December Crowds

Saturday, 01 December 2007


Well today was crazy. In my city it’s the first day of the annual Christmas Fayre today, meaning people from far and wide make their way into the centre of town. Unfortunately the shop I work in is in the centre of town so it was insanely busy. Usually I complain at being stuck on a tillpoint all day, but today was the total opposite. I was on the tills for ten minutes in the whole of my 9 hour day. That’s just 10 minutes sat down all day…apart from my two breaks. Oh and now, and I guess this morning. And I think at one point around 2pm I was sat on a crate of Bucks Fizz, but that is all!

The annoying thing is, the work I’m supposed to do on the shop floor when I’m not on a till will inevitably take hours more than it should do simply because of the mostly clueless customer base we have. Most of them are old, so if you tell them where, say, the peanuts are, the next day they’ll come in and ask the exact same question. Not only will they not remember where it is, they’ll also forget that they even asked you yesterday. That’s annoying for me, but kinda sad for them. It’s also probably not a good diet plan to have peanuts everyday.

As well as the customers getting in the way, the managers do a fair share of the damage themselves. Because there are so many managers I’ve usually got a job going from each of them, and sometimes they clash. There’s one manager that always picks me because I presume he thinks I’m the most dispensable one there. I was in the middle of doing my wine orders, the one time I actually wasn’t being mauled by customers, and he asked me to take this one ladies shopping to the bus station. I said that I was in the middle of my orders, but he didn’t care. If my orders don’t get done in time, I would get an earful, so how is that fair?! Also at the time I was already about an hour late for my break so my legs were feeling it. I got to the lady in question and I found I had to carry about 7 bottles of wine as well as some general shopping. I wasn’t happy, but I remained friendly with her, after all it wasn’t her fault. Well it wasn’t her fault until we got to the bus station, where she forgot which stand she had to go from, so I was there for about quarter of an hour looking for the silly stand all the while my wine order was still not getting done. How can you possibly forget so much?! Yes I forget menial things like, getting certain items from town, taking certain items when going out somewhere, going to bed at reasonable hours, things like that, but I don’t understand how someone can forget how to get home! How worrying is that, I really hope I never get like that.

Anyway, I’ll run along now. December is here, it’s just a countdown to Christmas again, I guess I ought to sort out some Christmas presents. Oh and one thing I must do in the next week is sort my doctors appointment out. I must!

Night! X


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