"Got A Unibrow"

Thursday, 20 December 2007


To be honest with you I don’t have a whole lot to share with you this morning. I seem to usually find something to talk about, even if nothing is going on, but tod

ay I just feel like my brain is empty and needs, well, replacing more than anything else.

OK, I’ll make this one an easy one for myself. Here’s two TV ads I like. See if you can get all the lyrics, they’re funny!

And of course, the obligatory photo…

11th December (7)

I’ll write a better one when I’ve got more time and I’ve actually got something to write about. My life does have its slow moments and those moments usually do last weeks, but at least I usually have something to say.

Ah well, I can’t be a constant blog writing machine, I’m only human! Let me sleep you, you, evil blog reading fiend!

You’re still here?! Go! I need to sleep. Geez, no respect for the tired. Seriously I’ve worked hard and everything, I deserve to lie back and sleep.

Ok fine, let me think of something.


Why aren’t there any good Christmas songs or movies these days? The kids of today aren’t going to have films to look back on and think, “Wow I was only a kid when that first came out. I remember that Christmas well,” . I really don’t get why people don’t try to make more. I mean, what a money spinner! If you get the formula just right then it will be played/shown every Christmas and so in roll the pennies! You can retire then and use it as a pension. Except of course you actually get decent money this way.

Well there you go, I hope you’re happy now. My brain scraped around the inside of my skull to find blog worthy substance. It didn’t find any but at least I’ve written something!

Night! X


2 Responses to “"Got A Unibrow"”

  1. Mardee Says:

    Superb photo of a superb model.

  2. Adam Says:

    Hi Ella,

    I’m up to December 20, 2007 in your diary so far. It’s really interesting following your life from the other side of the planet. I showed one of your pictures to my girlfriend and she said “Who is she?”. So that means what you’re doing to be a girl is working! 🙂

    The UFO videos were very interesting. I’ve seen a lot of UFO vids and I’ve never seen craft like that. I do believe we aren’t the only life in the universe and we’ve probably been visited many times over the centuries. I live in California and I sometimes go hiking in the mountains so I’ll keep my eyes open! 🙂

    And I definitely know what you mean about Christmas decorations going up too early. Some stores here actually start putting up decorations and wrapping paper and all for sale as early as October. That’s just wrong. I really don’t want to see anything out until after Thanksgiving. Do you have that holiday there?

    Ok, it’s almost 4:00 AM here. I’m a night owl too but this is way late even for me. I’ll read more tomorrow and maybe get into your 2008 entries.

    Nite, Ella

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