A Story Snippet

Monday, 17 December 2007


Well I nearly neglected this diary today. Yesterday morning I didn’t feel awake enough to give you good entry, plus my time was limited as my parents were in the process of getting up when I got home. Then today I was just typing up some of my story and I heard Dad outside the door, going to the toilet. (He was heading for the toilet, he wasn’t actually doing it outside my door!). Anyway, I had to turn off my laptop quickly and pretend I was getting ready for bed. Then I decided that instead of actually going to bed, I could sit in my bed with my laptop and write this. So, guess what? I did!

Yesterday I had a dilemma which I wanted to share with you yesterday morning, but as I just said, I didn’t feel like it in the end. The dilemma was this;

Sunday Night had been organised as a Christmas get-together for work.

Saturday Night I got a text off my friend saying that a surprise party for a friend is going to be on Sunday Night. (I’m all for surprise parties, but I thought it was the birthday person that was meant to be surprised, not the guests from getting the invite one night before!)

I replied saying I was going to the Christmas thing for work.

I also text someone from work asking when and where they were meeting.

My friend replied saying it was just him going to the surprise thing, which made me feel guilty.

I told him I’d see what I could do.

I waited for a reply of my work friend. (Who I’d never text before so it may have been a wrong number!)

…and waited…

…and waited…

…and finally realised he wasn’t going to reply.

By this time it was too late to go to the birthday thing.

I then thought, screw it.

A glimmer of social life, dramatically snatched from my grasp at the last minute!

Well I’ll be honest, I probably could have gone to at least one of them if I’d really have been into the idea, but I figured that staying in, writing and chatting online sounded a lot nicer.

Well here, let me give you an expert from my TG fiction I’m writing. If you’re not into it then just skip down to where it says “Why on earth am I reading this blog?”.

* * *

“You’re cute Ricky, I’ll give you that!”

I blushed like crazy, I’d never really been complimented before and this one took me completely by surprise.

“I wish you could come into our dorm tonight…”

“Yeh, would be fun…” I started.

“Wait, I think we might be able to actually, let me talk to the other girls…”

“I don’t think…”

“Don’t worry Rick, I’ll do the talking,”

She grabbed my hand and ran upstairs with me following close behind. By the time we reached her door I was out of breath, but she looked like she could run it at least another ten times without breaking a sweat. She quickly looked both ways down the corridor, presumably checking for Miss Easton or other teachers. When she’d felt she’d checked enough times she tightened her grip on my hand and dragged me into her room.

* * *

“Why on earth am I reading this blog?”

There we go! I know that wasn’t much, but that’s all your getting. I didn’t want to give away too much of course, and also I didn’t want to bore those that would bore. Basically it was just showing my writing style and a tiny bit of the plot.

Right, I’ll finish for now. Here’s another new pic! Not my best, but something I’ve not worn before!

11th December (4)

Night! X


3 Responses to “A Story Snippet”

  1. jmar Says:

    Hi, You are a doll. How old are you? When you are a legal adult will u start taking hormones? I am a TS. I went thru much of what u are going thru. I am M-F pre op TS, age 42. Please write me and check out my blog. Find my email addy posted on my blog. I’m gonna check in on your blog from time 2 time.

  2. Alice Says:

    oooo, your story sounds like it may turn out to be a massive thrill. You certainly caught my interest with the teaser. I am still jealous of you and your outfits! I would love something like that in your photo.

  3. Zostrum Says:

    … and that looks very elegant. Your figure is A1, careful with the hormones they tend to add a little fat in the usual places as well as where you want it.

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