TG Fiction

Wednesday, 05 December 2007


This seems to be the only time I’m actually going to be able to update this diary now. I’m out the house whenever my parents are asleep. I have to risk doing it now, with my Dad two rooms away, and my sister likely to return home at any time. So I’ll have to keep it short.

Last nights night shift went very slow for me. I’m not sure whether it’s because it was my first night, or whether I was expecting it to go quick or not, but I really hope it does get quicker. Also, without my iPod I wouldn’t be able to survive all night. The silence would drive me crazy eventually. I thought I would enjoy the more time to myself, so I could think about creative ideas I’ve been having, but no my mind still has to stay firmly on the job in hand. My mind drifted at one point and I realised I was looking in completely the wrong place for some stock. What I was thinking about was some TG fiction I’m currently writing. I’ve actually been thinking about writing a story exploring transgenderism and identity, without it specifically being TG fiction. I’d want it to appeal to a wider audience. Oh sisters here, bye! X

Thursday, 06 December 2007


This looks like this is going to be the only time I’m going to be able to update. If I do it when I wake up later today, yesterdays events may have disappeared. Not that it really matters anyway, as not a whole lot happens.

Also I’m sorry I didn’t get to upload yesterdays entry until now, as you may have read, my sister just got home from school.

What I was saying before is that I wanted to write some TG fiction, just for the fun of it. I do often go on sites like Fictionmania and Storysite and some of the stories I do enjoy, although often they’re all pretty repetitive and predictable. I’ve been thinking about some different kind of stories to write, and I have written the first chapter of one of my ideas. I would upload it now, but there’s always the problem that it may not get finished for ages, and I’d hate to leave a completely open story on the internet. It would put people off reading it and for those that do read it; they’d probably start nagging for the rest! So hopefully I’ll get some writing done later today.

I’ve recently been looking back at some of my entries from earlier in the year. They’ve never been published to the web and will probably stay that way, which is a shame because the entries and a lot funnier than mine now. It’s as if my job has taken away all my comedic urges!

Anyway, parents will be up for work soon, so I’ll leave it there.

Night! X


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