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I am, at heart, a normal girl. Unfortunately, for one reason or the other, I didn’t exactly turn out that way. I was born a guy, but not letting that put me off, I march on into my life with high expectations. I hope for changes in the future that will certainly make my life more enjoyable, but I know that I can’t put it all on hold until I have become the person I feel inside. I am trying my best to find myself a good job right now, but it is difficult. Anyway, you can read all this and more in my blog, so catch you later! x


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  1. Phil Says:

    Please post some new portraits soon-you are absolutely stunning

  2. Ian Says:

    Hi Ella, loved the blog, don’t type pissed, you really can not spell when hammered!!

  3. Alice Says:

    Is that a wig?
    Because if it is, it is stunning and i want one.
    where can i get one?

    I grew my hair out and i loved it, but i could never get it as good as it looks in your photos.

  4. Rob Says:

    Hi Ella! It’s great to see you again. Your new photos (well…new to me, anyway) are fabulous! And I’m glad to see that you’re keeping up with your daily blog! Hope to hear from you soon dear!

  5. kandy Says:

    Hi Ella, you’re very pretty and feminine, and fabulous photo’s, obviously. But I’ve also been reading your blog and looking beyond the surface. You are very sensitive and reflective. There’s more to this than how we look, or some desparate headlong rush into becoming someone we’re not. We forget or ignore this. But it has to be everything or nothing. The pain otherwise is unbearable. I’m learning this, I think you know this to. Being sensitive it will hurt but how can it be otherwise. Take care, love k x

  6. TV_Loren Says:

    Hi Ella, I admire your braveness and you’re a sweet girl for putting up such lovely pictures of yourself. Be true to yourself, darling and I wish you all the best with finding that better job you want. Have you thought of t-girl modelling? The camera loves you, that’s easy to see 😉 xxx loren xxx

  7. James Says:

    Hi Ella

    Can i first of all say that you are absolutely beautiful and the pics of you in school uniform are incredible. I think you are the most beautiful TV i have ever seen and I hope you continue with this and keep putting photos up. I agree with Loren, have you ever considered modeling

    Take care and hope to hear from you

    Love James x

  8. Conrad Says:

    very honest, very moving, very open……very good


  9. Graham Says:

    Hi Ella,

    We chatted a few times last year, good to see that you’re looking so good and moving forward. Would love to chat again.


  10. Pamela Says:

    Hi Ella, are you really a biological man? you look so beautiful as a woman to me. of course I look forward to see more pictures of you, specialy of your feet dressed in heeled sandals.

  11. Kimmy Says:

    Hi Ella! You seem like such an honest and caring person. I feel with reading your blog for awhile now…I’m a girl like you and about your age 21 from the USA but I’d love to chat with you sometime…

  12. david Says:

    hi babes yo gorjas im not gay but u r a beatfull girl x

  13. Shauna Says:

    Ella you are so gorgeous, you remind me of myself so many years ago. I two am two people and I love myself no matter what. I am older now and it is difficult now transistioning, so many decisions and worrying who will be hurt from this in order to be happy. Good luck young lady, you are a lady no matter what people say, it is what is inside that counts and follow your heart.


  14. Mark Says:

    Hey Ella! Wrote you a email, saw this and I can;t believe it! You look amazing, write back to me when you get a chance! Hope to hear from you soon.

  15. bibomedia Says:

    Have a nice day !

  16. Ginalee Says:

    It seems so selfish your parents aren’t supportive or even concerned about your happiness. I think they will regret some day all the time they miss being with their child who is a very beautiful girl who’s blossoming into womanhood and could use the help advice and love a mother should provide. Ella keep on with what makes you complete and you’ll be able to find happiness.You truley are beautiful both inside as well as on the outside. I would love to get to know you better and become friends. Who knows we might be able to help each other through lifes insanity.Your worth it. Thankyou Ella Love Ginalee

  17. Andreas Says:

    Hi Ella…

    Sorry for my English. I’m not that good at foreign languages.

    Just popped by – and man was I amazed. How beautiful and feminine can a boy be? I’m addicted…


  18. KatieM Says:


    Good luck on your journey girl…You are making a step many have not taken out of fear, but know this, there are a lot of people out there, in here-whatever, that will support you and can be a sounding board should you need to scream, cry, or whatever…
    Thanks for your “diary”…don’t give up the writing, there is healing in it.


  19. KatieM Says:


    sorry….I spelled your name wrong….

  20. Jess Says:

    Ella, I felt pretty much that way you do at your age. Time, circumstance and fear (which I’m glad to see you don’t have) lead me away from SRS. I’d be happy if we (my girlfriend and I) could link to your blog from ours. Check the email on the comment and send me a message. http://www.ourlifeinpink.com if you’d like to scope us out first.

  21. Becky Says:

    Hi Ella,

    Great blog, it’s going into my reading list. 🙂

  22. waynetta Says:

    hi ella,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog, not because of the suffering you have had, more because I share how you feel. My family my friends, all the same issues, of course everyone is different and there family and friends are different, but the issues we share are all relative. God, what do I sound like.
    I hope you keep you blog going, I shall be back to read more.

    Waynetta x

  23. Matt Says:

    Hi Ella,
    I think you should continue on your journey. Live your life to the fullest and live free. Your happiness is the most important aspect of your life. Embrace the good times and stand up to the bad times. Engulf yourself amongst other women like yourself and make new friends. There are about 20 or so people above me whom would be willing to do so. Support can come from comforting words across a computer screen as easily as a friend sitting next to you. I admire what you are doing and believe you will flourish in the end.
    Take care and keep pushing forward.


  24. Dan Says:

    Dear Ella,
    Although I don`t have your struggle, I have had my share in this life. Be patient with yourself and the world around you. You are a lovely girl and just as you wrote about feeling confident…people will respect you for that. When I feel discouraged I put on uplifting music and that could be anything from Sly and the Family Stone to Beethoven or I read the work of one of my favorite poets or look at the paintings of a favorite artist and then…I`m reminded that I`m not alone in the struggle to be human, to be real and true to myself.
    Take care dear girl. If I was a young man again, I think I would easily fall in love with you.


  25. Diana Winslow Says:

    I was touched by the many similarities of our lives, though my version took a turn some 20 years ago. Unlike you, I did NOT come out to my parents, though they knew of my interest. My teenage years were spent dressing a lot and pursuing boys. I always thought I would transition and settle down with a man and be a mother! It was all I wanted. Men used me and I didn’t know better. I wished I had girlfriends to lean on, as they might have been able to steer me to a more realistic path. Take advice from many but follow your own bliss…you are so lucky to live in this world TODAY. You have options many before only dreamed of.

  26. Chris Phillips Says:

    Just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog, and your such a strong and inspirational person. you look absolutely stunning in all your pictures, and I’ve no doubt one day you’ll make a very beautiful girl.

    Chris xxx

  27. Angela Coles Says:

    Ella, you are just so pretty. I really want to help you to become a stunner in anyway I can ! Please reply. Love, Angela x

  28. Randi Dennis Says:

    Ella, there are a few things that work in your favor as far as transition is concerned. Just remember too that those who understand early that this is their path are able to got through this in a more logical fashion than those who do so on a whim. This places you ahead of many others who go through this process.

    Eventually, parents and friends will come around and they will value and love you for who you are. All the other things will happen in time as well…and when it all does come together, it will make the journey worthwhile.

    Also the fact that your pictures show that you are on your way…you are very attractive. This means being female was in the future:) Never forget that this is what you want and all will fall into place!!!!

    Love always,


  29. Randi Dennis Says:

    Dear Ella,

    Hope all is going ok….Stay Strong!!

    Love always!!!


  30. Maria Says:

    Im a 16 year old transsexual (i think ha) and id really like to speak with you ella! hit me up! maria9543@googlemail.com, or myspace.com/9543maria9543.


