in a previous youtube video & photos of your own, or did they provide it, also can you say where about they’re based, & also is their an age limit, who may work for them

  9. martyn Says:

    love the vid if you ever want to be a maid i have plenty of housework for you to do im willing to pay your travelling expensis nice
    you have a loverly smile

  10. Sally Parks Says:

    Awwwww geeze. Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly get any cuter you go and get even cuter. Love your smile,hair,eyes, oh what the heck, I love everything about you. I have never wanted to hug anyone as much as I want to hug you right now. lol Keep the pictures comming. Hugs: Sally.

  11. Caramel Black Says:

    It looks awesome. My blogs are probably a bit racy for your taste, but if you’d like more help getting the word out, Let me know. Cara


  12. Randi Dennis Says:

    Hey Ella,

    Seeing that your news and this new page has brightened the day here….this is a little one in turn:

    Even though work is still coming in off and on…this will make it look official.

    By the by in re: the music issue, if You ever want to use the song that Betty T. had written and is on my blog, go ahead…after all …well give it a listen and you will see what I mean[Lyrics can be sent over later as well as the chart]. She passed on the copyright to me a little while back and it is in the open [I am not in it for the money…for being a geekette, yes….otherwise music, especially Betty’s work with Ren is a labour of love]

    Til later on,

    Love Always,


  13. Jamie Says:

    You look and sound great. A very sexy look. I hope to see you in a short film or two. When do we get to see some photos from that doctor outfit you’re in. Yummy.

  14. spacial Says:

    Wow. What can I say Ella.

    It’s fabulous. You look wonderful and so utterly appealing.

    Looking back on your early days you’ve come light years.

    With so many good wishes you haven’t mentioned your family lately. How are they doing? Are they being sensible?

    Take care and thanks for all.

  15. Stephanie Says:

    Personally, I think you are most compelling in the short, striped dress before all the fantasy — such a naturally beautiful young woman.

  16. Alice Says:

    I really like the idea of this. Non-sexual fantasy videos are lovely. I get the feeling I want to apply just so I can do the photo shoot video. I am not sure how I would feel about actually acting in one about being forced to be a maid. Can’t I just have lots of nice photos as a maid instead?

  17. DelorisCD Says:

    OH YAY!!!!!!!! Great video and photos sweety. I love them so much. I hope you had tons of fun with all the different costumes. Cant wait to see your future fantasy videos. I followed the link and I love your voice sweety, and the maids outfit very sexy. hehehehe



  18. summertime75 Says:

    Great photo shoot, loved the Alice and the maid’s dress, wasn’t too keen on the Nures’s uniform but I’m not generally keen on Nures’e uniforms – I used to work in the health service, so it never did appear sexy. The other website looks very good and I look forward to watching it grow. Only one point the voice needs a little work. Good luck.

  19. Uncle Al 666 Says:

    Dear Ella,

    I would like to let you know that the best voice training you can get is to find an opera coach. I found one to help me when I needed to expand my voice-over range for a radio comedy show, some 20 years back… really helped.

    Also, PLEASE, where can I get an autographed picture of you in the Alice costume holding the Teddy Bear. I collect all things Alice in Wonderland and you, my dear, are one of the best ever. Just tell me how much and I will send you the cash.

    Allen K. McGann
    AKA: Uncle Al 666

  20. Lucie Says:

    I’m another one agrees that you look fabulous.
    The idea was something I was crying out for as a young transgender girl, just be careful hope it goes well for you.
    Lucie x

  21. Gina Says:

    Precious, I love your movements you act like a true woman. I’m from Spain and I am transgeder too.

  22. ladypink Says:

    I love it i wish i had a change to do what you did. i always wanted to but never had the neve

  23. Carmine Brattin Says:

    as soon as I observed this internet site I went on reddit to share some of the love with them.

  24. mandy Says:

    Darling from the moment i saw your first video i fell in love with you.You look so sexy in that dress.Your such a beautiful looking woman.I also look forward to seeing more photos and videos of you in the future,they give me such pleasure.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Seeing you love the femine side of life have you submitted to giving yourself to a male????

  26. Liss Lovelace Says:

    Oh, so cute Bella!

  27. Carlos Ariana Says:

    Someone just showed me this video when we were talking alternatives to all the “porn” TG blogs that exist and how non-splicit content has no market… which I thought was weird. In general I just wanted to say good luck with the medical stuff, and you look great in these photos!

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  29. Anonymous Says:

    Sei davvero fantastica Ella!

  30. Lisagirl Says:

    You are so hot I just love you girlfriend!

  31. Minakshi sinha Says:

    I am a guy.i wanted to work with Tranisa as a model.i am ready for any roleplay.thank you

  32. Minakshi sinha Says:

    I am a guy.want to work with Tranisa,as a model.ready for any email id:

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  38. Tim klingenberg Says:

    Too tell you truthful I never thought I would like it but I do
    I’m not sure if I am a trangender I have thought of it many times throughout my life but looking at you and seeing your video many times
    Will your beautiful really beutiful and I will like to know you inside too if you can let me
    Up to you
    Thank you

  39. Tim klingenberg Says:

    I never heard your voice

  40. Rosaria Fluetsch Says:

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