Transgender Day Of Remembrance

Tuesday, 20 November 2007


Today (November 20th) is the Transgender Day Of Remembrance.

I think that having this special day is a fantastic idea. It does raise awareness and it really does make you think about all the people that were killed due to so-called ‘transphobia’.

Transphobia needs to be completely destroyed, having this day set aside is a fantastic step forward, and in fact this is the 9th year it has been celebrated. I can imagine that in a few years transgenderism will be just as accepted as being gay is. You may think that that isn’t such a great milestone, but gay rights have come on leaps and bounds so much recently and I would love to see the same for transgenders. In fact this morning my Dad said to me, “Why can’t you just be gay?! I’m fine with that,”. To that I obviously said that I’m not gay, and it’s not my choice anyway. I never thought I’d hear him say that.

I’m sorry, but I don’t feel like writing any more tonight, I’m kinda tired.

Night! X


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