Working It Out

Friday 4th May 2012


My next appointment is in August. They did offer me an earlier appointment but it’s pretty difficult to get a day off at work at such short notice. I’m ok with this. It’s not the clinic’s fault that my place of work is remarkably intolerant of their employees doing anything but work. In fact, work is right now the issue that has been occupying my mind most recently.

I’m going to try and sum this up as quickly and concisely as I can, but it’s pretty complicated, so please bear with me.

There are three tiers of employees at my work that you first need to be aware of. It may be a standard across many areas of work, I don’t know, I’ve only pretty much done this job. So for clarification purposes I’m just going to say them. There are Customer Assistants, Coordinators and Managers. I am, as you may have surmised, a customer assistant. My coordinator is a great guy, real nice and everything, it’s just he’s not the best. About a year ago he got demoted from manager and he’s been a less than stellar coordinator since then. No offence to the guy. If you’re reading this, I apologise, but I doubt that what I’ve just said is going to be his main concern once he sees my pictures and videos! As with almost all of my colleagues, he does not know about me.

Anyway, more recently he had been off ill for quite an extensive period of time with a slipped disk that may or may not have been sustained at work. Therefore my work was cautious to force him out of his position. They didn’t fully believe that his injury was all that it was cracked up to be, if you excuse the expression. Frankly, they had reason to as well, because whilst off ill, he had managed to acquire himself a job elsewhere. During his time off I had been elected to fill his shoes and I was happy to receive both the extra responsibilities and more importantly, extra pay. My manager was happy with me in that position and often mentioned how I was better than the actual coordinator. Eventually the ‘real’ coordinator came back, but only temporarily, as he came armed with his leaving notice.

A week passed and we said goodbye to the coordinator. It wasn’t all that long before my manager pulled me aside and asked if I’d be interested in his job permanently.

“Yes” was the general gist of my response.

Unfortunately though, the week before he left I had applied to another store as a coordinator there as it wasn’t 100% clear that there would be a position available to me at my current store. So I’d hedged my bets and just gone for it. My interview was due just after this other guy left. I went. I failed.

Things changed quite quickly after that. Apparently because the interview was a company standard, the same result applied at my current store, meaning I couldn’t then apply for another promotion for another six months. It’s funny how a fake role play session in an interview room holds more importance than the actual real world job which I’d previously been praised on.

The worst part is, if I hadn’t had gone for this other job first, I’d have had my interview in my current store with people that know me and the standard that I work to and they’d have probably just passed me on that alone. So my over enthusiasm for the job role ended up meaning I didn’t get it.

No wait, the worst part is that the reason they gave me for not passing the interview was simply because I was “too vague”, which ironically is a bit too vague in itself. During the role play I kept asking her if she understood, and everything was clear, and she said she was fine at the time. Then apparently looking back she decided I wasn’t clear enough and failed me. That wouldn’t happen in the real world. If I was being vague, the employee would have asked more questions at the time rather than going off and realising they didn’t know what to do.100_5408 (1)

No, actually the worst part is that I’ve previously passed this assessment before, but because I was suspected of stealing turkeys a few years ago I didn’t get the job then. So now I’m just heading backwards. I’m apparently not even as good as I was three years ago.

So since then, I’ve been dropped back down to customer assistant. I’ve also decided to apply to a different section altogether, just to get a change of scenery and get away from the people that I was in charge of. My current manager wasn’t exactly too happy about me leaving, but he couldn’t stop me. I don’t blame him for my predicament, it isn’t his fault at all, but he has been a little over-reliant on me and my flexibility recently. No that’s not a euphemism.

So I applied and got this job in the other section, which I’m pretty happy about as it gives me a lot more free time in the evenings and afternoons. My current manager and his manager have since offered me a different position on my current section, but I’m just not happy to continue down there any more. I’ve given so much, been promised so much and been delivered so little down there that I just wanted to get out of it.

So there you go. There’s my essay about how work has been treating me recently. I will say this; there are far worse things that can happen to you at work, and I’m not for a second saying what I’ve been through has been all that terrible. Hell if I ever come out at work I can probably tell you some of those stories, but until then I just have these quite unfortunate series of events to complain and whinge about!

100_5393 (1)

100_5395 (1)

Night! X


8 Responses to “Working It Out”

  1. rheapdx1 Says:

    Hey Ella,

    Hon welcome to the club about doc’s doing the ‘changing of appointments due to other issues’. Here is hoping that this will work out.

    With regard to your work situation…keep in mind that it is not your fault that some employers are acting as though they can play musical chairs or ping-pong with their staffs. As for the interview results, again do not take it to heart that they said your responses were ‘too vague’. Having been through this more times than I can count [or more times than I have ‘spare hair’ in the flat] what can be passd on is that it is their loss on all of this. And with the change to another section…while it may be stagnant, it can give you time to plan the next step.

    Please keep in mind the ultimate goal[s] in this. Your skills have been honed a little too long to let a series of unfortunate events [I know that was the title of a Jim Carey movie years ago, but gee whiz…it can be applied here as well] derail things. Plus if the ultimate flourishing will not happen there, it will somewhere else. And, the free time can be used to network and see if there is something better that is around. Even in this slowed down economy, something that offers a better environment,etc should be there. As my cats would say, if they could speak …’humans have a nasty habit of hiding things’

    Your pics are great as always and continue to show that the path you are on is the right one *S*

    Til Later and Love Always,


  2. giibates Says:

    hang in there girl
    you will get there

  3. Felipe Says:

    Haha, how silly I am, when I first saw the title of the post I misread it as “Working Out” and I thought you were exercising, to maintain fitness or something like that.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Here’s hoping WordPress works this time:

    Nice to read a new blog from you. Tchuh! Work can suck though, huh?
    I hope that matters resolve themselve in your favour sooner rather than later.
    On another note; when you finally get to the GIC I think you already know that they’ll pretty much require you to ‘come out’ full time. On a positive note, I don’t see you suffering very much any kind of negativity. Not these days. Item 1 you can finally get ‘to die for eyebrows’. Item 2 customers would be none the wiser in any case. Item 3 You’re gorgeous. Item 4 Bullying from coworkers is officially illegal.
    Keep well and keep strong!
    Don’t forget that if you want to vent, I’m on twitter @anna66newton and email No pressure, though.

  5. Spacial Says:

    Cracking photos Ella.

    Understand about the job. I never figured out that bit and eventually went to work for myself. Another story of course, but I admire you for persevering.

  6. john Says:


  7. Calming Influence Says:

    Hey Ella,

    Forgive me, but in a Just World, this – “but because I was suspected of stealing turkeys a few years ago I didn’t get the job then.” – should earn you about a zillion bonus points in the “My Everyday Life Is Way More Interesting Than Yours” sweepstakes.

    (Even if you did steal the turkeys, which I doubt very much. But I’m kind of fantasizing about anyway – “The Great Turkey Heist” , with me as leading man… )

  8. Archy Says:

    Hello! I hope here can be Ella’s friends, who know her in her real life. Would you please, send these drawings to her, thanks beforehand!

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