A Few London Photos

Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Well for no apparent reason I’ll post a few London pictures I took last month. People have asked to see more photos of mine that aren’t necessarily me, so here you go!

First off is the Tower of London. I took this picture because I thought it was interesting to compare the new with the old. London is the perfect place to do something like that, there’s new things popping up all the time, surrounding the famously historic landmarks. Some may dislike it, but I actually like it. I bet when the Tower of London was first built, people thought, “Geez, what an eyesore!”.

New with Old

This next one was taken from within the greenhouses at Kew Gardens. I took this one because I thought the contrast between the natural circular lily pads and the man-made roof reflected in the water made quite an interesting composition.

Circles and Lines

This was taken from another of the greenhouses in Kew Gardens. It’s basically a close up of a banana plant flower. I don’t know the exact name, or even if that’s correct, but the colours are fantastic and so is the detail! I love this camera!

Banana Plant Flower Thingy

Finally, this picture is currently my desktop background. It completely defines what Autumn is to me. The colours, the evening light, everything about it.


Well there you go, a quick insight to what I get up to with my camera, other than taking photos of myself!

Night! X


One Response to “A Few London Photos”

  1. Adam Says:

    You take great pictures. I’m wondering what kind of camera you are using.


    Adam from LA, USA

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