Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Friday, 19 October 2007


Well I’m feeling better tonight at long last, so I’ll actually write something half decent!

I’d like to say right now that I may be moving this blog simply because it’s not giving me the freedom I want. I want to have my own website, make everything on it, be the one that decides whether something can go a certain place or not. There’s a load of things I can’t do on this site. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great site, but I want to customise my pages more. I’ve always wanted to have my own proper website that I design. I’ve wanted to get into that sort of thing for a while. I create graphics and things, but I never get far enough to put them on a site! I’ll look into it, I don’t have a whole lot of time right now.

Tomorrow I’m working, Saturday I’m working, and then Sunday me and my family are off to London for a couple of nights. The reality is that I really don’t get a day off until next Thursday again, and then that’s “No computer and TV” day of course, so nothing going to happen then either. The next possible time for me to start building a website is a week on Sunday, but then you have to bear in mind that my family will be around so I can’t exactly do it freely. Anyway, I guess that gives me plenty of time to think about the design at least!

Today, along with getting a few new shaving things (eugh), I bought some new things for my bike. I got myself a new helmet that actually looks good (yes, safety first) and also a new ‘hardened steel’ bike lock (security second). I still think that if someone had determination as well as a small circular saw, then they’d be able to nick it. The thing is that bike lock nearly cost as much as the bike in the first place so I’m not exactly losing a lot. Anyway, my shaving things seem ok. I did a bit of research today about shaving, and there seems to be many different ways to get an effective result. I use none of those ways. Today though I bought shaving oil and gel with Aloe and Vitamin E in, both of which are apparently good. Also I bought a shaving brush which I have yet to use and I’m quite frankly unsure about how good it will be.

Anyway, away from the shaving shenanigans I’d rather not face. There’s one thing bothering me at the moment. Breast Cancer. It’s not that I’ve got it, or that I’m aware of someone I know having it. Ok, this month is ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ Month, which is a good, if not great idea. I’m sure there are too many women out there that don’t come forward about Breast Cancer because they are so embarrassed about it. At work we’ve been invited to come to work wearing pink to help raise awareness, and when I look on the websites about Breast Cancer all you see is pink and white and bras and women. That made me think, what about the guys? Surely all these feminine things that are being thrown in with breast cancer is only going to embarrass them further and put them off going to see someone about it. I know male breast cancer is a much rarer thing that female breast cancer, and I know you can’t please everybody, but there could at least be some recognition of it on these sites, and to be honest I think the whole ‘pink’ thing should be dropped.

I’ve just done a bit of looking on one of these breast cancer sites and yes there are male breast cancer sections, but just look at this front page. Pink everywhere.

I don’t know, as I said you can’t please everybody, but it’s just something to think about. I could now go into the whole thing about why pink is a girls colour and blue is a boys colour, but I think that would take a lot of time and much more intelligence than I possess!

Currently I’m…looking at Snooker on TV. It’s not watching, because something has to be happening to watch it. I’m just looking at a load of different coloured balls on the table. I do actually quite like to play snooker, or pool, but having it on TV is just silly. It’s pretty darn boring! No wonder it’s on so late at night, it’ll help people sleep!

Night! X


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