A Creative Phase

Wednesday, 19 December 2007


I’m going to have to keep it short today as I’ve been trying, and failing to keep up with emails and messages, so now my parents and sister are up and I need to get this finished quickly so they won’t see the light on in my room and come in.

What to say? There’s a week left until Christmas. Less than that now actually. I feel ok about it. I’ve got presents for everyone I was planning on getting presents for so I’m happy about that. It’s just a matter of wrapping them and giving them, and actually in some cases it’s also waiting for them to be delivered. It’ll be just my luck that it gets delivered after Christmas, but hey, at least it wouldn’t be my fault!

Oh yes, at work today I had a sudden creative thought for a song that I should write. I won’t tell you so that I can write it and nobody will copy, but if I do get it finished, and I feel it’s worth sharing, I may show you.

I have been fairly creative recently. My TG story is ongoing, whenever I get the time. I’ve been thinking about photographs I’d love to take and set up. I have to admit that I prefer the ‘natural’ shot though. One that’s taken without anyone realising there’s a camera, and that’s not in the dodgy ‘hiding in the bushes’ way. I just mean taking it in the street and things like that.

I’ve also been thinking about writing a piece of music. Ok, so I’ve not actually done anything more than thought about it, but I know what it would sound like, and I know how I would use it as well. And these lyrics I was thinking of today in my head were actually for a completely different song, but I just like throwing ideas around in my head, one day I might come up with some extraordinary.

Ok I better stop for now, I want to get up early and go to town. Even though I said I had all the Christmas presents I need to get for friends and family, I don’t actually have my sister’s birthday present which is situated right after the backend of the Christmas period on January 5th. Damn her for getting double presents at this time, but at least then I don’t have to get her anything for the rest of the year!

Yes, here we go then. Another picture. You may well be disappointed with this one. I figured that I’d not uploaded the seemingly compulsory ‘take a dodgy photo of myself in the mirror’ photo that all people of the transgender spectrum seem to have. So here we go!

11th December (6)

Night! X


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  1. jmar Says:

    be my luvey


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