That Friday Feeling

Friday, 18 January 2008


Another day at work today. This is my first week of actually having normalish hours. Doing from 1pm to 9pm isn’t exactly normal, but the Monday to Friday is. I can now see the full beauty of a Friday.

Today I got an unexpected text off one of my friends, Charlie. Now most people reading this will not know about her, so I’ll ‘introduce’ her if you like. I only really became friends with her late 2006, and we often saw each other through to the Summer of 2007. What changed? Well, I told her the truth, about how I feel, about everything.

Since then we have rarely seen each other, she’s always said she accepts it, but we have never really talked about it, and I think I scared her away a bit. I may even go as far as to say that she was interested in dating me beforehand, one reason is that not long after I opened up to her, she got a boyfriend (which could also be a reason I don’t see her a lot as well).

So, pretty much since last Summer I’ve seen her once maybe twice. It’s disappointing I have to admit, but getting a text from her today is quite a nice surprise. I figured she would be trying to distance herself from me, but if she’s reaching out to me, then maybe I’m wrong. The problem is she asked if I wanted to meet her for Dinner tomorrow, and I’m actually working, so I can’t make it anyway, but hopefully with my new hours, new opportunities to meet up will arise.

Oh yes, something at work today. What appeared to be a little flirting from one of the gay male managers. I was asking him what the phone number of one of the managers was, he then told me, and added “You should call me instead, it’d be more fun” or something similar. Either this was a mistake on his behalf that made it sound like flirting, or it just was. I’d go with the latter. On his first night shift as a ‘manager’ I helped him along, showing him the ropes so to speak, and at the end of the night he said. “I’m glad you were here, I don’t know what I’d have done without you,”. Either I’m just overanalysing absolutely everything people say to me (yes) or he does like me. The thing is I like him liking me, but I don’t like him liking me for being male. So even though I think he is pretty cute and everything, I wouldn’t have any kind of relationship with him because I’m not what he’s looking for.

Right, well I just looked back at my diary this time last year and I was out of a job, being nagged by parents and just generally not enjoying life. I guess things have changed, which can only be a good thing. One thing I read from last year made me laugh though. It hasn’t anything to do with me, it was just a quote I must have heard from somewhere. It was “If 4 out of 5 people suffer from Diarrhoea, does that other one person enjoy it?”. Made me giggle.

Right, here’s another new picture. Another, ‘traditional’ one.

14th January (2)

Am I the only one that thinks “Tootsie” means foot?! Or is that just a me thing? I was going to call that photo Tootsie, but I thought too many people would think of the film with the crossdressing.

Night! X

One Response to “That Friday Feeling”

  1. georgia Says:

    i always thought that meant toe 🙂

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