Thursday, 24 January 2008


Whilst taking a look through some pictures I’d previously drawn I came across this one. I don’t remember drawing this one, but I must have done. I think what happened is that I’d drawn it once I’d got in from a night out and just drawn exactly what I felt, with the affects of alcohol loosening me up a bit. I think, even though it is just a silly little picture that was done in a few minutes it does show how I sometimes feel: Trapped. Looks like it could be an album cover.


Let me just say this is not how I feel right now, but often I do. In fact just today at work I felt upset about the whole thing again and just wanted to escape in some way. But everybody feels like this from time to time, no matter what problems they may or may not have. I think the most important thing for me to focus on is that it isn’t just me that has problems, everybody does. Yes, mine may be more ‘taboo’ than most, but it doesn’t stop others being more complicated. I could complain my nights away, I could, but I don’t want to. What good will possibly come from it? I will try to remain positive about everything, positive and confident. I know I can be what I want to be, I know this problem can be solved.

Night! X


2 Responses to “Trapped”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    And wish to reamin so! I just want to state you are not the only one who is “trapped.” No, I’m not transgendered, but there are other bad medical mishaps that can happen to people. It takes a lot of courage to make this web sight. I could never make a websight and talk about my own self or misfortune (although even though it could possibily help others. I just look at is as – how can you help others – when you can’t even help yourself) Just stay strong, and I truly believe all your dreams will come true. Thanks – for making your web sight.

  2. Anonymous / more to say Says:

    PS – You did a great job on your websight! You have some great computer skills! I have a hard enough time typing and spelling ( I know reamin – should of been typed remain); and yes I did graduate from college. I guess it is (was) 7:20AM in the UK? It is almost 2:00AM – where I’m at in the US. As I wrote before, you have lots of courage. I really find your websight inspirational. I have only read some of your websight, as of late, but I assume money is a major issue in solving your problems (I know it is with me). I just hope that by you being so public, that some rich person out there (and there are plently of them out there, you know the type of person where money is not even an issue in their life – like maybe Oprah or someone) will help you out – without trying to exploit you for TV ratings. If I had the cash, I would help you out. Unfortunately – we are in heartless world / where the people who could make a difference just don’t care or they just support other causes. Your issue is kind of “taboo” like you wrote before. I know you just want to be like everyone else, and be “accepted,” and be the person you really want be. I personally know things are tough (my issues are not the same / but similar in a different way). – Just keep strong, and keep people infomed on how you are doing. I really do believe that everything will be all right. – If that means anything at all, and you are not alone. –

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