Bubbly Bliss

Friday, 26 October 2007


I was reminded of something that happened in London today. A few days back when I was going to the Tower of London, Dad bought a ‘Family Ticket’ because it was a lot cheaper than separately. First off, it was for two children and two adults, that was all, no other combination. I mean come on, how many families are there like that? It’s a bit unfair on all those families aren’t like that. Secondly, the children were classed as 15 or under. So what, 16 year olds have to pay for adult tickets, and yet they can do nothing what-so-ever, buy alcohol, cigarettes, or drive. That sounds unfair to me. I think there should just be a standard system bought in where you pay a childs fee up until 18 then after you’re an adult, unless you’re a student of course. Finally I’d like to say that despite the fact I am 20, I still got a childs ticket, and I did get away with it. My Dad was keen to make the most of my ‘baby face’ by making a saving. Fair enough, some my say. If I look 15, then sure, but think about it from my perspective for a second. Do you realise how embarrassing it is to pretend to be 15?! I don’t like doing it because I like to do things honestly, and I’d said to him that I’d pay for the ticket if he was going to do that, but he wouldn’t have it. So there I was pretending I was a little kid again.

I know I know, I’m complaining about something that is obviously not that bad. I look young, so what? I should be grateful for that I guess, but I just hate it when Dad puts me in that kind of situation. But yeh, I admit the benefits of looking young certainly out-weigh the problems.

Anyway, today was an OK day. My parents set Thursdays as No TV or Computer day, so I had to find something else to do. (I know, it seems like they still treat me like I’m 15 too). Most of the day I was sleeping or eating, so that wasted a few hours, but tonight I did something I’d not done for a long while. Had a bath, and not just any bath, oh no, a glass of wine and candles bath. I’ve never done that before, but believe me I will be doing it again. It felt great to just relax in the hot bath with the bubbly water surrounding me and the relaxing piano music tinkling away in the background. It was a great way to just let my mind go and just lay back and switch off for a bit. I took some pictures after my bath to give you an idea of what it was like.

Candle Glow


Imagine a bath like that with music like this. Ludivico Einaudi – I Giorni (The Days). I actually play this on the piano too. Fantastic music.

(Thank you Tim French!)

Well that’s all for tonight.

Currently I’m…supremely relaxed.

Night! X


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