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Friends Will Be Friends

November 9, 2009

Monday, 9 November 2009


No matter how many times I say things like “I’ll be sure to write on here again sooner” it never seems to stick like it used to. Sure, before, I was single, I spent most of my nights alone, this was a fun distraction and it served as a great way of expressing myself. Now though, I express myself in the physical world daily. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, I really am not, but it has stopped the need of this so much. I still enjoy it, but it doesn’t fulfil me as much as before. Also, seen as I’m now updating less, I feel like all my blog posts now need a point, they can’t just be inane observations. It would seem like that’s all that happened in the two months it’s been since I last updated.

Well, seen as were talking about it now, I will tell you what’s been happening. I have opened up to another couple of friends. One of which already knew, (through a friend I once told mistakenly on a drunken night) but he was absolutely fine with it, and the other friend was even better than absolutely fine about it. She has since seen my pictures, read this blog, and seen me dressed in person, and then done my hair… and makeup. So yeh, she’s not exactly going to be turning up at my door with a flaming torch and a face twisted into a transphobia induced rage. It does make me question why I never told them before, but then again we did it the right way like this, instead of just blurting out to a fairly untrustworthy friend in McDonalds whilst under the influence of a few too many vodka based drinks! Doing it that way clearly gives the impression that I’m happy for them to go telling anyone they like! *sarcasm*

I have to admit though, I have been overwhelmed by the level of acceptance amongst my group of friends. There are only now two or three in our main group that don’t know, and hopefully they will be as understanding as the rest have been. I do feel sorry for those of you out there that don’t have the most open-minded friends, but if you haven’t tried to tell them yet, you might be surprised. Even if they sometimes make jokes about that kind of thing, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t understand it if you opened up to them; if they’re true friends they will do their best to learn to understand, in fact they may be secretly a little pleased that you feel you are close enough to them to tell them that. I know I would be if a close friend ever opened their heart to me.

So, I’ve just had a week off from work, which has been great. Haven’t done much, in fact these few paragraphs are pretty much the extent of anything of any merit that I have produced, but hey, holidays are meant to be about chilling out and relaxing. Chillaxing if you will. I, will not, I actually hate myself for writing that. I may just go over to the wall and tenderise my forehead on it for a while.

Anyway, I do have a good reason to…relax recently, because I have recently been given a promotion. Yeh ok, I still work in a store, but now I’m going to classed as a “Section Coordinator”. That is if this Christmas period goes well. I know I’m good enough for the job, hell, I could probably get myself a job ten times better if I actually set my mind to it, but for now it’s pretty decent. Basically, all I have to do different is tell people what to do instead of doing it myself. Yep, I’m just given a throne and my minions will fetch me grapes and wine and kiss my feet and give me head massages and I will chuckle loudly to myself and it will be magnificent. Well…I have been off work for a week, so my memories of it may be a little warped, but it’s something like that.

Ok I’ll leave it there. I think I will start a new thing where in every post I’ll link to the infinite time killer that is YouTube with a song that I’ve been playing a lot recently or just something I want to people to listen to. Be it legal or ill, it doesn’t really matter, I’m only pointing at it.

This time, it’s “Road Rage” by Catatonia. It’s very 90’s, well it’s from the 90’s at least, can’t get much more 90’s than that. I just reminds me of school and that, I like it.

Oh and of course the pictures. Here’s one of me with me real hair curled, done by the girl I’ve only told recently. Yes, that’s right it’s another for my relatively small “Sans Wig” collection!

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