Another Ella, Ella, Ella. I’m Being Cloned!

Saturday, 03 November 2007


Ok, I do have another photo for you tonight. I’m sorry they’re coming in dribs and drabs, but I don’t get much opportunity to sort them out and upload them. You’ve only got one now because I stayed up a bit later to do it, so be happy! I don’t know how many more I’m going to upload, because I’m not exactly happy with all of them, so you’ll have to see.

New Dress

As for this fake ‘me’ on myspace, well nothings happened, and I know that whoever it is has logged on and has not changed the photos. I honestly am not too certain on what I can do, I’ve never been in this kind of situation before. If anyone has any good suggestions, then I’m welcome to them. Once again the profile is . I’m not going to stoop to a low level and just shunt abuse in their direction, but I can’t help it if someone else does….! No, seriously don’t. I’m not a horrid person and I don’t like hurting peoples feelings, even if they are hurting mine, so I’ll just try and sort it. Maybe another more forward message? What if I comment on their page, do they have to moderate it before it appears? Just thought it might be good to warn his/her ‘friends’.

Away from that palaver, a new girl started at my work today. She seemed pretty cool, and I was put in charge of helping her out on the till. She wasn’t as bad as I was when I first started there, I was a bit of a nervous wreck. I have to say that if there’s one thing that this job has given me, other than a lot of money, it would have to be confidence. I am a lot more confident with just talking to the public now. In fact it doesn’t scare me at all. Talking to a group on the other hand, that would still scare me.

Anyway, this girl, I didn’t know until later was named Ella. Obviously then I just thought of myself. And then I couldn’t stop thinking about my problems and did get upset, just like that, over nothing. It was the same sort of thing when Rihanna released “Umbrella”. You know, the song that goes “Umbrella, Ella, Ella, Eh, Eh, Eh Eh” It obviously sounds better than it reads. But anyway that song was on the number one spot for weeks and weeks, and you seriously couldn’t avoid it, and all I heard everytime it was on was “Ella, Ella, Ella”. I didn’t let it get to me too much, but I just thought it was weird. I guess you don’t realise how much a certain word appears until you really focus on it, and obviously my name of choice is quite a bit of a focus for me.

One last thing before I get some sleep. My friend Woo who said we’d be going out Saturday night, well now we’re not. He’s just text and said he’ll be tired. What a let down. I mean really he sounded so up for it not two days ago, but all of a sudden he’s against the idea. It was like exactly the same last year when one of my friends goes off to University suddenly every social activity falls to pieces. I can’t wait till he comes back for Christmas, but of course then I’ll be on nights. Oh social life, where art thou?! To be honest if I spoke like that all the time, that would kinda answer the question for me.

Ok enough, Sleep is needed, I can tell my bed is getting lonely. (God I really need someone don’t I?!)

Night! X


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