The Definition of a Bad Night Out

Saturday, 15 March 2008


It seems like occasional updates are the way forward, instead of daily. I may get back into it again properly, but I won’t kick myself if I don’t.

I’ve been back at work this week, and everything has fallen back to exactly how it was before. Nothing really seems to have changed which is great for me because I can just get on with it again.

As I said a few days ago, I was supposed to go out on the Monday night with all my friends to our usual club. We did, but that’s pretty much the only good thing about it. Overall the night was a complete disaster, I’ll run you through it.

It started fine enough. We were all over at a friend of mines who owns a Wii. I went there straight from work so it was basically straight into party mode. Playing on the Wii may sound harmless enough, but a friend called Rob suggested “Drinking Bowling”. The rules, if that’s what they can be called, were that if you drop the ball, you have a shot, if you get a gutterball, you have a shot, if you get a half strike, you have a shot, if you get a strike, you have two shots, if you drop the ball first but then roll a strike, you have a triple shot etcetera etcetera. This was done for every round. So there’s ten rounds, and when you bear in mind that Wii bowling is easier than real bowling, you can understand just how many units we got through in about half an hour.

Thus, blurriness of the brain is induced.

After an amount of time we called a cab to take us into town, by which time the friend who’s house it was, was pretty sloshed, and we were worried about whether he was going to get in or not. I was especially worried because I was supposed to be crashing at his that night too. It turns out we were right to be worried. Before entering the club he was sick onto a wall we had to hold him to keep him from falling into his own mess. Basically it was extremely over-optimistic to think that he’d get in, and when he didn’t, Rob stayed with him to sober up. So in went the rest of us.

After another forgotten amount of time, Rob started ringing and texting us for the house keys of the guy that was too far gone. (We figured it would probably be best to give him as few things to lose as possible) Rob rang me, and, if anyone else has been in a packed noisy club recently, and tried to hear someone on the phone, you’ll realise just how difficult it is. Eventually, after countless attempts he came running up to us to get the keys, only to find out that he had them all along, which annoyed us all.

So the drunk guy went off home not to be heard of again for a while. And so the night continued. It got progressively worse. All of my friends, bar one, had relationship problems. A couple we were with started fighting over nothing in particular, a friend of mine’s possible boyfriend just admitted he hadn’t got over his ex. One girl we were with ‘pulled’ and we heard nothing from her after that until an “I’ve made a huge mistake” text the next day. I was just sat in the middle not really knowing what to do or say to anyone.

Finally the club shut and we headed home. Well I headed for the drunk guys house, still hoping for a night there. After all, all of my things were there, including house keys, my bike, my clothes. Me, and the arguing couple, who were hoping to stay at his house too, got there only to find the place completely shut up. And he wasn’t answering his phone. As it stood we were outside his house at 4am looking for ways to ‘break in’ without actually ‘breaking’ anything. After one guy climbed on the garage, we came to the conclusion that there was no way to do that, so, after much contemplation and worry for his health, we gave up.

We headed to the girls’ house which was luckily not too far away. She then broke it to me that I couldn’t stay there, but her boyfriend could, because her mother and daughter was there and would not approve of a random person on their sofa. They then suggested I bike it back to my house with the guys bike. I was about 2 ½ miles from home and I was still under the affect of alcohol, so I didn’t like the idea, but it seemed I didn’t have any choice. I got on the bike only to find, lo and behold, that it had a puncture. There were no more options left, I was just going to have to make my own way back, whatever way I could.

So I walked back into town, on my own, in the dark, at a nasty time of night, in search of a cab which I was lucky enough to be able to afford. I walked about a mile looking for one, but it did happen and eventually I did manage to get back home and into my own nice warm bed.

It was one hell of a night for all the wrong reasons. I just hope they don’t come around that often.

There were so many things that happened that night that I won’t touch on simply because it needs lengthy back stories and frankly, I don’t have the time/give a damn. That was five nights ago and in another two nights they’re planning on doing it all again, lets just hope it goes smoother.

Oh yeh, here’s a kinda new picture. Not new, just not uploaded. I really want to take some new ones again soon.

Candid Me

One more thing, check out Genderfork. One of my pictures is on there, yay!

Night! X


4 Responses to “The Definition of a Bad Night Out”

  1. Vivianne Says:

    Well, that sort of thing happens now and then, and eventually they become lessons in safe night-planning. You had some luck in the end, but luck is not something we should rely heavily on…

    By the way, in a completely unrelated note, I uploaded some pictures to my flickr, which seemingly nobody has visited by mere chance, so I will use this chance to spam you a little with my address, if you don’t mind 😀

    Take care,


  2. sarah Says:

    Hi Ella,

    Thanks for taking such gorgeous photos, and thank you for linking to I’m sorry to hear you had such a bad night, but I’m glad to find your blog. 🙂


  3. Lori Says:

    jeez .. you had a rough time of it .. managed to get into more trouble than I did on st patricks .. enjoy it while you are still young I guess ..

  4. Archy Says:

    Hello! I hope here can be Ella’s friends, who know her in her real life. Would you please, send these drawings to her, thanks beforehand!

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