  31. franco Says:

    estas bellisima soy de mexico y no dejo de admirarte por k eres bellisima

  32. Laura London Says:

    Darling Ella, your videos and photos are probably the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I adore you….
    Love to chat sometime honey
    Laura x

  33. Julie Says:

    Dear Ella,
    You are so pretty and no way can you be male?,
    You need to seek the help of your GP in refering you to a gender identity clinic so that you can get what you so obviousley need which is to be Ella. I supported my best friend through the process of transitioning some years ago right through to post-op sadley only to loose her to bowel cancer.
    I know all the trials and tribulations you are going through with parents, friends, employers etc but you have an inbuilt advantage in that you are so naturally pretty.
    I wish you all the luck in the world and I will do anything possible to help and support you, you have so many more advantages nowadays that I never had when I wanted to do what you need to do to truly become Ella.
    I will keep up with your blog which I have enjoyed reading and look forward to your future tansition and the happiness I know you will find as Ella and dont forget you may well lose some friends and family along the way but you will also gain some good friends who will be priceless to you and your future happiness as Ella.
    All my best wishes for your future happiness Julie x

  34. Claire Mills Says:

    Hey Ella,

    My name’s Claire and I’m a young (ish – I’m 28) girl like you up in Scotland. Just came across your blog and wanted to say hi. I know only too well the tough times we can face, but you’re doing so so well and you look absolutely fabulous! I’m so happy you’ve got the confidence to do this at your age…I really wish I did…when you get a bit older like me it gets so much harder, not least because your body is developing in ways you don’t want it to!

    Anyhow, just wanted to say hi and maybe we could chat or something if you have time? It’s always great to speak to people who understand where you’re coming from!

    So, do you live as a girl 24/7 or just sometimes? Do your family know?

    It’d be great to hear from you sometime if you want…I was going to attach a pic of me so you can put a face/body to my name, but I don’t think i can outwith email…

    hope you’re good anyhow; stay happy toots.

    Love Claire xXx

    PS – I LOVE your taste in music

  35. Falcon Says:

    I think you are a great person, i hope you will find that perfect jor you¡’re looking for. I hope we culod be friends

  36. stacy Says:

    Hi Ella
    Just to say you look absolutely fabulous and so convincing me jealous hell yeah.
    love the pics and videos.
    love stace xxx

  37. Andy Says:

    Well Ella, I seen your latest video clip on you tube and was most impressed, the long straight hair does suit you much better in my option, Even having said that you would fool me if I was to see you in public, You are very natural and make a very pretty lady.

    I for one admire your bravery in making a blog and uploading some videos of yourself, I understand that this is all part of coming to terms with how you really feel and an important first step you have made in doing so.

    If you find time and wish to you can email me for a chat, And do not worry I will not be doing a feature on you on EGPN not unless you want me to of course? 😉


  38. Will or Amy Says:

    Hi Ella,
    I used to think like you do and felt that I was not in the right body.
    But at the end I realized that I’m good as I am.

    Anyway I wish you all the best for the future and hope you will find your way in the life as you want!


  39. Karen Says:

    OMG! Your next viedo has to be a short clip you you playing the piano. Nothing is cooler than a cute girl playing the piano in a cute dress. Please please please do that one soon!!!


  40. Jamie Says:

    Ella you make a beautiful and sexy woman. If that is who you feel you are than do not be afraid to take the next step, but also think very hard before you do. The only one who can make those decisions is you and only you. There is always negativity out there but know you can always count on support from alot of folks right here who have gone through the exact same thing on the WWW and the physical world around you. Good luck to you

  41. Sarah Hannah Says:

    Girl you need to be who you are in your heart. You seem to be doing well so far, just need some supportive friends who love you. I’m right with ya sister! Keep marching on 🙂

  42. Jim Says:

    You’re a beautiful girl, Ella, and you sound like a really nice person to be around. I’d ask you out on a date in an instant!

  43. Carolyn Says:

    You sound as if you are standing still, but anxious to move forward. Are there some steps you could take now to explore yourself as Ella but not commit yourself to surgery just yet? Have you left the house as a woman? You certainly have the looks to do so (loosen your bra straps a little, though; your boobs are too high). Being out as a female, shopping or going to the cinema, can tell you a lot of things, particularly what you need to work on to be even more convincing. From where you are starting, it does not seem to me that you would have trouble out in public. I pass a lot less well than you (at least from the pictures), and I have been going out in public as a female for 20 years without incident. Confidence in yourself as a woman makes a big difference in how people perceive you, as well as our learning the skills of feminine movement and speech. I am not in your shoes, and I am reluctant to give you advice, but nothing will seem more important later in your life than living truthfully with who you are. The sooner you can get free to explore who you are, the sooner you will find out whether being full-time is right for you.

  44. dungduk Says:

    hi ella…

  45. dennis "missy" wayne Says:

    we are both the same lets be the best of freinds, ok. ur freind Missy

  46. Osprey Says:

    Hi Ella, saw your pics on flickr and thought they were great. The new look definately suits you. you appear to have started to grow into the woman you wish to be. i think your parents may be scared of being accepted as as having a gender reassigned child. I would hope that time and their love for you will solve that problem and you will make your parents proud of the daughter you will become. judging by this latest pic your confidence is growing and you will be a very successful young woman that your parents will be proud of. I wish you happiness for your future, Osprey 1

  47. fuck you Says:


  48. Kel Says:

    I’ve never been so attracted to anyone…ever. Wow. 🙂

  49. Aer Says:

    Hey Ella,

    I absolutely love your site. You are so pretty, especially your secretary-look! And of course your movies where you flirt with the camera 🙂 Where can I find more about you? Like your age, where you’re from etc. You have something like facebook? I’d love to get to know you, but I guess I have to queue up behind a 10,000 other people… Well, looking forward to your updates then 😉

  50. Chrissy Micheals Says:

    Ella you are an inspiration. I have never seems such a beautiful girl. I have enjoyed a similar path as you and I hope our lifestyle can someday become fully accepted. Cheers to you!

  51. Michelle Says:

    Hi Ella,

    You’re an inspiration! You look beautiful. I wish I’d had your courage when I was your age – I would have saved myself years of heartache. All the best.

  52. Michelle Says:

    Hi Ella,

    You’re an inspiration! You look beautiful. I wish I’d had your courage when I was your age – I would have saved myself years of heartache. All the best.

  53. eamon Says:

    i just wanted to let u know u look absolutely stunning babe…id love maybe if ud wna mail me maybe keep in touch…i live in ireland and v interested in gettin 2 know u better

  54. gemma Says:

    you really are beautiful – but can u tell us a bit more- your age were u live what age u started dressin love the schoolpics xxx

  55. M Says:

    I can’t wait to hear how it went with you showing your (girl)friend who you really are!! Wish you lots of fun, love and luck

  56. Michael Says:

    I think you are a brave young person and having been in your shoes some years ago. I empathise totally. It is very hard to be honest with the world around you. I have always been honest with my lovers, but never my family. I never told them that I am a transvestite. Sometimes I wish I had. It does not matter now, as I’m all grown up and have my own family. I am happy and my other half excepts me for who I am. You are not alone and most importantly you are not in the wrong. Dare to be different and live your life, you only have one shot at it. I should know I see death on a regular basis in my job.

    Good luck and just keep smiling

    Michelle/ Mike


  57. Andi Says:

    Hello Ella

    I must tell you………….I´m really falling in love and I will married you.

    I´m a Boy from germany and wear anyway girlsclothes at home.
    Thats make me funny and its a part of my life.
    I wear girlclothes at age 6. But I have any problems that I dont became this clothes in my size. I would like wear girlsshoes from DC in 10. But thats is a dream…:-(
    My ICQ is:471053718
    Please can you help me? 🙂

    Please write to my Mailadress do you become here at site.

