Recipe For Disaster: Butter, Fireworks, Vodka

Saturday, 27 October 2007


I’ve got a few interesting days coming up for a change. Tomorrow I work as normal, but afterwards I’m going to a party that has been known to turn into a ‘crossdressing night’, but you know, seen as I’m going it probably won’t be. I always seem to manage to avoid those.

Then Sunday when I’m not supposed to be working, I will be, but it will be from 10pm to 6am. Yeh, you better believe it, overnight. So I don’t know when I’m going to sleep or write an entry because I’m also working in the afternoon/evening of Monday. As a reward for this, quite frankly, reward worthy series of hours, I will be getting next Saturday off. Yay! My first Saturday off since God knows when. Probably something like March.

Anyway, more about this party tomorrow. It’s the birthday of a friend I made through other friends at college. I’m at a high enough relationship status to get an invite, but I’m not expected to get her a present, that has to be the best status for saving money! I daren’t get any friendlier at risk of having to buy a present for her next year! Hmm, just had a flashback of last year. There was a lot of butter…on bodies…and there was licking involved…and of course alcohol…then spin the bottle…wow…it was crazy. This time I’m bringing a lot of Vodka and someone else is bringing fireworks. Hmmm.

As I’ve said before, I’ve not been at a party that turned all crossdressy on me, but my friend Woo has. By the way this the guy that was fairly interested in going out dressed as girls and everything. He also had photos of himself wearing a dress posted all over college. Some might suspect him to be a crossdresser, but I don’t think he is. He is just whatever he wants to be. That’s how he lives. He’s not a crossdresser for having done it a few times and enjoyed it. He has just crossdressed. He himself is perfectly straight and whenever he speaks you know it is the truth. That’s what I like about him, how genuine he really is.

Anyway, I’m wasting valuable sleeping time. I will update sometime soon. Maybe Sunday day? We shall see. Mwahahahaha! (The evil laugh is always appropriate).

Currently I’m…listening to “Happy Ending” by MIKA. Some hate him, some like him, like me. This particular song is probably my favourite of his. The chorus of female singers in the background really makes it.

Night! X


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