Moving On Out, Time To Break Free…

Sunday, 22 March 2009


So ok, my entries are getting more and more infrequent, but hopefully that will change soon.

I have moved forward a lot since I last updated you. Me and Sarah have been looking for flats to move out into and last week, we found a great one. It’s a one bedroom ground floor apartment with a lovely view of a grass roundabout. It really isn’t too bad even if it sounds it, and hey, it’s probably one of the only views in the city that actually has greenery. It wasn’t massive but it doesn’t need to be and we both liked it from the start, so, we registered our interest with the estate agents and put down a reservation fee, filled out some forms and they’ll be getting back to us in the next few days to let us know if our background checks come up clean.

You may think this is all going a bit quickly and, in usual circumstances I guess it is. We have, after all, only been together for about 3 months. But we had talked about moving out before we even got together and we both really want this so we figured we’d just go for it. If it doesn’t work yet, then so what, at least we tried it. It’s not the end of the world; I don’t think my parents are going to be renting out my room that quickly! But the truth is I think we do work really well as a couple and we shouldn’t have too many problems. Unconventional? Sure, but we like it that way!

Obviously I’m quite excited about moving out. It opens a lot of doors that were firmly sealed at home with my family. We can be ourselves and live for ourselves when we have our own place, and if this all works out with this flat, we could be moving in in a week or so. ‘A week or so’ can’t come too soon for me!

Apart from that I should let you know about the skiing holiday I had. It was fantastic. The views were amazing, the place was amazing, it was a break I really needed. What I did not need however was the twisted knee I got from the first day of skiing. I can’t really say it wasn’t my own fault, but I will anyway… This kid darted in front of me so I had to turn quickly and go off piste. Unfortunately that particular patch had some rather nasty bumps which caused me to lose control and the next thing I knew I was coming to a stop in a rather awkward position next to some random foreign skiers. My Dad came over and helped me up and whilst my knee was a bit stiff, it didn’t feel like any lasting damage had occurred. This could well have been true because the next fall about 20 metres down the slope was probably the one that did the damage. It wasn’t even dramatic, it was slow and awkward, like a seal trying to ski. I just fell awkwardly again and then my knee just couldn’t take my weight very well. I did manage to ski back to the chalet without falling again, but I had to miss a day of skiing afterwards to try and recover. Thankfully I did, and the rest of the holiday went by without a hitch.

It was fine until recently when I went back to work. I have to lift quite a lot of wine at work and since my knee was hurting, I was bending it less to pick things up and because of that I’ve now done my back in a bit. I feel like I’m falling apart here! What’s going on! I have been getting slowly better again, but it’s still not quite right.

So yes, there you go, you’re all up to date now. Hopefully I’ll be able to be a lot more active on here once I move out, more entries, more pictures, maybe another video, I don’t know. We’ll see. I do have a lot of ideas going through my mind about what I could do, so hopefully some of them can actually happen when there are no prying eyes watching.

Instead of new pictures of me, here’s a few of my holiday.

Sorry, did I just hear a collective sigh of disappointment? Live with it.

Les Houches 09 041 Small

Les Houches 09 069 Small 

Les Houches 09 081 Small  

Les Houches 09 097 Small

Les Houches 09 171 Small 

Night! X


12 Responses to “Moving On Out, Time To Break Free…”

  1. Still Checking Says:

    Sounds like things are going well, this makes me happy to hear. Congratulations and good luck in the days and weeks to come!

  2. Hermione Simpson Says:

    hi ella, sounds like things are going well, and i hope that you and sarah do move in together, because hopefully it’ll mean that you’ll be able to live as ella more often, and in the long run, complete your transistion more quickly, and glad to hear that you enjoyed your holiday, and that you only missed one day on the snow

  3. Falcon Says:

    Its good to know about you, it spend a quite time without news for you. I think move out its a big step but how you say, at least you tray it

  4. KimChristel Says:

    Hi Ella,
    I was wondering, isn’t living on your own a good time to go full time? With your supporting girlfriend and such, sounds like a great time to start.

    Lots of love,

  5. Alex Storm Says:

    Hey girl! I’m so glad you found a place! I’m sure we’d all like to see pics, assuming ones that don’t reveal too much can be taken! 😉

    Love the pics (despite a lack of Ella); now i wish i skied and had money to ski and take vacation!

    talk to you soon, i hope!


  6. Traci Says:

    I am so very glad you two found each other. I’m not sure if you know how hard it is to find a girl that is willing to deal with a TS. I got lucky. when I came out to my wife, she has accepted and supported me. More often that not, it goes the other direction. I wish you both all the happiness that you can stand.

  7. Hedge Says:

    Hi Ella ive just found this site i have been looking at ur flicker pics for qute a while now and dident realise about this blog! i must say it is great to lisen to you going on about ur day to day life and have someone as understanding as sarah! i was watching one of my faveroit movies and came across a song with i think fits with you : im 19 and tho im not blessed with a body like yours (im 6 foot tall and not exactly thin!!) thinking about coming out to my parents and reading ur blog has been so uplifting i almost cried at times!

  8. exaxis Says:

    Hi Ella, Some great news in there 🙂 Don’t worry about too soon, let worries take care of themselves. After going out with a girl for 3 months, I was engaged and had her name tattoo’d on me. 22 years later, we are still happily together with 3 sons 😉
    When it’s right, it’s right. Just like that you know you’re a girl 🙂
    (Some quality photos there too. That ski lift picture is marketable!)
    Be happy and be well.

  9. CapriciousAmber Says:

    Hello dear Ella,
    I’ve just read all of your blog in one afternoon after discovering it yesterday and I wish you, with all my heart, a lot of happiness in your new life!
    I really hope your and Sarah’s search of an appartment goes well (it’s always an momentous decision in a “new couple” life)
    You are a wonderful human being, darling, sweet and sincere (and a remarkable writer – I’ve smiled, been sad and even wiped a tear at the corner of my eye while reading you) – and I sincerely would have love to have a friend like you!
    Hug an kisses

  10. Stacia Says:


    Great blog, but can the skiiing photo’s be made a bit smaller – loading one day’s worth of entries brings with it 10Mb of images! Ouch.

  11. futiledemocracy Says:

    You know, Leicester looks like that when it snows!!! Sort of. Well not much. Okay not at all….. but it is slippery!!!!!

  12. Archy Says:

    Hello! I hope here can be Ella’s friends, who know her in her real life. Would you please, send these drawings to her, thanks beforehand!

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