  58. suzie Says:

    You do not know of the power you have please use it wisely. You seem like a wonderful person.


  59. T. McGuire Says:

    Greetings Ella,
    I’ll start by saying I am not sure what to say. You have managed to catch my attention, and not just becuase of your beauty, but becuase you seem like a very interesting and complex individual. I’m a person who dubs myself an ‘individualist’, so I find people who are unique…in the fashion that they try to be themselves despite what society thinks or would have them to be…to be of interest. Anyways, I would be interested in getting to know you…you seem like a person most people could learn from. Well, in ending, I quite enjoyed your webpage and the insight you give into your life through yours blogs…you seem very thoughtful. Anyways, take care.

  60. Ece Says:

    Hi Ella, I just can’t belevie that I am writing this now but yeah I am certainly sure that I am.. kinda.. in love with you. I discovered your site about a week ago and I just keep thinking of you:) You let me understand what I am looking for: A girl like you (like me;). I am not expecting a response from you, just keep doing what youre doing:)


  61. Ece Says:

    Yeah I am a bad lier, I would die for some little reply:)


  62. dungduk Says:

    be honest with ourself…

  63. ilooklikesarah Says:

    Hi Ella,

    Came across your blog randomly. I am a couple of years older than you and I empathise with your situation. Just reading bits of your blog I can understand your frustrations because I’ve been through the same sort of things as you.

    So here’s my (unsolicited) advice:

    1. Ignore anything negative that your parents say – fuck ’em
    2. Get away from your parents and home (sign up for uni in another town?), and simultaneously grow your hair long, change your name by deed poll to Ella and then go shopping (that’s the fun part)
    3. Transition as *quickly as possible* before you get any older – NHS waiting lists are long!
    4. Enjoy life as it was meant to be – with a fresh start
    5. Ignore all haters – and avoid the creepy trannyfans, if you can

    Write to me if you want or feel free to ignore me.

    Good luck with everything!

  64. tony Says:

    hey Ella, i came upon you on youtube one day, and i loved your vidoeos. I looked at your website and read your entries, and your just a really cool person, and i wish you the best. You are very beautiful for the record.

  65. tony Says:

    Your just so beautiful!!!

  66. tony Says:

    sorry to write you again, but please email me back, i would love to hear from you, your great.

  67. Jeff Says:

    Hey Ella,
    I visit the site every day looking for updates and more photos.
    You are beautiful

  68. gemma Says:

    i wish i was as beautiful as you- do you go out dressed id love to take you on a date as my girlfriend
    can you contact me on my email as id love to sppeak more to you gemma36aa@hotmail.com
    what age did you start to xdress, what age are you now – were do you live

  69. qualisar Says:


    Just want to say you look fantastic. Keep it up girl and follow what you believe, thats what counts! Don’t let anyone discourage you. email me if you want to talk.

    All the best


  70. SomeGuy Says:

    What would her royal heiness think if she saw you all dressed up?

  71. bill Says:

    hi ella i ran accross your photo on flickr and i found you stunning dont listen to some of theese people dont get cought up in the tgirl modeling sceen it all ends at the same place follow your own path and keep those who love you close good luck

  72. Michelle Says:

    You are a beautiful and stunning young lady. More YouTube please!

  73. Ashley Says:

    Ella, I was wondering, how do you get your breasts that big? do you take something or what? I am a crossdresser in America and wanted to know what I could do.

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  77. Brooke Says:

    Hey Ella,

    I’m a 22 y/o from Sydney, Australia, who has always had an inner feminine side. I started doing ballet from the age of 10, and continued to do so for about 11 years, and obviously introduced me into a very feminine world.

    Apart from that, the only highlight I would’ve had in expressing my feminine side was with a former girlfriend who was really understanding, and in year 12, when I finished school and we had “muck-up day”, she lent me her school uniform and I went to her school as a girl for a few hours.

    I feel though that transgender websites have put me off for the large part, as I find it very difficult for a lot of guys to become pretty girls.

    Your website has been a real inspiration, and it has revitalised my desire to express my inner female in a more subtle, day-to-day way.

    Anyway, last night, there were large rubbish collections, and I happened to stumble upon four large bags of very high quality girls’ clothes that were my size. It took me about an hour to try everything on, but I found that it fitted my body perfectly, and made me feel very pretty and special.

    If you would like me to send you some photos, and to share more thoughts on transgender issues (especially being transgender yet attracted to women), please do so.

    xx Brooke xx

  78. Jonny Says:

    you look amazing – email me if you wanna x


    Jon x

  79. Cesar Says:

    Hello Ella, I’m Cesar, I´m 25 years old. Ella let me tell you that you’re beautiful, really, many women do not compare with you ..

    You are sexy, cute, sweet
    A woman trapped in a man’s body

    God you’re so beautiful, I love your lovely face

    Write me


  80. Exaxis Says:

    You’re a rare flower Ella, most flowers such as you tend to shelter in the shade but it’s a real pleasure to watch you blossom and bloom in the sunshine.
    Stay in the sunshine and smile.
    P.S. You have such glorious eyes.
    Take care and be well.

  81. PatrickSean Says:

    Hello from America~ found you while doing a cross dress search on youtube and was excited to see you have your own page. I’ve just read your blog and find your writing to be very real. I don’t care if you ever post another picture or video just keep writing. I to am writing and find it the best personal therapy possiable. I to do not feel gay, although desire to dress as a female. Society dictates that one can not go with the other, which is a misconception. When growing up, I became insecure with my sexuality. I never felt a sexual desire for men although felt a need to wear women’s clothing. Which can be simply explained now, but as a child it was not easy growing up with these feeling and living with these misconceptions.
    I am empowered by your brave attitude and wish you the best of luck. I know that as long as you surround yourself with people who love and support you the sky is the limit.

  82. Mj Says:

    Hi Ella,
    Love the pics. You have to update more about you and sarah, Hows it going? You look beautiful, i am far to jealous. Take care out there,
    Mj xx

  83. Lisa Says:

    Go Girl. Be who you are and be not ashamed. Photo’s are nice but they are only images of the physical you. However you “class” yourself or are “classed” by others, you have nothing of which you need be ashamed. Whether your preference is for males or females or both – whose business is that but yours?
    Go Girl. Just be a good person and let others concern themselves with the gender issue.

  84. Stacey-Louise Says:

    Hi Sweetie,

    I’m a married man but many miles behind you on the road you are taking. I sympathise with what you have described in your blog. One adage I find to be very true for (people like) us is that “patience is a virtue”. All things work out in the end – for better or worse. Just keep your head together and remember there are lots of people with more hurdles than you to cross! Good luck sweetheart and you can email me whenever you want.


    Stace. X.

    P.S. They are right, your hair is AMAZING! If it is a wig I’d like to know your vendor!!!lol xoxo

  85. Hermione Simpson Says:

    hi ella, i’ve just discovered this site, and all i can say is wow!, because you’re so pretty, i just wish that i could look half as good as you, anyway if you want to e-mail me, go ahead, and are you on facebook, because i’d like to add you as a friend

  86. j Says:

    Hey Ella,

    I came across your blog via your flickr. I have to tell you, I think I am in love! You are absolutely gorgeous!! All the best!


