New Photos Soon

Friday, 07 December 2007


Well I’ve taken some new photos today, I’ve actually had the opportunity to dress. Thursday seems to be the only day I can do that. My Mum visits some of her friends from work, Dad goes to a gym type session thingy, and my sister goes dancing. I only get an hour, but it’s enough for a quick blast around the wardrobes!

This outfit is one I just tried for the hell of it, I wasn’t sure if it worked, so let me know what you think. The grey top is my sisters and she’s only had that a few weeks, and the blouse is the same one I’ve used before, many times before. That’s the problem when you only have women female top, you have to try and work it into different outfits! I do prefer to wear my own stuff simply because it doesn’t feel like I’m ‘stealing’ things, and also it’s a lot easier to hide the fact I’ve been wearing it if it’s mine. In fact I don’t need to hide it at all.

Anyway, I can’t write a whole lot right now because my ‘rents and ‘ster will be up soon. (Hey, if parents can be called ‘rents for short, then sister can be ‘ster, ok?!)

Oh my god I’ll tell you whats annoying me the most at the moment. Friends. It’s not their fault, it’s more like fate or something. It’s just that since I started the night shift I’ve had four invites out this week. That may not sound like a whole lot, but lets bear in mind that 75% of my best friends are at uni, and since they left I’ve probably only had five invites. I will hopefully be able to go out this coming Monday, but I won’t get too into the idea as I’m sure it’ll be declined by friends.

Doing the night shift does certainly change your view on the world. I haven’t seen daylight for a couple of days, but already that’s messing with me a bit. I couldn’t do the night shift permanently. You also get to meet some curious folk if you head outside on your break. For example today the two guys that work with us headed outside for a cigarette without me (I don’t smoke) and this woman came over to them. She must have been on something stronger that cigarettes from what was said. She was going on about how German super-spies are invading the country, and she said that’s what the problem is.

Oh, sisters up, I’ll upload photo later.

Night! X

No, wait, Morning! X


One Response to “New Photos Soon”

  1. david Says:

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