We May Not Be Alone

Sunday, 02 December 2007


Well I’m going to head in a different direction tonight, so if UFO’s and the like aren’t your thing, then run into the distance with your hands over your ears.

You know when you just browse the internet, you sometimes just lose yourself, and you wake up on this completely random site and you wonder how on earth you got there? Well tonight I did. I found myself on a website about UFO sightings and things. There was one particular case that caught my eye. I’m not going to try and explain what it entails, instead I’m just going to show you this video. Please keep your mind open and your mouth shut for a few minutes ok?

Now, I know what your most likely thinking. Fake! Complete fake. That is also what the majority of comments on the YouTube page seem to think as well. To be honest with you I wasn’t sure what to think at first. Clearly there are fakes out there, but less clearly there are possible true events. This one baffles me. One thing that I believe to be different is the fact that for once it’s not a disc shape. Makes a nice change! But I’ve read more into it, gone onto lots of different sites, and I’m still very open-minded about it, in fact I kind of feel myself veering towards believing it. It’s either true or an extremely over the top hoax. First off there’s supposedly different accounts of sightings. Ok, that’s easy enough to hoax. Then there are the pictures, a bit more difficult, but someone with enough time on their hands and a decent enough eye for it could do it fairly convincingly. What I find to be the least likely evidence of a hoax is this website. It is an account of a guy who used to work for the Department of Defence and had previously worked with technology like that shown in the California Drone pictures. So he says. When I type it up there, and read it out to myself I just think, yeh right, that doesn’t sound true at all, but if you look on there you might find yourself more convinced.

And then also on that site there are photocopies supposedly taken from books about this technology, and also a few photos of items they hold. Yet again another case for it being something other than a hoax. All this would take so much effort it wouldn’t seem worth it for it be a hoax. Some people comment on the fact the drones in the pictures look so crisp and clear, and that it does just generally look fake. Some say that if it were real and you’d take a picture of it like that against the bright sky it would just be a silhouette. Well wouldn’t the hoaxer have thought about that? If they’d gone to all this length to make various accounts, and websites etc, you’d think that he’d want to get his pictures looking as believable as possible.

For me I just think that it could be true it could not. I want to believe its true, because if we all just constantly shun any kind of evidence of UFO’s as being fake, then when some genuine evidence comes along we’re all just going to immediately assume it’s a fake. So if I believe it, and it turns out this is all just a big hoax, big deal, some hoaxer fooled me, good on them, but now get a real job and lets not create a generation of cynics!

Finally here’s another video of YouTube, it’s a video of a lunar eclipse, but with a strange UFO passing in front of it. The image near the end looks spookily like the shape of the drones in the first video.

Whether it be fake or real, it’s still something that makes you think!

Night! X


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