Drugged Up

Wednesday 22nd August 2012


Twice in one week?! You better believe it buddy!

I’ve just uploaded some of my April pictures to Flickr, there are more to come. Also there may well be some more from this week. While I am actually unfit to work, I should be fit enough to do a mini photo shoot.

Also I’ve had a few wigs through this morning. I’ve decided against human hair wigs for now, I can’t really justify the price of them, so I just got some fairly decent synthetic wigs. They actually feel really good, hopefully they look good on me, you’ll have to judge for yourself in like four months when I upload them! I will try my best to get some up this week. I won’t ruin the surprise by telling you the styles, but I will say that one in particular is unlike any I’ve owned before. One thing I have to make sure I do this time is care for them properly though. All but one of my old ones I’ve had to throw out just because they became matted and disgusting looking. Now I know why the care instructions don’t say ‘stuff clumsily into your bottom drawer’. I’ve ordered a couple of wig stands so that will help, there’s just the problem of keeping them out of the sight of prying eyes.

I went back to the doctors yesterday. They think I have the start of tonsillitis. I’ve had laryngitis before and I get the feeling they’re pretty similar. I can’t wait until I get the whole set, I can start placing houses and hotels on them then.

Basically it hurts to swallow, so I have to take a tonne of penicillin, paracetamol, ibuprofen and ‘difflam’ spray now. I feel like a drug dealer, except for the fact I’m the one taking it all. Like a drug dealer with a bad business model then I guess.

I have to go back in a couple of days and the doctor said if I’m not improving by then, I might have to go up to the hospital. She took a mouth swab which she is going to send off to check that it isn’t anything ‘exotic’ as she called it. I hope I do improve, but I have to be honest, I’m really loving not going into work. I don’t find the time to do this blog when I work. Granted I’d probably get pretty bored quite quickly, and I will say that the days all seem to merge together as well, but overall I’m still loving it.

I’m also supposed to be on holiday the week after next, so I’m not really that inclined to try and return to work before that. If I’m off until then I basically get a free week of recovery.

The one thing I’m not happy about though (apart from the whole pain thing) is that my workplace does not respond well to genuine illness. In a nutshell if I’m off more than three times in about three months, no matter how long for, you ‘trigger’. Also if you’re off for more than eight shifts in six months you will ‘trigger’ as well. Triggering basically means you will have to go to a meeting with your manager where they will pretty much always give you a written warning. Written warnings mean you won’t get any pay rises or bonuses for a year. This, in my opinion is a bit extreme. Granted I’ve only ever worked at this place, so this could be the same for many companies, but I don’t know, my family seems to think it’s unfair. I mean any company that punishes someone for having a genuine illness seems unfair.

Still, I guess I’m lucky to have a job at all in this climate, right?! Right?! It doesn’t stop me from disliking it though. I would love a different job, my problem is not knowing what I want to do, and not having any qualifications in whatever it is that I want to do.

Well I’ll leave it there. Here are those pictures!

IMG_2795 (1)IMG_2806 (1)IMG_2818 (1)

Night! X


9 Responses to “Drugged Up”

  1. rheapdx1 Says:

    Hey Ella,

    Hon as always the pics look great…and I hope that the info on the syles did help some. Also…if you were not able to get any wig conditioner to clean them with, dish washing detergent will work just as well [same chemical formulas in those cleansers]

    OUCH on the tonsilitis. The one thing I will mention about taking ibuprophen is that while it works like gangbusters [ancient term, but you get the idea] it, as well as a few other antiinflamatories can have a few side effects if taken at a high dosage for a long period of time. On the next visit [and I say this as someone who goes through these every 90 days] have them check not only the regular levels, but also to see that none of the kidney functions have been impaired [this is one of the problems with ibuprophen or as it is called in some palces here….Advil]. Also you are not a bad drug dealer *S* Those are the ones who end up on…..COPS. 🙂

    Hon stand your ground if they bring you in for ‘the meeting’. An illness is not something that you had control over [if they bring up that argument] & as such, things do happen. Of course, it goes without saying there are employers who are being somewhat anal retentive and pety about the process of those who are ill. Having been through this with the last employer here [pre: disability] , what I did have to back up what happened was paperwork from my primary and others who would end up being a part of my ‘gang of 5’. In triplicate, explaining the fact that the heart was acting up, which led to the other maladies. And I will strongly recommend same here; make sure the papers you have from the doctor’s, clinics, etc mention in detail what is going on, so that the meeting does not turn advesarial. Yes, your family is right, this is unfair…businesses are trying to be incredibly sneaky about how they deal with sickness, or worse how to not pay for it. But hang tough…and remember, again that this is not your fault.

    And as far as future work is concerned, let me pass on something I say to some of the folks I tutor [yes, when I do that, or I am the voice of reason…this planet is in trouble]. Follow your passion…whatever it is and wherever that will lead. You have an advantage here, in that there is time on your side to find that one thing…that one item where there is a spark and then roll with that. Plus, with a lot of training for many fields being made available online….heck yes, finding what one wants can be done rather inexpensively. All you have to do is find what you want and go from there..

    Again feel better….and remember what is said in the above paragraphs. It is not your fault, do not let them say something or anything along those lines.

    Til Later On,

    Love Always,


  2. Matt Says:

    Re: the job. Very common to get stuck in the “don’t know what else I could do” way of thinking. Talking to a careers advisor might give you a whole new perspective on things (try nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk).

  3. sam Says:

    your looking as gorgous as usual may may I wish that I looked that good,,,,,,,Sam,,,,xx

  4. sar Says:

    hi ella! you look so pretty! and I really like your photos! I wish if you will publish photos more often and I like to see you wear leggings!!! please!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Really good looking pictures.
    You are becoming a very nice looking young woman.

  6. Spacial Says:

    The last was from me. Sorry, for some reason it didn’t sign me in automatically

  7. calminginfluence Says:

    “I can’t wait until I get the whole set, I can start placing houses and hotels on them then.”

    I LOL’d. Unless I’m mistaken, the third property is ‘Bronchitis”, and it’s in a lovely neighborhood. Please forgive me if I say I’d rather you don’t acquire it too soon; it’s not because I’m trying to win or anything… 😉



    P.S. That jeans/T/Flannel shirt look rocks; it would fit in so well in Seattle/Portland/PNW.

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  9. Archy Says:

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