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Money Might Fly, Pigs Might Flu

May 9, 2009

Saturday, 09 May 2009


I’ve been a bit reckless with my money recently. I’ve gotten overexcited ordering things online, knowing that it’s only me or Sarah that will see what I’ve ordered, in theory anyway. We recently bought three new hairstyles for me off eBay and they turned up at my parents’ door. Oops. Fortunately they respected my privacy and didn’t open them up, so they remained relatively uninformed, although you could tell there were all manner of possibilities running through their heads. I didn’t tell them what they were; we’re still not open about this sort of thing at all. My theory is, if they don’t ask about it, they don’t want to know, therefore nothing needs to be said and no awkwardness occurs. I just told them it was a work uniform for Sarah, and they seemed to buy it so it’s all good.

Aside from the hair I’ve mostly been buying a whole new wardrobe. Ironically we don’t actually have a wardrobe to put my new wardrobe of clothes in yet, but it is getting delivered to us within a month. By that time though, I’ll need another one to fill up if my shopping spree continues to this degree!

Not a whole lot of interesting things have been happening really. An interestingly small amount of interesting things considering the rather interesting activity of moving out.

I’ve been a bit ill recently, that’s mildly interesting. And before you ask I’m pretty sure it’s not Swine Flu. I’ve just had a migraine and stomach bug on and off for the past few days. I actually had to take my first sick day off from work, ever. I was a bit bummed to have to end my 100% attendance, but I’m pretty sure I’d have been more bummed if I’d thrown up on a customers face.

This Swine Flu thing seems to have died down a bit now, so now there’s all the ‘know-it-alls’ saying that there never was a global threat or anything to worry about. Granted I see their point. The whole Bird Flu outbreak largely just fizzled out into nothing. But if we’re not alert about these things, something might just creep up behind us and infect us all. It would be nice if they stopped “Crying Wolf”, or maybe more aptly “Crying Pig”, with us so much because more and more of the public will just ignore the advice given by the media in a situation with potentially disastrous consequences. I guess as soon as an important news bulletin cuts into their favourite soap they’ll start listening, it must, after all, be massively important if a soap is taken off air. Hell, I might even start causing breaking news bulletins myself if it means soaps will be on TV less.

Yeh, that’s right I don’t like soaps. Waste of time. I find it hard enough to keep track of my own life, I don’t want to start confusing mine with other peoples that don’t even exist anyway. I learn all my life lessons in life.

Anyway, here’s a few more – saucier than average – pictures for you to peruse. I was feeling confident ok? Don’t look at me with those judging eyes.


This could well turn out to be one of those life lessons I should learn: “Don’t ever post pictures of yourself in just underwear online”.

Night! X