The Hat of Fate

Saturday, 05 January 2008


A random selection of events today. It’s as if todays events were determined from a pick out of a hat.

First Pick : My locker key snaps. No real reason, I took it out my pocket this evening and it was bent. I really can’t figure out how. I mean I would have felt something like myself bending metal surely? I tried to bend it back, but it just snapped, so then I had a task of working out how to get the stuff in my locker. Worked out eventually with the help of others… and a crowbar.

Second Pick : It was supposed to snow. It rained.

Third Pick : I had to rearrange sweets at work.

Fourth Pick : I had to take my Christmas decorations down because…

Fifth Pick : It’s my sisters birthday tomorrow. We can’t still have decorations up on her birthday, that would just be silly! Unfortunately my sisters birthday will be nothing more than a; “Here’s your card, here’s your present, Happy Birthday. Right I’m off..” as I am working. Also seen as she’s got this Norovirus thingy, nobody would want to, nor are we allowing them to, come around and see her. All in all it’s going to be a pretty boring day for her. At least she’s not at school like she has been on her birthday every year up until this one.

There we go, those are my events of no particular meaning. Usually things that happen to me have reason or are expected, but no, not today. I can’t possibly relate the broken key to anything in my life, nor is there really much point. It’s a broken key, that is all.

Tonight I did actually buy a load of music as well. This is the thing I both love and hate about iTunes. I love the ease of the purchasing and downloading of the music, but I absolutely hate the ease of purchasing and downloading of the music. Without really paying much attention to it, I probably spent about £50 on there tonight. It just doesn’t feel like I’m paying.

I bought these albums. Not sure if you’d know them all, but some you will. It’s quite a mix, so if ergodic (ooOOoh!) lists discombobulate (yeh?!) your mind, then you might want to avert your line of vision. (needlessly ostentatious, but I like it! Note to self, remove from my favourites)

Kylie – X (why not?)

Editors – An End Has A Start (what about a string, huh? That’s got two ends)

Leona Lewis – Spirit (I love ‘Bleeding Love’ and although I’ve not heard great album reviews, I still thought it was worth getting)

Whitney Houston – My Love is Your Love (these songs remind me of school)

Fightstar – Grand Unification (this album reminds me of someone at uni who played it all the time)

Angels & Airwaves – I-Empire (a new artist to me that sounds, interesting)

So there you go, that’s plenty for you to be reading, and it’s now time for my bedkins.

Night! X

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