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Replies Would Be Nice

July 18, 2008

Friday, 18 July 2008


I don’t know what to think anymore. I want to upload a video of me, just of me. How vain is that?! Why do I want to do this? Why am I signed up to all these websites, yet whenever someone sends me a message I just get scared and end up never replying. Why do I rarely, if ever, reply to my mail? I do want to meet people like me, and chat and make friends, I love making new friends. In my mind if I upload a video of myself I will get more mail, but, then, why bother if I don’t even reply to the mail I’ve got? What on earth is the point? I really think I should make it a point that from this moment forth I will reply to all mail I get. I feel horrible for not being able to find the time to reply. The only time I can get online and do this sort of thing is now, when the rest of my family is in bed and I’m free to browse the net at my leisure.

Ok, that’s it, I’ll try it, see how I get on. I just don’t want to stay up too late replying. And no that doesn’t mean I get sooo much mail that I’m overwhelmed, it’s just that I take a long time thinking of exactly what to say in my replies. I like to actually have a point to replying.

Ok I will upload that video, and possibly a few more in the future, and I promise that I’ll reply to your emails etc. That is of course if it isn’t something blatantly not worth replying to.

I’ll also try and write on here more often.

Oh and get back to the doctors.

And tell more of my closest friends about me.

And get a decent job.

And try to get my parents to understand.

Then move out.

Then… who knows.

Night! X