Been Skiing…

Monday, 26 November 2007


Seen as it was my day off today, I decided to make something of it. So I went skiing! Yes, yes I did! Luckily, near where I live, there’s a ski slope (with the mats rather than the snow) and I used to go on there a lot more. But over the past few years I’ve been going less and less, and today I felt like a complete novice again. I did ok today. I fell over a couple of times, but that was it. I can’t ski in a way that it looks cool, I’m one of the ones that has their ski’s pointing together to go slower. It is actually pretty scary. Why on earth would one want to fire themselves down a mountainside at top speed?! I admit, if you were good enough, it could be fun, but when you’re there looking unbalanced all the time, and there’s these little kids overtaking me, it doesn’t really seem that fun! What also annoys me is that my Dad is phenomenal at it, and he’s always trying to tell me to do different things. It usually just makes me more nervous and I’m then more likely to fall. I feel I’d learn so much more if Dad and other judging eyes looked elsewhere! I want to learn by doing!

The reason for this relatively random idea to go skiing today, originates from an idea that Dad had, to go on a skiing holiday early next year. He suggested this before I opened up to him about me being transgender, but I still want to do it, and Dad still seems ok with it, so hopefully it will still go ahead. I have to admit I’m probably more interested in the picture opportunities rather than the actual skiing aspect of it though.

Well not much else going on, so that’ll do. (Apart from which I’m getting worryingly addicted to stupid time consuming games at the moment. Damn you Runescape, eating up my early morning hours!)

Wow, I’m sad. Seriously I must try and wean myself off being on the computer all the time. I’m avoiding doing important things. Yes, it’s a means of escape, but now I want to actually sort my life out!

Night! X


3 Responses to “Been Skiing…”

  1. The Alchemist Says:

    Well thing is, you often have no idea how much time you waste on a computer which is why you have to try and put things in a perspective. You could on average spend maybe say an 1 1/2 just surfing and e-mailing. The rest is all a waste of time.

  2. Nishadi Says:

    You look so beautiful.

  3. georgia Says:

    hehe, i spent a while using precious dressing time when my parents were out playing on runescape

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