With Friends Like These…

Saturday, 22 November 2008


It’s been a good week. The showing myself to my friend, Sarah, went well, very well in fact. I turned up at her door fairly early in the morning. (You can tell I was eager, ‘early in the morning’ isn’t usually in my vocabulary!). After about 15 minutes of awkwardness to begin with, understandably I think, I plucked up the courage and asked her if she wanted to see what I had. She then got very excited and had a look.

Unfortunately all I actually have is one blouse, one skirt, one pair of tights and an Alice in Wonderland costume. Not exactly an expansive wardrobe. I started off by showing her the costume, as I’d already told her about it and that I’d planned to wear it on Halloween if I could have got the night off. So I went upstairs, changed in her bedroom, put on my wig and went back down. It was a nervous moment, walking back into her living room, but I came in, she complimented me and I went over and hugged her. It was the best I could have hoped for really. She then mentioned makeup and ran up the stairs, I followed her and she then started to prettify me! She really did seem to be enjoying things by this point. After she’d done and I’d applied my own mascara, I looked back in the mirror and felt relieved that I looked ok. The last thing I wanted was to look bad for my first showing! I showed Sarah and she seemed so happy. She could not compliment me enough, telling me I look prettier than all of our female friends. I did not expect this much and did begin to go quite shy. If there’s one thing I can’t do well, it’s taking compliments.

After a while I got my camera out, after all I didn’t want to miss an opportunity like this. So I handed it to Sarah and we got shooting. Sarah was having a great time being let loose with my camera, while I was still finding it difficult to feel comfortable. I realised having your picture taken is a lot more embarrassing than taking them yourself!

She then let me try on some of her clothes in her wardrobe. She didn’t have loads, but there were some very pretty dresses in there. First of all I tried on some of the clothes she’d grown out of, and they were all pretty nice. A pink blouse with a pair of tight jeans seemed to work especially well. Shame they were still a little big for me though. The jeans were a couple of inches too long and the waist could have been a little smaller, but still I couldn’t exactly complain.

After getting through half of her wardrobe and taking pictures of each outfit I tried on, she then told me that I could actually keep some of the things she’d grown out of. I was unsure at first, more of places to hide them than actually whether I wanted them or not; of course I wanted them. She wouldn’t let me leave without them, she said, so I agreed and took a couple of outfits back home with me.

So yes, it was a good day, she didn’t care at all and said she’d love to do this again and go shopping with me once she’s got another job. Fantastic!

As well as that, through sheer luck I had a day to myself on Thursday. My parents were heading out for the day Christmas shopping in a nearby city. I took this as a great opportunity to put on my new outfits and get camera happy again.

As you can imagine I now have quite a few photos to upload, I haven’t even finished uploading the photos from August yet. I’ll do four tonight, instead of the usual two. That should get me nearly back on track!

So there we have it. In my books, that’s a pretty good week. Shame things in the future don’t look so nice. Back to work next week and then after that I’m starting on my nightshift. Bye-Bye social life, Bye-Bye Sun, Hello extra money!

Night! X

13 Responses to “With Friends Like These…”

  1. RheaPDX Says:

    Hey Ella,

    Love these new pics and gald the day with Sarah went well….see there was not that much to worry about….

    Honey, the compliments mean that you are doing the right thing all along. Obviously, the fact that Sarh was doing so is high praise indeed. It means more from a natal female, more so than from the rest [trust me ont his, I have been there on this more in the past few months than anything else, which is really cool]. Looking forward to seeing the ones from that day…and on this end, there are more coming up…including a couple surprise ones ones [will not say here, but it is an outit I have been saving for the right time and to show to the right person!!!!]

    [By the by…the time that is coming up will pass soon enough. Thingd tend to go that way this time of year anyhow, if one takes out the holiday madness factor]

    Ella, here is hoping to see more and to hear from You soon!

    Til later on and Love Always!!!


  2. Falcon Says:

    Fantastic, you have so much luck to have a real friend like Sarah. Like always you look very pretty in your photos

  3. Stephen Says:

    Hey i think you look great and i’m glad to see you can trust someone else with you’re secret .
    Don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life though you should do what you want and do whatever makes you happy , so goodluck to you with everything and just make everyone else jealous of how great you look lol , ttyl bye.

  4. Alex Storm Says:

    Wow, glad to hear things are really starting to work out for you. You know that no matter what, you have people who want nothing but the best for you. You know I’m always in your corner, no matter what.

    And not to sully that sentiment, but I can’t wait to see your next batch of pics!

    Sarah sounds great. I’m actually looking forward to hearing about your shopping trip. Maybe Sarah will shop with Ella…?
    Ok, enough bugging you. Drop an old man a line sometime, ok sweets?


  5. RheaPDX Says:

    Hey Ella,

    Hope all is going well by You and that the week goes great as well!!

    Hon speaking of pics….check out the Flickr site when You get a chance…it is still a little play on that joke I told You about. Also check the main blog…will leavev the rest to the imagination….Speaking of which, there may be a little posting over at YT in a couple days to add a little humour. I will not say what, but LOL it does have something to do with the music postings.

    Sweets…Have a Great Week!!

    Til later and Love Always!!!


  6. vvm71 Says:

    Hi Ella,

    ¡Sarah and you really enjoyed be together!.
    You look very good in your photos. Bye.

  7. Ellie Says:

    With friends like these, who needs anemones. :]

  8. Mike in the USA Says:

    Thats the way it was for me when I met my wife, I told her and she let me have some of her clothes to wear, I only wear them at home, I have never had the guts to go out in public. I wish I had changed into a girl when I was younger.

  9. Calista Says:

    There should be more Sarah’s in this world.

  10. Laratyg Says:

    Good for you & hurray for the Sarahs of this world.
    Big step coming out to some one, glad you picked the right some one :O)

    Well done .

  11. Marl Says:

    Hi Ella .. OMG you are beautiful !! and 13th April too, my birthday !
    cooooolll x

  12. Tatiana212 Says:

    You’ve lived out a fantasy I’ll never have.
    Totally Hot by the way.

    Ps: Whadya get on your COGIATI

    I got ANDROGYNE ???

  13. Archy Says:

    Hello! I hope here can be Ella’s friends, who know her in her real life. Would you please, send these drawings to her, thanks beforehand! https://fotki.yandex.ru/users/archygoncharov/album/169728/

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