Been Put On Hold

Monday, 19 November 2007


First off, I’m sorry about the content of my entry last night. It was fueled primarily from vodka.

Now I’d like to say about a decision me and my parents came to today. Mum spoke to me again about me being transgender. She said that if I wanted to go ahead and do this, I can, but could I please wait until my sister is older.

I have to admit, I’d not thought about this from my sisters point of view. Mum is concerned that she’d get bullied at school, and to be perfectly honest, she probably would, if they found out. I did agree to those terms because I do not want my troubles to be passed on to my sister. Even though I may be happy with myself, my sister may not be happy with me, and even more likely, some of the people from school will not be. School kids can be very very evil, and I will now wait until my sister has left school. Mum did say that it would probably take a couple of years to get going anyway.

It seems my parents are reluctantly accepting me. They both love me unconditionally I think, but for the most part the problem is just that they know so little about it. Dad thinks I’ll be living my life as a drag queen. Mum just thinks I don’t know what I’m talking about. We haven’t talked that much about it in the past two days, but I can tell that they’re doing a lot of thinking!

Mum also said that they’d both be ok with coming to the doctors with me, so I’ll get that booked up on my next day off.

Apart from that, little else happening. Last night I went out with my friend Woo. He started a tally of all the people we each knew. He knew about 11, I knew none. It wasn’t great for my self confidence really, but I didn’t mind a whole lot. I was having fun all the same. Besides which, that’s 11 new people I now have an acquaintance with!

Oh yeh, my friend Rob, (who I told first and is currently in Germany) rang me today. I haven’t spoken to him, or even talked to him on the internet since he left in October. It’s great that he’s calling me, he obviously still wants to know me and is concerned with how things are going. It’s the middle of December that he comes back here, so I’m actually quite looking forward to it already.

Anyway, that is all. I’m working 1pm to 11pm tomorrow, so I get a bit of a lie in!

Night! X


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