Roll on Nights!

Monday, 03 December 2007


Well I’ve had my last day shift until after Christmas. Starting Tuesday night, I’m going onto nights. I had many reasons for deciding to do it, the increased pay, the avoiding of the customers, and also because my social life has completely gone at the moment. I can count the amount of times I’ve been out since my friends went to uni on one hand. It’s sad really, I do miss going out. So because of the lack of social life I have, I decided to do this night shift.

Well, in keeping with the old law of sod, my best friend text me the other day asking if I was working on Thursday. If I were doing normal hours I wouldn’t be, but with this night shift I can’t make it, which has really annoyed me.

Oh yes, something else that I just remembered my Dad saying to me. He doesn’t want me to tell my best friend, Naomi, because he’s worried that she’ll tell her parents and then her mum will tell others and eventually it will be everywhere. He didn’t say whether it was for my own good, or just because he was ashamed of me, but I’ll guess it’s a bit of both. Not much has been said since the first week of them knowing, and to be honest I’ve just been getting on as business as usual. I haven’t changed anything in my daily life or anything like that, after all I still have to pretend for my sister. I want to ask if they will let me go out to London and have a bit of fun, but I just fear that that will freak them out a bit. Although Dad did say that if I wanted to just dress on weekends, that’s fine (I presume he meant when I’d moved out), so maybe he wouldn’t mind. He wouldn’t have to see that way, and he’d know where I was. It would be a guilt free trip!

I’m actually quite curious to see what my parents get me for Christmas. I think the most likely is that they’ll just ignore what I’d told them and get me my usual sort of stuff. Random silly stuff, along with some clothes. I would love for them just to get me at least one small thing that’s feminine or something, just to show that they’re beginning to accept me. I know it’s soon, but I can but hope! I think that would quite probably the best present I’d ever had. My parent’s acceptance.

With that I’ll bid you adieu, whatever that means.

Night! X


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