What I’ve Been Up To…

Tuesday, 30 October 2007


That was quite possibly the oddest series of days I’ve had all my life, apart from maybe things like my birth. That was probably a bit different for me. It’s been so hectic recently I haven’t even been able to update for 3 days. Three days! 3! Three! 2+1! 198-195! A crowd! A few! The magic number! Half a dozen divided by a couple! Basically what I’m trying to say is three. I’ve not done that since I started this diary. So now let me try and remember what happened…

Saturday I worked and then in the evening I went straight out to a party. I bought a card and a bottle of Vodka, but neither were used. The card got creased, and the party had enough liquid flowing so my contribution was unneeded.

Sorry, I’m just going to go off on a side note here. Just then I completely forgot the word ‘contribution’ but I knew I would remember it if I kept thinking, and obviously I was right. But how weird is it that sometimes you can’t remember something, but you know you have it there in your brain. What has changed in my brain since I started thinking about it until I actually remembered? And possibly most worrying of all, why did I forget that word? It’s just a normal everyday English word, why did it temporarily elude me. The brain is a fantastic thing. Well that’s a bit of an understatement to be fair. The brain is the most complex thing on the planet. How can it do everything it does. How am I writing this right now? Where did these views that I have come from? Is it my choice? What is choice?

Ok, whoa, hold up, I’m getting ahead of myself. The brain is powerful, but my brain isn’t capable of answering things like that. Whenever something like “What is choice?” is asked, everything should be stopped. If you keep thinking about things like that you’ll get much the same experience as you would if you thought about how big space is. You know when you just reach the absolute limit of what your brain can think about?

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, the party. The party was great. I saw loads of people I hadn’t seen in so long including a girl called Charlie who knows about me but hasn’t really had anything to do with me since I told her. She was fine with me, just like normal. I think she’s ok with it, she’s just got a boyfriend now so she never sees us. Also she does nights so, again, another reason to not be seeing her.

That party went well anyway. The birthday girl’s parents were there too, so it didn’t get too rowdy, but fireworks were still involved and there were quite a few people I didn’t know there. It was a fairly big 21st party really.

Actually, I just remembered. The annual get Woo into a dress event came around again and they all made him go. Where Woo would normally have gone ahead and done it, he didn’t this time. He claimed it was because some kids were there, they may be scarred for life, but I think he was really doing it because I was there. He may have thought it would offend me. I would have been ok with it, but hey, I wasn’t about to tell him that there in front of everybody.

After most people had left we just chatted until like 4am. We got a pizza from a place with ludicrous opening hours and then fell asleep at about 5am. In the morning, in fact about two hours later, I got up, said my goodbyes and started walking home. Then it started tipping it down, so I phoned home, which I was trying to avoid, it being a Sunday morning and all, but I had to, and they didn’t mind too much. When I got home I went to sleep again. I slept till about 1:30pm.

So, now this was Sunday. I got up had a very large Sunday Dinner and got ready for work. I was due to start at 4pm. The bad news was that I was meant to be there until 6am the following morning. And that’s exactly what happened. 14 hours it was meant to be, but I got paid for 13 ½ because of breaks and I also stayed half an hour after 6am. And when you work out that I got time and a half for working unsociable hours, and also possibly even more because it was a Sunday, then you’ll start to realise why I did it!

There’s not a whole lot to say about that night, apart from that it was tiring, but I presumed that to be obvious. I think it did help having a party before though because then I’d sort of got into the nocturnal habit already. It’s the first time I’d ever known a party the night before to be so advantageous!

Then Monday morning I got home about 7am, said night night to my sister who was just eating breakfast and I got into bed and didn’t get out again until 3pm. Then, yet again I had to get up and get ready for work because I was doing 6-9pm Monday night. Not as bad, just more of an annoyance than anything else really. So now here I am. I’m at home on the computer at nearly 2am and I feel like I’m awake enough to be stacking shelves or something. It’s going to be difficult to get to sleep soon, but I’m going to have to if I want to get back into the habit of living a normal life. Doing the night shift really makes you feel like you’re wasting what precious time you have on Earth, but when you think about it, it really isn’t that different to normal.

Anywho, I’ve updated with a fairly boring list of what I’ve been upto over the past few days that’s made it difficult for me to get on. So to brighten the entry a tad, here’s a quote from this time last year, referring to darts on TV…

“It is quite possibly the most boring thing you could show on TV, apart from maybe a 95 year old woman cross-stitching a picture of herself, cross-stitching this picture, that would be pretty boring. And pointless.”

Right I’m off to bed. Everything just described as well as the clocks going back has left my body clock in shatters on the floor. Hopefully it will be repaired before I start work again on Wednesday.

Currently I’m…off to bed. Did you not read what I just said?!

Night! X


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