Happy Birthday Mum!

Sunday, 20 January 2008


Apologies for last night, but you can’t expect me all the time. I’m usually updating this every night, yes, but occasionally, just occasionally I might actually be doing something.

Well unfortunately, last night was not one of those occasions. Instead, the only reason I couldn’t update is because my sister and her friend were in my room watching ‘Happy Feet’ into the early hours of the morning. Normally I would have told them to get out, but I do actually quite like that film, even if it is meant for kids.

So yes, this weekend is my first off for an age. It’s fantastic, and I actually managed to do something as well. Quite a few things in fact. First off it was my Mum’s birthday, so I gave her her card and presents. Then about midday my friends had organised to meet. I wasn’t sure whether I should really go out on my Mum’s birthday, but she insisted because I’ve not seen them all properly for ages. So I went out to a pub for a few drinks and a catch up. Then at about 4pm I left them and met my Mum and sister in town to go to the cinema. We saw ‘The Golden Compass’ and yes it was fairly good. I didn’t understand a whole lot, but I guess the inevitable sequels will sort that out, if I decide to go and see them.

After the movie we all went to a nearby Italian Café and had a pretty tasty meal. I’m not looking to move into restaurant reviewing, so I will say no more about that place.

So that was today, and best of all, when I went into M&S to buy some sweets, I found out that they had messed up my rota, and I was meant to have next weekend off, and surprisingly they’re letting me have next week off too. Fantastic.

The only downside to that is that Charlie, who had got in touch again today, decided to meet on the Tuesday, which I would have had off if it were my Saturday in. No matter though, we can still meet up, but I’ll just have to run off to work when the time comes.

So there we go, ever so suddenly my life looks quite busy again. My Dad will be back from his Skiing holiday tomorrow as well, so hopefully things will be back to normal. I think it’s now that I should go to the doctors again and get this show back on the road! I don’t want to waste any more time, the sooner I act, the sooner I can be the person I want to be the rest of my life.

Right, seen as this is my weekend off, I don’t want to sleep through it all, so I’ll retire to my bed.

Here’s a new picture.

14th January (3)

Night! X


One Response to “Happy Birthday Mum!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Best picture you’ve taken yet. Good job.

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