  87. Uncle Eric in the states Says:

    Hi Ella,

    Myself and wife, Aunt Kat, came across your YouTube videos by chance, and we found ourselves quite taken by the way you share your visual allure, confidence, pure attractiveness, and sheer cuteness! To then find links to this blog and learn of the particularly bright and forthcoming person you are inside is truly heartwarming. It is an honor and pleasure to know of you, Ella, to follow your thoughts and emotions regarding an often troubling and turbulent path shared by many in finding, exploring, and developing their true selves so as to not continue supressing what should be. As Kat and I know only too well, such a path of personal growth and satisfaction transends this particular topic of gender identity and includes other areas…of having found acceptance of ourselves and within ourselves regarding her’s and mines own particular, individual “secret” needs and desires which we’ve often supressed in our own lives – yet now share amongst ourselves and others within and outside of our circles. We certainly wish you the very, very best, dear, and appreciate the gift of your sharing these life experiences. Indeed, we want to think of you as a far away niece. Thank you – Uncle Eric and Aunt Kat

  88. vito Says:

    I spent most of my life worrying too much about other peoles feelings, especially when most of ’em weren’t worthy, and were not very nice themselves, it is perhaps a sobering thought that however nice you are to people, and however much you try to bend over backwards to please everyone, the size of the crowd at your funeral depends mostly on wether it’s raining that day or not…
    Also in these days of Lewis Hamilton being the best driver in the world, Tiger Woods, the best golfer, and of course Barack Obama in the Whitehouse, do you think Michael Jackson is kicking himself?
    Best regards, you look amazing

  89. Shellie Burton Says:

    Hi Ella, I came across your pictures on flickr, you are a very beautiful
    girl, I hope your dream comes true.

  90. Livvvvhu Says:

    Hi, Ella.

    Your “Evolution of a Schoolgirl” video “is not available in your country” – says the YouTube.


    I am in Hungary.

  91. dungduk Says:

    actually… whatever you do…

  92. Josh Says:

    How did your mom or dad felt about how you feel and what you do?

  93. john Says:

    Ella you do look incredibly femmine your straight hair wig looks very natual too and suits you. Id love to see a bob haircut on you too. I can see you love the schoolgirl look please would you buy a real proper long sleeve white school blouse it will look much better and sexier. Your burgandy/red tie with the school creast is great wear it with a school blouse buttoned up at the collar and tie worn properly tigh to button you would look awesome i promise. Why not make a video in real school blouse putting the tie on and a little lipstick too. Love your secetary look too blouse is better much smarter hope to see a new video soon best wishes.

  94. Matt Says:

    Ella I wish you would make another video, you are too beautiful to keep to yourself =)

  95. Allen Says:

    I am a straight male, and I find you attractive. Are your breasts real, or stuffing? Again, you look wonderful.

  96. Paul Says:

    WOW… Simply WOW!

  97. MAK Says:

    You r G O R G E O U S !!!!!!!! with a divine face n’ extremly H O T body.

  98. dungduk Says:

    look nice… like woman la….
    but… the hakikat is only one…
    think la….

  99. Stephen Says:

    Hey, you look great,
    hope all is well
    love to talk sometime

  100. J.R. Says:

    Just had to comment, I ended up reading your whole blog in one go! You seem like a good person and I can’t help but wish you well. Congrats on your progress thus far and greets from California. ^_^

    P.S. – Regarding the question from an older post of yours, I believe our version of “chavs” in The States are called “wangstas” (at least last I checked) as a result of a song by 50 Cent.

  101. sean Says:

    Do you shop online if so you gotta hit up Japanesestreets.com

  102. futiledemocracy Says:

    Excellent blog. Very honest! Like it!

  103. Rebecca Anne Says:

    Hi Ella

    Just a quick message to say 1) your blog is a fantastic read and is great to see how positively you lead your life, 2) how absolutely fantastic you look and 3) I hope you don’t mind, but my own new blog, about me and my introduction into the world of crossdressing, I have used one of your pictures as an illustration of what I aspire to look like.

    I hope you don’t mind, if you do I can immediately remove it. My own drive for what I am doing comes from a more exploratory side of things than from a innate sense of not feeling like who my body is telling me to be, but I am on a journey nonetheless and it gives me heart to read your posts.

    Take care, and as I say, if you do not wish me to use the photo then I completely appreciate that and will remove immediately.



  104. dungduk Says:

    you look pretty if you become a woman, but the fact only you know, but i like reda your site… nice.. interesting.. i feel like read novel… feel like a tv series drama… always waiting the new episode… maybe you can produce a film regarding life once your wish/missions are accomplished/achieved…

    good night

  105. Anonymous Says:

    your one of the most beautiful t-girl i ever seen wow!!!

  106. Julia Says:

    Hi Ella,

    I found your pages by fortune, but I’m happy having found it. Personally I can understand your feelings very well by my own and i wish you all the best to reach your personal aims for your life. Probably you still will have to manage a lot more and for this I wish you all the best. And you’ve reached a lot yet and look fantastic!Just go on this way, you’ll do it!
    Love & best wishes


  107. dungduk Says:

    look like you very busy with your activities…
    almost 2 weeks your site cool… no updated… no story…
    like i said before… always waiting your new info…
    hopefully you happy and become whatever you wish.

  108. ron Says:

    ella sana aşık oldum cok güzelsin her şey gönlünce olsun öptüm bebeyim

  109. ron Says:

    love love love ella .ron istanbul\ turkey.

  110. OopsiePanty Says:

    Hellos Ella,
    You looks like such a sweetie on youtube. I hope that life treats you well. Rejoyce, you live in a country in which you will one day be allowed help (which many of us in other countries will never be allowed). The road ahead might still seem long and scary, but just remember, when people react negitivly to you, they are just showing you how ugly they are on the inside. Sometimes people will feel the need to truely convince you that they are worthless wastes of space on this planet and will want to convince you that they are nothing but the darkest black on the inside. These people need the most love and understanding because they often don’t even accept themselves. By accepting yourself, you are better than half the people on this planet. Whenever you feel alone in the world, know that you have many sisters around the world who are all praying and hoping that you will grow your wings and fly.

    *big hugs*

  111. SissyJJ. Says:

    Hello Ella,
    your video on youtube with the Manics music is strangely moving and very beautiful.

    XXX Sissy JJ.

  112. Lee Says:

    Hello Ella, I would just like to say that I came across your pics and videos and have now found your website. I look forward to reading more of your posts and see new photos. I am very happy that you have found someone and hope all works well. I am in Texas USA but do travel at times. The next time I head to the UK i will drop you a post. Would love to meet you in person and take you to tea to talk if you would like.

  113. Ben Says:

    Hi Ella,

    Would like to know more about you. 21 year old in London and interested in dressing up. E-mail me or add me on MSN.


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  116. bill Says:

    hello, long time reader and first time writer. i think you should be proud of yourself for coming so far. i am glad to have read that you have found someone to share your life with. that you have moved out and have found a place you can call home. a home where you can be happy and be yourself. the world can be a crule and unthinking place and the courage you have is something extraordinary.

    i do enjoy your pictures, they just seem honest. more so as time goes by and that is real talent. i just see emotion in your self pictures and would love to see what you could do by taking pictures of other people.

    please keep writing and shooting, i wish you well and the best of luck. keep having faith in yourself and who you are.

    best wishes,

  117. rebecca Says:

    hi there. read heaps of your blog, you have a nice writing style, even when drunk. 🙂

    i was just wondering when (if ever) you were planning on going back to the doctor? i’m assuming it’s not a cost issue, what with the nhs and all. but you seem to have procrastinated on it for months now…

    anyway, best wishes. i hope your parents become a little more relaxed about all this.

  118. Dax Says:

    You’re a beautiful young woman, regardless of the tricks of fate.

  119. keanu Says:

    Pretty… But if you can play more hula hoop… Then will be perfect.

  120. Sophie Says:

    Heys, i love your site. great stories of real life and conquoring challenges 😀 Im a crossdresser too, and one day hopes to be as beautiful as you. im only 19. Do you have any tips or anything?

  121. Paula Says:

    Ella you are a sweet and sexy young lady . You look so nice in the pics you should modal . I see that you do not wear earring . Maybe you should.
    They make me feel alittie more sexy . I should have started years back like you so young but 35 years ago people where not a open minded as now days .You go forword in life and injoy ! keep you head up and life will came to you . Good luck to you !!!

