"are there women who like having a boyfri?"

Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Well I feel down tonight. My cold has really turned nasty and I feel rotten, and if you don’t mind, I will just go to sleep and hope that tomorrow I’ll be better. I know it’s not glamorous or even particularly interesting, but I will update every day regardless!

I would like to just say that for some reason the terms “trophy wife chav” and “are there women who like having a boyfri” are sentences that have been typed into a search engine and then my website has been listed. How bizarre. When did I ever say I wanted a boyfri? And who really types that all in. It’s not like a chat room, it’s a search engine. “Urm, yes, excuse me search engine, but I was just wondering whether you’d be able to tell me a website where there are women that want a boyfriend, if it isn’t too much trouble”. What they should have done is just put in, “online dating”. Duhhhh! Also who wants a trophy wife chav? More to the point do they really exist? I thought trophy wife meant they were pretty. Not a whole lot of pretty chavs out there. Slutty yes, pretty no.

Well that’s all you’re getting tonight. I feel rubbish so bedward is my direction!

Currently I’m…sniffing, a lot.

Night! X


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