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My Day, in a Roundabout Way

March 18, 2011

Friday, 18 March 2011


Well hello there, it seems I have found myself sitting in front of the computer in the early hours once more. It also seems that I have seen fit to spend this time typing my mind mumblings out onto the computer screen. So far in its (incredibly limited) wisdom, this is all that has actually managed to find its way from my brain to my fingertips. I guess this is the sort of thing that happens when you sit down to write something, not know what to write about and then proceed to write anyway.

I do know what I’m writing on here for, but I guess I’m trying to find a better reason. The main reason is that I’ve taken a few new pictures, but wait wait wait, don’t scroll down just yet, I’m sure I’ll find something fantastically terrific to talk about between then and the end. I must do! After all, look at this large amount of text in between here and the pictures! There must be something of at least slight interest in between then and now.

I’m going to tell you about my day. Why not?! That is I imagine what the whole point of a diary blog type thing. Can I call this a Blogiary? Urm, no, that makes me ill actually. Best not mess too much with the English language, it sure has taken a beating recently. But then again, when doesn’t it?! I’m probably breaking hundreds of grammar rules right now, making my whole point maybe a little ironic. Well at least my spelling isn’t carp.

Anyway, I need to tell you about my day. I was at work today, like any typical Thursday. It would have been totally like any other typical Thursday if I had not been asked to partake in a most peculiar task.

Sorry, I’m really giving this a bigger build up than it deserves. All I was asked to do was to go to a neighbouring town and fetch some more stock from another store. It really wasn’t anything more than that. But it did involve sitting in the front of a white van. Oh yeh, that’s right, for the day I was essentially a “White Van Man”. If you don’t live in the Great United Kingdom of Britain, you may not understand what I mean. Well, luckily we can break down and analyse the phrase fairly easily, in fact I’m going to assume you can work that out for yourself. The meaning behind it is that basically all “White Van Men” drive erratically and inconsiderately. In my case though, the white was more ‘dirt brown’, the van was basically a wreck, and I, well, I really do hate to think of myself as a man. But then again ‘Dirty Brown Wrecked Tranny’ sounds more like some kind of filthy porn. Something I really don’t want to see.

I have to say I really do hate the term tranny. It just sounds horrible. It’s probably because of the amount of times it is used for porn type circumstances. I always try to use the word transgendered whenever necessary, but to be honest, that last joke wouldn’t have been nearly as funny if I’d said that. In fact even the word transsexual seems to have negative vibes in my brain. I guess it makes it sound like a sexual orientation, so in that respect I can understand why people do sometimes not understand why gender identity and sexual orientation do not go hand in hand.

Well, there you go; I managed to find some magical combination of words to fill the space between the second paragraph and the pictures. Don’t you now just feel fantastic about life in general and enlightened beyond your wildest dreams? I hope you’ve not been completely baffled by me being in one of my weirder moods, but hey, at least I’m not upset!

Oh and if you wanted to know what happened at work: I went home and lived happily ever… err, rest of the day.

Ooh, one last thing before the pictures. I don’t think I have yet conveyed my love of the band ‘Air Traffic’, so please, consider this it. My song of the moment; ‘No More Running Away’.


IMG_2220 (1)IMG_2224 (1)

Night! X


It’s On The Road

March 7, 2011

Monday, 7 February 2011


Just a few quick updates here:

My trip to the doctors was one of success. I’ve been referred to a nearby clinic and booked an appointment in for May. There is a two month waiting list even for this part, so it doesn’t exactly bode well for the rest of it, but I did anticipate this sort of thing. Sure going to be a whole lot of waiting around. All the same though, there’s not a lot I can do about that now, unless of course I get a nice little sum of money to do it all privately, but I’m not holding out for that.

In case any of you out there are looking to go through the same thing, the actual appointment with the doctor was easy enough. As I’d only just registered at the practice the doctor didn’t have my medical history files, so I basically had to tell him straight again. It now feels odd that at one point several years ago, telling the doctor how I felt was the scariest thing I’d thought I’d ever done! But this time it felt so much easier. I just came out and said it, and he didn’t even flinch. Not sure if it’s because I’m older, because I’m more confident, or just because I knew that doctors are just plainly not allowed to demean patient’s life choices and just give professional advice. I wasn’t even the first person he’d seen with this exact same problem. The only thing I did get a little worried about is that one of my friends mums works at that practice and I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to see my file or not, but I assume patient/doctor confidentiality does not extend to receptionists, so it should be fine.

Another good thing I’m doing at the moment is having some driving lessons, and they’re going well! I’ve had two lessons, and I feel a lot more confident already, learning all aspects in the art of the clutch. There’s not a whole lot I can say about it really. All the good driving lesson jokes have been done already. I genuinely couldn’t think of any new ones on the way to the hospital in the back of the ambulance.

I kid of course. That never happened, besides, the kind of speeds I go at mean I’m probably more likely to run someone over whilst walking anyway.

Ok, well that is pretty much all I had to say. I don’t have any new pictures this time I’m afraid. It is difficult to find the time to get glammed up so much recently. Too much work and sleep I guess.

Night! X