Some Me Time

Sunday, 09 December 2007


Finally my weekend is here, I don’t actually have work again until 9pm on Tuesday, which is fantastic.

What’s also fantastic is that I woke up with the house to myself, and my sister just got herself a new set of blouses. Guess what I got up to! I have to say that I do feel bad about having to take her stuff, I wish I could get mine, but right now it’s just easier, and my parents don’t seem to suspect me doing this sort of stuff, even though I have told them about me. I think maybe they’re just trying to ignore it, hoping it’ll disappear.

Anyway, I did try on the blouse, and a tie, and a short pleated black skirt. Yeh I know I keep wearing a schoolgirl outfit, but is it really a crime?! I just enjoy it. Obviously I wouldn’t wear it everyday, it’s just a bit of fun! I also took some more photos, so they’ll probably end up on here and on flickr in the near future, so keep a look out.

Seen as I’ve been working nights, my weekend will mostly consist of staying up all night and doing nothing else but going on the internet to chat. I guess all the time to myself that I missed out on earlier in the week will be made up this weekend.

The most irritating thing at the moment though is the fact my parents are still not back, when I woke up at three, so I could have been dressed for three hours. Ah well, at least I’m not risking getting caught this way, but I wish I knew the exact time they were getting back! I tend to like to make the most of my alone time. Actually I tell you what might be a good idea right now; I should continue with my TG story.

Also I’ll leave you with another picture from last Thursday.

100_4024 (1)

Evening! X


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