London Calling

Sunday, 21 October 2007


We’re leaving for London at 8am tomorrow, therefore I am not going to be on here into the dead of night. Some might say that quarter to one in the morning is pretty late, but not me, no, this is early for me.

I am for obvious reasons not going to be able to update this diary for the next few days, but I will try and write something on paper (paper? What is the stone age? …or paper age?!). But then again it just might be so hectic I don’t get a chance to write, we’ll see.

I’m also taking my nice new camera so some good pictures will be taken I hope. I’m unsure of whether I’ll show them all on here, but again, we’ll see.

Well that’s about it from me tonight, I will have to get to sleep soon and hope I don’t feel to sleepy tomorrow morning.

Currently I’m…wishing I could write a longer entry, but I know I really can’t.

Night! X


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