New Computer Arrives…

Friday, 01 February 2008


As far as my new computer goes, the first phrase that comes to mind is “Oh…my…god!”, and that isn’t the bad one, it’s the Janice-esque one from Friends. Ok, first off I’m going to get the bad stuff out of the way. I didn’t get exactly what I ordered, I got a slightly worse set up. But that should get sorted.

The good news? Well this PC is unbelievable. It runs ten times faster than my laptop and it’s running on Vista, which apparently makes everything slower. I’ve tried some games on there and they run like a dream and look fantastic. I cannot fault the actual computer at all yet. It’s just the company I bought it from that’s the problem. *cough* Dell *cough*. No they are ok at what they do, but I’ve had two computers from them, and both of them came with at least one thing wrong. It’s annoying more than anything else, when I do spend a lot of money on something, I want it to work!

Unfortunately I can’t yet get on the internet with it, and this here laptop that I’m writing on will be making its new home in my sisters bedroom soon, so it’s likely that I won’t be able to get on here to update my diary until the wireless thingy I need is delivered. Maybe a week, I don’t know.

As good as this computer is, I can’t help but think that I got this because I’m feeling upset with my life and I needed something to escape into. Maybe that’s the case, but even when I do get my life more on track I will still be able to use this super machine for general things. In a few years this ‘super machine’ will no doubt become an average machine as technology just keeps getting better and more silly. You know I really wouldn’t mind if technology just slowed itself down for a few years so I can get the most out of this machine. Damn inventors always inventing new inventions. What craziness!

Anyway, must dash, spent too long messing with my new computer.

Night! X


One Response to “New Computer Arrives…”

  1. Dazza Says:

    Hi Ella, came across your blog through flickr , been up until 3:30 am reading lol. Very readable there, and you look amazing.

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