  122. Jim Says:

    hi ella

    I am a shy guy and you are a wonderful sexy girl. I would love to talk to you more and maybe more. Contact me sexy

  123. Chris Says:

    Hi Ella,
    I have no idea why I’m driven to write this, I stumbled on to your you-tube video and became intigued by you. I followed on to your blog and read it several times. I’m not a crossdresser or anything of the sort. Just a average guy moved by your story with a very open mind. I worry for you especially since you haven’t blogged in a while. Everything ok? I hope so. If you ever just need to talk you know where to contact me.

    Best Wishes


  124. Michael Says:

    Hi, you are a relly hot girl

  125. Bill Says:

    You are so adorable…

  126. Steph Says:

    Hi Ella,

    I have been reding your blog, congratulations honey on what looks like a successfull transiion, I wish mine had been, but what with losing my family, abuse, assaults etc, I have had a horid time of it.

    You are so brave and you are an inspiration to others


  127. tony Says:

    hi Ella i just wanted to say im a big fan and that you are drop dead georgous. Ihope all your dreams come true and your amazing. I love to read your entries.You seem like a great person. I know u probably wont email me back but i really hope you do. You would make me a really happy guy. Hope to hear from and talk to you, Bye.

  128. tamarracherrie Says:


    I hope you don’t mind. I was impressed with your blog. I added a link on my front page. If you prefer I can remove it. Hugs.

  129. karl Says:

    wish i was youre bf i treat u so goodbabes takecare

  130. futiledemocracy Says:

    Still loving this blog.
    Hope you’re okay?

  131. Bub Says:

    Thank you for writing this blog! I read and hang on to every word!

    I wrote a short piece on you for my blog last night and borrowed one of your photos that I think is really sweet, and also linked to your blog. I’d like to do a much larger piece later on, if that’s OK with you? Have a look at my blog before you decide, though. It’s a blog about my likes and dislikes and what I’m attracted to, but I promise it’ll be a positive/balanced piece, as you are definately in the “I like” category. Let me know what you think in the comment section under the short bit I already did!

    And keep up the good work here! I think you’re wonderful!

  132. mido Says:

    j’aime beaucoup tes yeux, tu as un visage d’ange.

    angel face, beautiful

  133. dungduk Says:

    Hi sweetie,

    miss with your all story. why so long not update new story? every week i turn to your pages, but… uuhhhh… but… will waiting you new update. Miss to all your story and new pics.

  134. TheresaGrace Says:

    Hi Ella, I am a crossdresser also and came across your youtube videos and thought you were the most beautiful girl. I hope your dreams come true and wish you all the best. xoxoxo!

  135. >. Says:

    I envy what you did. If i had your courage i would do what you do. I too am not who i want to be. But i believe in Reincarnation. Hopefully my next life will be who i want to be.

  136. katashi Says:

    Hello Ella, I saw your blog for some time, sincerely I congratulate you for being so brave and let you know as you are, especially because in this crazy world that we live there is incredibly intolerant of people whom if something is not in favor of its principles criticize and attack others, continue in this way and not let anything separate you from your dreams.

    I certainly look very nice your, and I’ll say one person 100% heterosexual (although it should not be the first one you mention)

    Greetins from Colombia

    PD. excuse my English but the truth I’m not very skilled with the British language

    Att Felipe

    Hola Ella, he visto tu blog desde hace algún tiempo, sinceramente te felicito por ser tan valiente y darte a conocer tal y como eres sobre todo porque en este mundo loco en el cual vivimos existe gente increíblemente intolerante a los cuales si algo no va a favor de sus principios lo critican y atacan; sigue de esa manera y no dejes que nada te aparte de tu sueños.

    un saludo grande desde colombia

    PD. perdona mi ingles pero la verdad no soy muy diestro con el idioma Britanico.



  137. Bill Says:

    Hi Ella…absolutely stunning…yes you are!

  138. Andrew Atari Says:

    It’s pretty obvious you are more girly than manly, you got the soft features of a girl, facial structure, and the feature that pretty much does it a lot, are the eyes. So if anyone trys to say other-wise aren’t that to keen on the structure of a person in regards to gender XD, stoopid n00bs! XD

  139. Jim Says:

    I so want to date you,you are so cute I mean I bet you suck a good cock to

  140. Clark Says:

    I truly admire your courage and honesty! You are an inspiration to many and a personal hero of mine.

    Cheers! Clark

  141. jenny nate Says:

    hey i have this guy he like ur website he 16 really want chat with will give him chance

  142. Jason Phelps Says:

    Hey Ella, I would really like to chat with you sometime. This is funny , but it seems I somehow stumble uppon your pic on random sites now and again. Anyway, I dunno if thats fate or what, but my yahoo IM is phelpsjason18@yahoo. Thats my emal as well. I also have a profile on gay.com as DomTopCop.

  143. chris Says:

    Hey I love what your doing here, and would love to chat sometime!!!


  144. Josh Says:

    just want tosay this website and you are very beautiful

  145. james Says:

    You’re every bit a woman in my eyes.You appear to be as beautiful on the inside as you are on the out and that is a rare commodity these days.Wish you all the best for the future.


  146. Fred Says:

    Hello miss,
    i just say …you are the 8th wonderful thing in the world !! (i don’t want to write you i fall in love with what you are (and what you aren’t) but… i think it strongly in my head… With Respect and Love in the same time !!

  147. Travis Says:

    I wish I looked like you!

  148. christydancer Says:

    too kewl! I wish I had the stick-to-it-ness to keep my blog going.

  149. alfred Says:

    You have such beautiful pictures in here simply brilliant and klasse.kann be seen anywhere on the net and videos of you. ?? I am from Germany and I am a silent admirer

    Greetings and a sweet kiss


  150. CintiaD Says:

    Ella, you are truly beautiful -I love your pictures. I wish I were as strong as you, I wish I could be the person you are becoming. I would love to talk to you. Thanks for making me feel less lonely.

  151. Anonymous Says:

    hi ella just wanted to say you look sooo stunning in your pics and you are a beautiful girl

  152. Jack Says:

    Hey sis! Just wanted to let you know that we think you ROCK in the States.
    We’re not all gung ho and dumb as a big toe. You keep it up sis. Don’t kill your dreams. You’ll get there.



  153. Brenda Says:

    love your looks and your joie de vivre! kisses

  154. jillian louise Says:

    hi ella i just wanted to say you look stunning in your pics i am a tv to and i thought i would tell you

  155. patrice Says:

    Ella hon, I say it again- you are NOT a D cup, and you hold them too high.
    Your size and shape say just maybe a C.
    Aside from that, keep on lil sister!

  156. Ghj Says:

    Aren’t you on deviantart ?

  157. fred ou Coralie Says:

    i d’ont speak english
    je voudrais te dire Bella que je te suis depuis tes debuts sur le net et que j’ai suivis ton evolution. Pour moi tu est une princess un ange et une reussite que la nature avait bloqué au départ. J’aurai aimé avoir ton parcours mais surtout ta gentillesse et ton caractere
    si tu me le permet je t’envois plein de kiss et donne nous des nouvelles souvent
    bises frederic

  158. angelladee Says:

    I noticed you had viewed my weblog, so I had to look who you were as I have only just started. I have been writting hard copy diaries since I was about 20 but a friend turned me onto wordpress and so here I am. I went full time 10 years ago but only started being serious when I stopped drinking 5 and 1/2 years ago. Since then its been a riot of sorts and my life has changed totally since then. At the mo I am waiting for a colonovaginaplasty as my penile inversion rejected me!. Wishing you luck and all that. All my love Angella~Dee x x

  159. HeatherCD2010 Says:

    Hi Ella,
    I found some of your photos on a image hosting site and kept going back to find more. After looking at hundreds of photos I got smart and Googled “Ella”. That led me to your photostream.
    And that led me to your videos.
    I just saw your photo shoot pictures and videos and you are gorgeous.!
    Thanks for posting all your pictures and videos.
    Keep them coming.

