Bunny Possibilities Return

Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Last night I gave you a logic puzzle, and if you’re curious to know the answer, if you don’t already know, here you go. (The font colour is white, just highlight it to see it!).

The Person that can tell for sure what colour hat they are wearing is Person 3.

The reason for this is; if Person 3 was wearing the same colour hat as Person 2, Person 4 would have worked out that they would be wearing the colour hat that wasn’t the same as Person 2 or Person 3.  Because Person 4 did not say “The colour of my hat is…”, Person 3 realised that it must be obvious that their hat was a different colour to the hat of Person 2, therefore it would know that their hat was Yellow.

Get it?

I thought it was quite a good little puzzle, and I hope you haven’t had to use this page because working it out for yourself is much more rewarding!

Feel free to test others on this puzzle if you so please.

Sonia mistakenly posted the answer as a comment, and I don’t mind really, especially as she did only say the answer and not the explanation. When I first saw the puzzle , even if I knew which person it was, I still wouldn’t have known why. Anyway, there we go, there’s the answer, let’s move on!

Today I met up with Charlie, and it did go well. She does know how I feel, and we did talk about it, and there was no ‘awkwardness’ so I’m very relieved for that. It seems to me like it’s not just me that she’s not been seeing. She’s had a new job and barely any time to herself. It was, I believe, just a coincidence that this job came about pretty much when I told her. She is a nice girl; I wouldn’t ever imagine her disliking someone for something like this.

We also met up with another girl today called Sarah. This Sarah was going to host the New Years Party, but unfortunately got dumped a few days before, and so it was all cancelled. Today when I saw her, she seems to have gotten over him and was talking about having an ‘Easter Party’ as a replacement. I’m all for that, especially the ‘Bunny Girl’ idea! That idea had already been put forward by Charlie over a year ago though, so I’m not holding my breath on that happening, or at least me being one of the bunnies anyway!

Well today Sarah was looking for a job. We went into a bar for some lunch. Sarah asked if there were any job vacancies there, and lo and behold there was. She was given an application form and filled it out whilst me and Charlie were eating. She then took it up to the bar and handed it in. A few minutes later the manager came up to her and took her upstairs. Then she had a quick interview, came back down to see us and told us she’d got the job!

I was amazed! No offence to her at all, but to be honest she put very little thought into the form, but clearly she did not need it. She has confidence greater than I could ever muster. She comes across as a positive person and just got the job there and then. I couldn’t ever be that impulsive either, any action I take that changes my life even a little bit takes quite a bit of thought.

Awwww, Heath Ledger has died. I can’t believe it. You know sometimes you just think that someone is going to die early. Heath Ledger was not one of those people I’d thought of. Only 28, geez. Makes you want to do more with your life doesn’t it? He was such a nice guy from what I saw on interviews and the like, it’s a terrible loss for his family and fans.

Well, that’s a sombre note to leave it on, but I’m afraid I’m tired.

So Night! X

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