Media Mania

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Hey Ho. I’ve been having fun!

Last week I came back from a holiday that I absent-mindedly neglected to mention. It was great. Me and Sarah went to Turkey for a week, and for I’d say about 80% of it I was eating. Food is so cheap there compared to UK prices, so we really couldn’t help ourselves. Not only was it all fantastic and tasty, they pretty much gave you half a cow if you asked for meatballs or something, and then they’d throw on a salad that could be blamed for the worlds deforestation, and then sometimes a free dessert, which you couldn’t exactly turn down could you?! Not if they’d already brought it out to you and started spooning into your mouth?!

I’m kidding of course. There was a lot of food and I think I’ve made that clear now. The result from that, of course, is that I’ve gained a few pounds. Or at least I did. They have since been de-gained from going back to work and running around more than is probably necessary. So yes, I’ll give you a few pictures of the area I went to. It was Calis Beach, near Fethiye, if that means anything to you. Here you go…

IMG_1979 (1)

IMG_1993 (1) IMG_2006 (1)

The area was beautiful and I could have easily stayed another few days. Sarah, on the other hand, could have stayed another few years. I have to admit I was slightly missing being able to be Ella out there. Sure I had a few girly things for the hotel room, but most of the time we were out and about I had to be a guy. It wasn’t really enough for me, so I’m quite glad to be back and able to spend more than half my time being Ella again.

So that was my holiday. I did enjoy it a lot and I have to say it was nice to relax a bit after this whole work fiasco. I kind of needed a holiday after that.

But now I’m back into the swing of things again, and in fact today I was able to take a few new pictures, and (brace yourselves) make a new video. I decided to make one of those ‘transform’ male to female ones. It’s basically just me putting some make-up on (badly), and then showing a few pictures. It really isn’t anything special, but I don’t really have a lot of possibilities right now. To be honest it’s quite a big step to show you all my ‘male’ self, but I figured I’m about ready, so there you go. In actuality I don’t really look much different from my wigless photos, so it’s not actually that bad.

So here’s my video, this can also serve as my “Song of the Moment” as well. It’s quite apt and I hope all the haters listen out for the lyrics.

I’ll also add the last few photos from January I never got around to uploading as well as the ones that were on the end of that video.

IMG_1891 (1)IMG_1893 (1)  IMG_1903 (1)

IMG_2066 (1) IMG_2064 (1)

Phewy, there we go. That’s pretty much a media overload I think. I don’t really have a lot else more to say. Well ok, I don’t really have anything that I think is worth staying up past 2am to say. I could go on for hours, but I do have work tomorrow and it is once again the start of my 5 day run.

Something I will mention though. It is my birthday this coming Thursday, so that’s something to look forward to half-way through my week. I’ll be 23. Oh and that modelling thing I mentioned last time is looking to still be on, but I won’t be doing anything for a couple of months I’d guess. The people organising it are very busy people, and seem to barely have time to breathe, so they’ll fit me in when they’re good and ready.

I think that’s about all. I’ll be back soonish, hopefully with more of a word-based upload rather than all of this nonsense!

Night! X


15 Responses to “Media Mania”

  1. Randi Dennis Says:

    Hey Ella,

    First Off…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!And may there be many many more!!!

    It does take guts to show oneself going from one visage to the other..but it is also the fact that it shows a level of honesty that not many do see on the net, be in this community or another. As for those who are haters, I will repeat here what has been said in other corners…that being those folks have to live with themselves, You do not. Plus they are wasting their time be thinking in those terms. More or less, the net gives a wise person a place to expound on their thoughts and communicate same with similar others and a fool a toy by which they can post their bile.

    Also good to see nothing happened at work. Something says that they value You and what you represent there..[and I had a feeling the luck from here in re: the case I had mentioned to You before had spread across the to love it when a plan comes together *S*]

    By the by none of this is nonsense [trust me I know…mine has been called that in other corners and currently my two yutes, I mean cats are plotting to take care of the naysayers] I will say it again that this is gutsy and beautiful and shows a wonderful person.

    Til later on and Happy Birthday!!!


    PS: check Your email later on:):):)


  2. exaxis Says:

    Happy Birthday 🙂
    It’s good to know about the holiday, you both needed it. I checked out the video, surprised and impressed; that was a very honest and brave video. Fortunately, it worked well. I’m not sure why I need to say this next bit but it’s bugging me so I will… are you sure about the blue eyeshadow? You have such enchanting dark eyes I would have thought a bronzed colour, a burnished gold or some more autumnal shade?
    The red top with the black skirt doesn’t feel right, it looks fine but you look much more like you’re being you when you’re in the casual gear, you look natural, realxed and happy.
    Keep being you

  3. spacial Says:

    Another great blog Ella.

    You seem really chirpy now. Had a chuckle at your text.

    Never been to Greece, but might go now.

    The video is brilliant. What more can I say?

    Till next time.

  4. geecee Says:

    So you’re a gemini? That’s OK. I like both of you. My birthday’s this month too (the 27th). What are you getting me?

    Just kidding. Rock on Ellanator.


  5. Becky Says:

    Hi, Ella.

    Great blog. Trust me, some day, some day I’ll write as well and catchinig as you! And in English, ha! For now, you’ll just have to settle with two blogs in Spanish… in livespaces. ha!

    Girl, I wish I could know more about your background. Is there any chance we can chat sometime? Email me and tell me when, how do you get a chance. And of your are ever interested!

    I guess we all feel identified. I’ll tell you later what part of your blogs struck me bad!



  6. Kate Says:

    A- Happy Birthday!

    B- In the photos with the black pencil skirt, I LOVE YOUR SHOES. That is all.

  7. Randi Dennis Says:

    Hey Ella,

    Happy Birthday again….Many Happy Returns!!!!

    And when you get a chance:

    Just a little something from the desk of your friendly, neighborhood, crazy redheaded geekette!!

    Again, Happy Birthday!!

    Love Always!!


  8. Becky Says:

    By the way…

    Happy BDay!

    It’s always fun to celebrate!


  9. Mel Says:

    Happy birthday Ella! I aprechiate your experiences and your willingness to share them. Always wonderful to see your updates.


  10. DelorisCD Says:

    Hey sweety, I guess this would be my first comment. hehehehe Just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Ive been reading your blogs for a while and seen your pics. They are great especially the new ones, with you in heels. Very sexy. Great story on your trip, super happy you enjoyed yourself.

    Also I cant see your new video. something about copyright restrictions. By any chance do you post your videos on another website? If so let me know Id love to see it.

    Hope to become good online buddies with you.


  11. Randi Dennis Says:

    Hey Ella,

    Happy Birthday Again and in case this one got lost in the emails:

    Enjoy….it is Yours!!

    Til later on,


  12. Falcon Says:

    You look great, in fact i think that you looke better by the time

  13. Fan Says:

    Video doesnt work hunni!

  14. nagwa Says:

    happy birth day Ella, i hope you accept my friendship

  15. summertime75 Says:

    Belated birthday wishes. It certainly sounds as if you had a great time in Turkey. We went a couple of years ago, lots to see and do especially if you like old buildings.

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