How Do I Tell My Family?

Sunday, 04 November 2007


I’ll be brief tonight, if I’m not careful I sometimes let myself just spill out with everything, and I realise that it may not be exactly interesting to read. Another new picture tonight, from the short time dressing I had a couple of days ago. Let me just say, I only take pictures every time I dress up because I don’t get much opportunity to. If I was a girl every day, obviously I wouldn’t take a picture of myself every day. I just want you to know I’m not that vain. I just like to look good, and I like evidence of that too! It won’t be long before my youthful face becomes more like the age it should be, I have to make the most of my time. So why am I sat around not telling my parents? Good question. I just thought, I’m not telling my parents because I don’t want to mess up their lives, but I do plan on telling them. So the longer I wait, the worse it will be for them to take, so therefore I’d be doing them a favour if I tell them soon too. As true as that is, it’s not going to convince me to do it!

Soft Portrait

Most of my morning and afternoon was spent trying to get a show we recorded off TV onto a DVD, and I failed. The show was Heroes, and I really do love it. No matter what some people say about it, I find it entertaining, so I watch it religiously! Plus I watch it with my family, so really it’s a family activity, that are currently too few and far between. As for the trying to get it off my freeview box and onto my laptop, I did that, but then putting it onto a DVD was hard. Everything I read on the internet went well over my head so I just started getting aggravated and shut the computer off to chill out a bit. Sometimes computers can really get on your nerves. Like at the moment my computer holds down the right cursor button sometimes, so whilst I’m just browsing the net innocently, the right cursor button kicks in and then I’m on a page I didn’t really want! And it’s annoying when you’re writing diary entries too.

Ok, the rest of my day was spent watching fireworks and eating a meal with my friends and family. We had a bit of a get together tonight to celebrate Bonfire Night. Do they have that in the states? I’ve never really thought about it, it did originate from the Guy Fawkes and the Houses of Parliament after all, so maybe they don’t.

The ‘party’ type thing tonight was good, but I was feeling out of the conversation somewhat. The girls were talking about dancing schools, and the guys were talking about football. Seriously, I know it sounds stereotypical, but it really was like that. I just couldn’t join in with either. I knew nothing of both, so I just sat quietly in the corner drinking my mulled wine!

I was disappointed that I didn’t get to go out to a club, but the family get together partially made up for that. Ah well, hopefully the Christmas holidays will come quickly, my friends will be back from uni, and I can actually go out and have a good time.

Ok, I’ve written more than I’d planned to again, so for that I’m sorry!

Night! X


5 Responses to “How Do I Tell My Family?”

  1. Rob Says:


    Being a closet crossdresser and not really having any direction about where i want to take it i didnt want to tell my family ( or hadn’ t planned to in the near future). Anyway, in the summer holidays this year having been dresssing at every moment possible, i dressed in my room and forgot to lock the door. While watching a film a fell asleep on my bed; the next thing my mum walked in and saw me fully dressed with make up. I woke up when she walked in but didn’t move. She just said calmly “what are you doing?” and i was just like “nothing, please go away” and she did. It was a very strange moment and i had to close the door and push her out. I didnt know what to do, obviously i would have to talk to her about it but i just didnt know what to say. But after racking my skull at what to do, it was an easy enough conversation. She asked about it later on and i merely explained i had always done it on and off and i didnt know why but i was straight (even though im bi) and she promised not to tell my dad. Our relationship isnt any different today, but at least i know if i wanted to go any further with it, which maybe i do or don’t i just don’t know, i know she wouldn’t be too uncomfortable with it. Mums are lovely.

    I reckon you should tell your parents while you live with them, it gives them more of a chance to get to know the other side of you and be comfortable with it. It might be hard at first but it’s worth it. If you were to move out and then dress full time and come back and explain, they would feel robbed of the son they knew; where as if they observe any transition then they will continue to know and love you in the same way i’m sure!!!!

    i don’t know what to do with my life!!!!!! im stuck at uni as a straight male so confused. 😦

    good luck Ella, email me for a chat or add me on msn!!!!


  2. Rob Says:

    ps your pictures are lovely!!!! and im off to watch heroes now. I’ve never seen it, but i’ve borrowed season one off a flat mate cos he keeps banging on about it. PS im in the Uk too!!!!!

  3. Conrad Says:

    not all men think and talk about football, you are not meeting the right men in your life,
    take care

  4. Ty Says:

    yes i know exactly how you im still in the closet to wish i could tell my family about my cross dressing but cant, due to fact it will probably land me in therapy Im lucky and have a friend who i can talk to her about my cross dressing and we go shopping together. be happy you got an extremely feminine body and are very convincing with out make up.

  5. Stonehenge Says:

    Americans do not have a clue about Guy Fawkes night. It’s a bit funny you should mention it because I always assumed it was universal too, even though it seems ridiculous in retrospect to assume so. When you try to explain about it, it sounds brutish and medieval. Closest analogy I can get is actual July 4th crossed with Labor day.

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