  160. Jolene Says:

    You look stunning Ella! Your video of the photoshoot was so fun to watch. I can’t imagine how much fun it was to do! I think the blond looks amazing on you! Look forward to more of the pictures!


  161. Patrice Says:

    Girl, I don’t know what to add…I just want to pick you up and give you a hug. ‘Cos you need just a hug.
    I think long hair and sandy-blonde suits your eyes and face-shape.

  162. stolburk Says:

    Hi Ella!

    I’ve just bumped into your blog and read only a few entries. I’m going to read all from the begining. I completely become intrested in your hopes, expectations struggles and fights for your ideals.
    Now I can tell you one thing: You are a nice, cute GIRL. There’s no question about this.

  163. Steffi Says:

    Good luck with everything Ella and I hope you do get to the pointy where you are happy with who you are…I know I did, big hug xxx

  164. Anonymous Says:


  165. Antonio Says:

    Dearest Ella Have just read your last message and really don’t want for you to feel anymore confused or depressed. In all the time I’ve been reading your words and following your pics and vids and it must be said falling in love with you I have realised that you should be grasping the future with great confidence and presenting yourself more like the grown up woman you really are and not dwelling so much on the little girl image which is very cute but not fullfilling for you or your admirers (this one in particular). You are a very intelligent sensitive beautiful sexy and desirable woman and you must resolve to face the future with security and anticipation. Don’t hesitate to write me. Yours ever xxxx

  166. Heather Says:

    Dear Ella,
    Thanks for the new photos.
    You are as lovely as ever!

  167. Tuan Rosdi Says:

    hi,, how are you . I hope you find, I want to thanks you for your photostream. I like you. you is very pretty. I dont know what I can say. Sorry my english is broken

  168. Tuan Rosdi Says:

    I love you

  169. Katrina Mae Says:

    Hey Ella. I think you make such a great girl, and you should be very happy with yourself. Look at how far you’ve come. I’m a girl, I mean I was born a girl.. And you have a better body than me! So embrace it and love it. I think you should add me to facebook if you have it, I’d love to chat some time. I wonder if you ever dress as a boy? If so I’m so curious to see what you look like dressing up as a boy. I cant imagine it. All I know is you’re so freaking cute. ❤ Anyways my facebook is Katrina Mae Thompson. I'm the only one that comes up as that name.

  170. dungduk Says:

    hi… ella… sweetie… looks great
    i like you character… maybe one day you can write a story..
    just compiled all your post… please consider it.. i look you writing
    is much better from you start writing… so much element inside there…

  171. Becky Says:

    Hi, Ella!

    I’ve just seen some pics you might be interested in. Yes! I found some of your pics in a facebook profile, pretending they’re hers (his, as well). So, maybe you want to check it out!

    Unfortunately, I can’t put a complaint on it, so if you want to, you may go there. It just pisses me that people do that! just take a freakin cam and shoot! it’s that simple! Anyways, hope you find this useful.

    Here’s the profile: http://www.facebook.com/lena.sayers

    Here’s the album:

    How’s everything going? I haven’t even seen if you have posted any new vids or so!

  172. dungduk Says:

    can i know why your site so silence now… did you busy with your works? or.. anyway… i hope everything ok and new update will be upload soon… waiting your writing like i waiting new drama episode… i need to know the climaks of your decisions… does’t matter what ever your decision.. i will always with you… dont make it hanging without rope… hehehhehe

  173. sam Says:

    How old are you? And when did you first start to crossdress?

  174. david Says:

    hi ella, i’m so in love of you!! i really want to contact you to chat and meet each other, my mail is gatmogvit@hotmail.com please add me! one kiss for you!

  175. James Barber Says:

    you are a brave soul, finding your true self can be a long road and can be bumpy at times. Keep your chin up. Be true to your self and good luck

  176. akrame07@yahoo.fr Says:

    The sun sets
    Giving way to the stars
    To the moon
    Your face appears
    Amidst all these stars
    You smile at me with all your beauty
    I close my eyes on this picture
    That makes me dream
    In my sleep you’re there
    Near me
    Me by the hand
    You tell me your life
    And I’m listening
    You sit on a bench
    You take me in your arms
    The black turns pink
    Dead flowers reborn
    Time stopped
    You look at me and you whisper to me
    At any earlier
    My alarm clock rings and I look at my natel
    There is a message from you
    I read
    And from that moment I know
    I will spend a great day
    By thinking only of yourself
    My little star

  177. Cody Jo Says:

    aloha ella. my name is Cody Jo. i live in New Mexico, where i both write & explore my own feminism (cross-dressing & such). i’ve wanted to express the following for a while now: you are stunning & inspirational, ella – a true beauty within & without. i’ve enjoyed reading thru your blog & admiring your photos. it’s terrific that you’ve shared so much of your (true) self with your readers (the good, the bad, & the ugly). that takes courage. throughout your brave evolution of feminine expression i’ve most admired your sense of humor, your personal standards, & your quirkiness. you’ve faced down this strange world with a soft face, a taste for lace, & delicate sensibilities – that is the definition of grace, i’d say. you are a wonderful person & i would love to know so much more about you, ella, & because i understand you probably haven’t the time to correspond with all your readers personally, my solution for that is to encourage you to write all the more, love! oh, & check out my web-site, if you have like 5 seconds, it’s pretty! peace, dear ella. -c.jo (~_^)y

  178. Lisa Says:

    Hi Ella. You look great in your modeling shoot photos.i am a post op Transwoman + i am also a Female Illusionist.i got started as a Illusionist through a friend when i was 22 + i have been performing for nearly 7 years now.i really enjoy performing in the clubs + i have gained alot in confidence through it.being a Female Illusionist will not be everyones ideal way of making a living,but it has worked out well for me so far.i think you would make a great Female Illusionist Ella + its something i think you s

  179. Dave Lomas Says:

    Hi Ella,
    You are so cute, I am a happly married guy, have been for 26yrs now, but if I was younger and single I would have no issues with asking you out on a date, your pics are lovely and I hope all works out for you.
    Kind regrds Dave

  180. Johanna Says:

    Hi Ella!

    Everybody at /r/transgender subreddit on reddit.com would love for you to feel free to post your updates and such to the subreddit to keep us updated on your transition! Stories like yours are absolutely inspiring to other transgenders (such as myself), and it is absolutely wonderful to see somebody doing, looking, and being as happy as you are in your photographs!


    (and if you don’t want to – that’s fine too)


  181. Anonymous Says:

    I am in love with you

  182. Anonymous Says:

    You are beautiful.

  183. Greg Says:

    Hi Ella

    You are amazing. I’ve so much respect for what you have achieved/ are achieving.

    One of the best blogs I’ve seen.


  184. Britt Reid Says:

    I first caught wind of you from imagefap and its recommendation to read your story here. I feel your incredible fuzziness about essentially being trapped in two worlds (by the way my shower does the same here in the U.S.). as a 54 year old straight guy (wondering about that since seeing pictures of very attractive people who have concluded they have been born with the wrong gender) can I just say: life is too short. There is no dress rehearsal. Please yourself first. You are a very attractive person. But you keep second guessing yourself. Go with your heart. Some people will drop out of your life because of it. They are not your friends. The people who stay with you are. You are very courageous for writing this deep blog. It is an incredible diary which, it seems to me, everyone can relate to (whatever combinations of gender they may be). You are afraid to “come out”. Why? What do you think is the absolute worst thing which could happen to you? It seems you’ve already “come out” to half your world anyway. What are you waiting for? You may be surprised how many of the other half know. (By the way, it’s only their business if you make it their business.) Live your life to the fullest. (did I mention it’s too short) You are as the Lord made you. I’m old enough to be your father. If you were my son this is what I would say to him. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Stop all the flip-flopping and just do it!! 🙂 You have been blogging since 9/07 but I’m sure you have been struggling with this for a long time. God bless you and your journey!! Show this to your parents. They seem to be INCREDIBLY insensitive.
    Britt (not my real name – thus revealing my double standard…)

  185. homersg@yahoo.com Says:

    Hi just a note to say love you site, and how great you look. Bet you have trouble to keeping boys away.

