Random Facts You Didn’t Need To Know

Thursday, 01 November 2007


Well I’ve checked back on that profile that’s pretending to be me, but no change so far, but to be fair they haven’t logged on yet, so I guess I’ll just have to wait for that. I’m still kinda worried about it really. The sooner my pictures get off, the better.

Well apart from all that yesterday, nothing has really been happening. I was at work today, tomorrow I have a day off. What more can I say? I’m happy.

Recently I’ve been in a very creative mood. I’ve been writing new plots for stories and also thinking up ideas for songs. Maybe tomorrow I can actually put pen to paper. I don’t seriously expect any of my creative outbursts to form anything of much merit, but it’s not going to stop me doing it. I find it fun, even if other people think it sucks! The story I was writing when I was younger is still funny to me if I look back and read it. I know I know, it’s kinda sad that my younger self is entertaining me now, but all the same. Hang on a sec, I want to just find a funny quote now.

“Scott pushed the crate into the guard and then ran away grabbing Graham’s arm as he went. As Scott had anticipated the rest of Graham’s body followed.”

Ok that was a pretty lame quote. A lot of the humour in the story comes from the situation instead of how I write it. This is quite a funny bit, but I’m sure something like this has been in the Simpsons or something.

“Yeh ok, anyway I was going to take you to talk to The Hand,” Humphrey said, suddenly serious. “Now you can either come quietly or I’ll zap you with my taser gun,” He pulled out the stun gun.

“We’ll come quie…” Scott began, before being jabbed in the side by the taser gun, causing Scott to fall unconscious on the floor.

“Too late, taser’s more fun,” Humphrey said quickly, jabbing Graham the same way.

Well, as I said before, it doesn’t matter what people think of it. I think it’s kinda cool, and it made me snigger again today.

I’ve not said a whole lot new tonight, so let me throw in a random fact from a quirky fact giving book I got for Christmas last year.

Carrots were naturally purple.

Traffic lights were invented in 1868, 18 years before cars were around (?!) and…

Rotten wood will glow in the dark. Apparently. I’ll have to try that. Give me some wood and I’ll test it out in about 10 years. That’ll be worth the wait.

Ok that’s all, most of the time tonight I’ve just been reading extremely pointless facts. What a waste of time!

Currently I’m… wondering who on earth spent the time to find out that the word ‘Almost’ is the longest word in the English language where all the letters are in alphabetical order. What a saddo! Some of the facts in the book are pointless. Another example: The G in G-String stands for ‘groin’. That just takes all the sexiness out of it!

Do you like my groin string?! Sounds like a medical condition.

Night! X


One Response to “Random Facts You Didn’t Need To Know”

  1. Lexxstrum Says:

    Hey, looked at ‘sophie’s’ profile; looks like they got pics off URnotAlone, but I could be wrong….
    I guess you could blow the whistle on them by contacting the Myspace people, but that would involve explaining that YOU are the girl in the pics.

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