What’s The Effin’ Point?

Friday, 09 November 2007


Wow, I just looked back on last years diary, and this time last year I was just starting my job, the job I’m at currently, the job I’m still only temporary in. I’ve heard rumours that after having three contracts with a company, the company then has to offer me a permanent job if there’s one going. I’m not sure on the law of that or anything so I’m not going to question it, but it does seem a bit unfair on me, not knowing whether I’m going to be keeping my job or not. Well if I don’t have a job after Christmas, maybe that’ll give me a kick up the rear to do something better!

What I wanted to talk about tonight was something I just heard on the radio. The call-in topic was “What makes the perfect marriage?” and some guy phoned in and it basically sounded like he was from the beginning of the 20th Century. “Women are second class citizens”, “They should not be paid equally”, “I expect my dinner on the table when I get home from work” and other such sexist comments. Since him saying that, there’s been a whole load of people phoning in saying what a male chauvinist pig he is. Well obviously I agree with those callers, he is wrong and he clearly does not think he lives in the 21st Century. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. One guy, a few calls after phoned in and said “He’s a c*nt”. After that the radio host just cut him off, apologised to the listeners, then said about how they can track him down and how it is a criminal offence to do such things.

Here is my point: Why oh why is there such a big uproar whenever that four letter word is uttered? And don’t just say it’s offensive. Why is it offensive? It has the same meaning as vagina, but that’s not frowned upon (as much as least). In fact what is the point on typing “C*nt” when we all know what it means, why would it be so bad to just put that “u” in there?! That word is extremely rarely spoken on TV because it just causes complaints.

It’s the same with other words. It’s not ok to say “Sh*t” but “Poo” is fine, and widely used, and somehow funny. “F*ck” is horrible, but “Sex” is just great! It’s this that proves that it is not the meaning that people are offended by, it is the word itself, and I just think that is stupid.

The more people that complain about people swearing all the time, the more it’ll get used to create shock.

I know that when people use these words all the time it just sounds horrible, and when people swear at you personally, it’s never a good thing, but it has just entered quite a few peoples minds as an expression of anger. I think the only thing that we can do now is just accept swear words. Hopefully then it will filter out as being such a bad thing to do. People will still use them, because it’s in-built in there minds now, but it will then have less impact and they won’t feel the need to use it so much. Of course that wouldn’t mean you’d have to swear. I still wouldn’t swear even though it was socially acceptable to do it, more than anything else, it just sounds repetitive, having expletives in front of every other word. It, to me, just shows a lack of intelligence.

That’s just my view anyway. I’ve been in a bit of a debating mood recently. I think tomorrow night I might talk about something a bit more light-hearted!

Night! X


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