  186. Ross Says:

    Hello there I hope this finds you well. Just a quick message to say I love the site. Your blog is very interesting reading….and yes…like you have no doubt been told 100 times before you are stunning! You make a hetrosexual male like myself rethink his previous prejudices.

  187. Amy Carter Says:

    You look totally amazing. It doesn’t matter to me whether you’re a guy or a girl. I’m lesbian, and you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and if you were here right now I’d go straight for you, or stay les for you, or do anything for you. You’re so beautiful in every way.

  188. Ricky Says:

    I agree with all of the above comments – you are amazing.
    It makes me want to by young enough to take you out – or be you’re big brother (and look after you) – or I could simply be very happy as you’re father.
    Look after yourself & believe you will be whoever you want to be.

  189. Sophie Hemingford Gray Says:

    I will continue to watch your blog Ella, you are a true inspiration, beautiful, sexy and most of all honest. and you will I am sure be successful in all that you do
    Take care and be who you want to be
    Sophie x

  190. Anonymous Says:

    hello ella,

    would like to know who is the composer of the video “becoming ella”


    thanks darling.

  191. Anonymous Says:

    you are lovely

  192. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Ella i don’t fallow your postings regularly how ever i was stunned to relize the first time isaw your pics that you were not a natural female. Of course i think you are so feminan and beuitifuly confediant in your pics. i Don’t know how old you are but i you are such a positive influence on somone like me. i wish i had your curage to make the transition i have thought about it alot overa decade to honest and well. even though that is what i want and long for to not be drifting in the space between the genders i don’t know if i will ever get the nerv. i have only told maybe 5 people and they have been suportive and garded my secret well but i often wonder if i will ever find comfort in my own skin. just know you posting this like you do lets me know i’m not alone in these feelings and that young people going threw this might find there way sooner to exsptence of them selves. i’m glad for that
    i wish this would have been up when i was a kid along with alot of things. i hope one day we talk or message if i ever get the nerv to put up an email thank you for sharing your story and your jeruney Scared Breanna Age 31

  193. Polly Says:

    Dear Ella,
    you are a very beautiful person both inside and out and your blog is an inspiration to lots of people. I wish I had the courage to be who I really am just as you have done.

    Lots of love,

    Polly xxx

  194. Television click here Says:

    We’re a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your website provided us with useful information to work on. You have performed a formidable job and our whole community can be thankful to you.

  195. WB Says:

    Hi Ella,

    it’s been so long since you have posted anything here, at flickr or youtube.
    What’s new?
    Do you plan some new pics or vid’s?

  196. Felipe Says:

    Hi Ella, you are my biggest inspiration on my ongoing transition. I posted before on your “Clinics, Cars, Claret and Caribous” post and now I want to know how old you are. If anyone knows please tell me, I already read her entire blog before but I don’t remember if she mentioned it somewhere. I am a 24-year-old transgender and I want to know if this is too late to start transitioning, I am a little scared.

  197. Nicole Says:

    Hello Ella, please remember girl you are not alone. There are many of us who have gone before you who are here to help, listen, share, and be here if you need a shoulder to cry on.
    Just reach out and say hi, and I will share.

  198. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Ella, hope your well! Like so many above say, you are an inspiration to many many people out there. Pop over have a look at tvchix, it’s more UK centric and there is a huge amount of advice and experience there. You prob could do with some support right now and there is definitely a good community there for that. Plus with your amazing fashion sense you could really show them how it’s done.
    x L

  199. gill bates Says:

    hi ella
    whats happened to the site
    it keeps throwing me straight trough
    to wordpress.com

  200. sam Says:

    hiya Ella,,killing me to find out why you have stopped posting as I allways looked forward to reading all your writings ,,please let me know whats happand,,,,Sam,,,,

  201. Brian Says:

    You are a lovely girl And i wish u good look lol Brian xxx

  202. Felipe Says:

    Ella, I don’t know if you heard about this, but please sign this petition and help us prevent a crime: http://www.change.org/petitions/mayor-of-berlin-stop-the-institutionalization-of-a-11-year-old-transexual

  203. Sue Watts Says:

    Hi Ella, It’s soooo lovely to see your new post. I’m sure I was not the only one worried about you. it’s been such a long time. Pleaseeeeeeee don’t ever let it be that long again. You are very beautiful and very brave. We all love you.
    Sue xx

  204. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Ella

    I enjoy your blog and find you both attractive and interesting. You seem to have a lot of depth. I would love to get to know you and hopefully your fun side too

    Luke x

  205. Anonymous Says:

    Where would you be this Saturday Night?

  206. niqola vossler Says:

    Yo, Im Niki from melksham(whiltshire), 18 and just starting my transition. First doctors appointment later this month. i just need to ask was there any general /institutional anti-trans sentiment im just asking so i can get a general idea of what to expect- i realy respect you for carrying on with both parentz i only have a single hostile-indifferant parent.

  207. Pat Says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy the day.

  208. Jim Says:

    WOW ella!! I joined your blog as soon as I heard about it and I must say you are the most beautiful sweet and sexy girl I have seen in a long time!! Wish I lived in th UK to meet you!
    loads of hugss and kisses!!!!

  209. catamy95 Says:

    I know a boy/girl just like you, my cousin, and your blog has really helped her. Don’t tell her tho, but you’re way prettier

    Love Amy

  210. Chloe Anderson Says:

    Hey Ella- still love the blog- would be great to chat- please email me- Chloe Rosyth x

  211. Eric Says:

    Dear Ella,

    It is amazing to look at your Web site and to read what you have to say. I have had the pleasure of knowing several women just like you, both online and in person. As a man, you would definitely attract my attention.

    I watched the video you did for Tranisa on YouTube; that was quite a photo shoot you did, especially the part of you in the baby blue dress. As I look at your pictures, I think to myself: “Ella would make a very beautiful young bride.” I really think you would be absolutely beautiful all dressed in white.

    You’re quite a beautiful young woman; keep up the good work, and stay beautiful!

    Hugs, Eric

  212. Carlos Says:

    Hi ella,
    I am Brazilian and i really love your videos and photos.
    you know something about Brasil?
    please, post more videos.
    Thank you.
    You are amazing.

  213. DEAN JONES Says:

    I think yoy are very sweet and beautiful. Keep up the good work and u go gurl.

  214. Steve Says:

    Hi Ella you look amazing, I too like to dress as a schoolgirl and have done for the past 20 years fortunately in my new relationship I’m “understood” we use this in our role playing sessions. I’m not trans-gender or gay / bisexual but I love your photos and by the look at this blog you have a lot of support and you have mine as well do what you think is best for you, life is too short all the best Steve xx

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  216. http://tinyurl.com/jp2slucy00515 Says:

    This really is the 3rd post, of your website I browsed.
    However I actually love this particular one, “About Me Becoming Ella” the very best.
    Take care ,Francesca

  217. Pat Says:

    E bello leggere il tuo BLOG e vedere le tue foto. Sei semplicemente…Fantastica!

  218. DEAN JONES Says:

    I want to wish the best of luck to you on fiiding a good job. Good jobs are not to find these days but you just have to keep on trying until you land that good job. Also you are very beautiful and I have confidence in you.

