Happy Birthday Sis!

Sunday, 06 January 2008


I was just browsing the net again the other day and I came across what could well be another profile with somebody using one of my pictures. The URL is http://www.transpassions.com/seeme/ella10.html . The fact that that picture is quite old confuses me, simply because I don’t think I’ve really posted that on the internet anywhere. I must have taken that picture when I was 15 or something, it was quite a while ago. I remember that picture being the first one I was actually happy to post on the net. What also confuses me about that profile is that the actual written profile sounds a lot like something I’d write anyway. So I’m thinking either I did this profile years ago, and simply forgot about it, or somebody’s claiming to be me right down to the personality as well. I don’t know, I would’ve thought I’d have remembered joining a particular site. Ah well, I’m less fussed about this profile than I was with the other MySpace one a few months ago. There could easily be more pictures of me out there, with people claiming to be me, I just don’t know about it. Hell, I might not even be the real Ella. Do I even exist?! Well now I’m confused.

Well, apart from that, not much happening. It was my sisters birthday, but we didn’t do a lot about it to be honest, mainly because she was lying on the sofa all day. This evening we did the traditional birthday cake thing with a very untraditional hygiene conscious method of blowing out the candles. Instead of risking us all getting the dreaded “Norovirus” off my sister by her blowing on the candles, and thus the cake, we decided that she could use a snuffer to extinguish the flames. Snuffing was not as fun as blowing and it did take a lot longer, but at least we’re all safe from the virus (knock on wood).

Also at work today I signed my contract meaning I am now a permanent member of staff. Yay for me! I am happy about it, but I don’t want to be there for long. I’m only permanent on paper, in my mind I’m only going to be there for a while. I want to move on from that place. I’m not trying to clamber up my own arse, but I do think I am above it. A lot of what is needed is common sense, and unfortunately a lot of the people there don’t have it. I often get asked to do one simple task at the start of the day. It often ends up taking the whole day to do because I’m constantly being called to the till or I have customers step in front of me in the hope that I’ll stop and help their poor menial little problem. Example : Today I was on the till and this woman came up to my till point with two jars of Beef Gravy. She said, as a seemingly throw-away comment, that we didn’t have the small beef gravy jars, so she’d have to make do with these large ones. At first I thought, well hey, why don’t you just take one jar if it’s too much for you, but then she said that the beef gravy in the smaller jars tasted nicer (?!). Again I thought she didn’t mean anything by it, just small talk. I then asked her if these ones she picked up were ok and she said. “No, I want the small jars”. Already this was annoying me. I called someone to come and sort her out themselves, so as to let me deal with the ever increasing queue behind her. Somebody did come and took her to the desk to sort it out. I didn’t do anything more to help her, but I did see what they did do. First they had to check on the sheets that we still did it, apparently we must have done, so they then had to ring the warehouse to see if we had it there. Apparently we didn’t. So then they had to call a division of head office to find out when it’s coming in, can it be ordered, things like that. Eventually they found out that the line had in fact been discontinued so the lady had to make do with the large jar in the end anyway.

What a waste of both our and her time. It’s a jar of gravy for god sakes! It doesn’t deserve half an hour of chasing! If that was me I’d look on the shelf, see there was no small gravy jars, shrug my shoulders and just take the big jar. No biggy. How can customers be so picky all the live long day?!

Anyway, I should really stop complaining, I’m no better than them then. Bedtime.

Night! X


One Response to “Happy Birthday Sis!”

  1. Paul Says:

    I guess that now you are a M&S permy you could say that you are on the gravy-train 😉


    …Looking forward for you new pic posts.


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