  219. local business listing Says:

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    And i’m happy studying your article. However wanna observation on few normal things, The site style is great, the articles is truly great : D. Excellent job, cheers

  220. Suisse Miss Riss Says:

    Hi Ella, It’s good to read a new blog of yours. You continue to evolve as the woman you’ve always been. It is unfortunate that you have to cope with bureaucracy of the British healthcare system. have you considered coming to the US to continue your quest towards womanhood. Yes we do have our own issues here in the states, but you may have a better chance. Just sayin’.

    Suisse Miss Riss

  221. David Says:

    Oh to have a girlfriend like you. Just wow!

  222. scott Says:

    I would love to come home to you. So beautiful.

  223. Emre Says:

    Hi Ella, I have been following your blog for, I don’t know, maybe 5 years 🙂 I realized that I have never written anything to you. Just keep doing what you are doing 🙂

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    a person’s 20s along with up chilling, blazing, philosophying.

  225. Jorge Says:

    Dear Ella.

    First of all let me tell you that you’re a truly beautiful girl, and i would like very much to contact you to chat wheter by mail, facebook, whatsapp, etc, i’m from Mexico and i would love to have a friend like you.

  226. Alton Says:

    Hey I know this is off topic but I was wondering if you knew of any widgets
    I could add to my blog that automatically tweet my
    newest twitter updates. I’ve been looking for a plug-in like this for quite some time and was hoping maybe you would have some experience with something like this. Please let me know if you run into anything. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to your new updates.

  227. Anonymous Says:

    ella, ella, ella.
    i dunno what to say… well done.
    keep calm, carry on

  228. Robert Moriarty Says:

    Hi Ella. I think you are very beautiful and brave. I am a crossdresser and i wish i looked as beautiful as you

    • Suisse Miss Riss Says:

      To infer that Ella is a crossdresser is quite incorrect. While her genetic makeup may be that of a biologic male, in her heart and soul she is a woman. Simply put, Ella dresses as what she knows in her heart to be a woman; correct for her gender identity. She is a beautiful young WOMAN!

      • Davey Says:

        Robert said he was crossdresser not ella, i wish i could look like ella too but unfortunatly i am built like a brick shithoose being closeted is no fun but as a labourer on a building site i have no real choice currently, really getting concerned at ellas abscene its way longer than normal maybe she got her appointment and has started her srs so it could be good

  229. Suisse Miss Riss Says:

    @ Farrah…. Your comment is completely inappropriate on Ella’s page, and it makes no sense to me or anybody else here

  230. life quotes compared Says:

    Life quotes compared affiliate marketers agreed to shut a lot
    of things across at 10 actually.

  231. Anonymous Says:

    Where are u Ella we are getting a little concerned at this especially long absence

  232. Zac Says:


    I recently found your blog and I would like to say that I am fascinated by your journey. I noticed that there hasn’t been an entry in a while and so I wanted to check in and see if you are okay.

    I would love to talk to you and get to know you. You seem like a very kind, sweet young woman and a person who I would really enjoy being friends with.

    I hope everything is well with you. Take care.

  233. craig Says:

    U r a beautiful woman.doesn’t matter whats under the clothes is whats inside that counts.I wish u all the best…I admire u and will be following u…u make me wish I was 20 years younger lol

    Love u lots

  234. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Ella, one question, do you have some new pics, we need it please

  235. andy Says:

    ella your so beautiful

  236. Anonymous Says:

    Why did you stop posting in your blog and make videos?

  237. Martin Says:

    From Martin Mexico.

    Ella Are you dead or alive? I Love you

  238. David Skinner Says:

    Dear Ella,
    Hi I hope my e mail finds you fit and well. I just want to say how much I admire you for having the courage to follow your feelings and share your experience on your blog,

    X x

  239. Anonymous Says:

    It is been a while since you have posted and would love to know how you are doing today

  240. gill bates Says:

    hi ella
    your missed girl, please come back and let us know how you are doing, are you still going ahead with your transition, lots of us are interested in knowing, please let us know

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  242. a Says:

    its been more than a year, we are worried now

  243. Erichothand Says:

    Yes, indeed – just a word please, Ella.

  244. Reynardine Says:

    Ella, have you moved to Spain?

  245. Anonymous Says:

    Miss you Ella. Please let us know how you are doing! Worried about you! #girlslikeus


  246. summertime75 Says:

    After over a year, like everyone else I hope that you are alright.

  247. dungduk Says:

    More than years this blog silent without any post… come on ella… write something…. share with us…

  248. Joie Jones Says:

    Ella, you are a beautiful girl, no matter your birth sex. When I first saw your pictures on Flickr, I was immediately entranced. If I was 30 years younger, I’d be packing up and moving to Great Britain just for the possible chance of meeting you.

  249. Erin Rosemary Potts Says:

    You’re my idol. I miss seeing updates from you. You were the first public trans person whose courage inspired me to stop being afraid of who I am. I wish I knew what happened to you, but I hope you’re too busy being happy to post online. I wish you the best of life, and happiness always~<3

  250. gemma Says:

    You’re absolutely stunning. ..don’t worry about others. ..be who YOU want to be. .I alas discovered far toolate in life after hiding it and fighting it for years. .all the way best for the future xx gemz xx

  251. cjhwrites Says:

    Hoping all is well with you.
    Just wanted to let you know, if you still get notifications from this blog, you helped shape a story I wrote. http://www.amazon.com/Her-Name-James-CJ-Heath-ebook/dp/B00O2658BO
    I tried to message you before publication but that idea didn’t work so well. I hope you’re well and happy.

  252. Paul Says:

    Where are you?
    I miss your smile
    I trust you are ok

  253. Leopold Says:

    Hello Ella,

    I am in hopes that you are well but like many others, I am concerned that after nearly two years you seem to have disappeared from the face of the Earth without a trace.

    I have no intention of invading your privacy…..Just a little worried.


  254. sweetsaratx Says:

    Hey Beautiful,
    I know you’re busy as all get out but, we might might want an update. Please. 😀 I’ve been going through a transition as well but, I’m not where near close to the start line or taking very small baby steps for the time being. I hope we hear from you soon.

    one of your girls from across the pond

  255. Misterjoke21 Says:

    You are very beautiful and I really would like to have recent news about you.

  256. cjhwrites Says:

    I think we have to accept Ella isn’t planning to return to these pages. I hope the reason is simply she has moved beyond being transgender and is now the woman she should be.
    Ella, wishing you well with your life and hoping for good things.

  257. testhavy Says:

    а что это за непонятные комменты тут?

  258. Anonymous Says:


  259. Anonymous Says:

    Not literally, I hope

    • Zac Says:

      Myself as well. I will admit, though that I’ve sometimes searched crime stats for somebody matching her description, just looking for some sort of closure or something, ya know? Nothing, notta, zilch. 😦

  260. Anonymous Says:

    So sad there has been no word of her since..

  261. Anonymous Says:

    Ella, you are a role model to many searching for his/her real self. I really hope that you write an update one day but even if you don’t: Thanks. x

  262. Samantha Says:

    Are you ok Ella sweetheart? We haven’t heard from you in ages hunni.
    Hoping you are well.Please let us know.
    Sammi x

    • Mike Says:

      Hi ella how are you?i saw profile and your pictures and videos you are very cute and beautiful girl my name is Mike
      I wanna meet you do you have email facebook?????i m gay and i like you
      And i want talk with you and take a cofe with me do have a beautiful lips i dont know if you have boyfriend i hope not.
      Is my email:Mike324@outlook.pt
      Or schizophrenia.schizophrenia@gmail.com
      I hope you like my letter
      And i wait for answer big kiss.


  263. Archy Says:

    Hello! I hope here can be Ella’s friends, who know her in her real life. Would you please, send these drawings to her, thanks beforehand! https://fotki.yandex.ru/users/archygoncharov/album/169728/

  264. Luisa Says:

    I hope you are well Ella

  265. Louis Babycos Says:

    More barefoot pictures without socks, without hosiery.

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