Well Done England!

Sunday, 14 October 2007


Good day for English sport. Not only did they win in football, we also won a Rugby World Cup semi-final. Now I’m not going to say that I dislike either of those sports to make me seem more feminine, no, I do occasionally like to watch football, and I have to say, the last few minutes I saw of the Rugby tonight were pretty exciting! If it involves the country, I just like to get involved as well. I don’t care at all about the Premiership and that, it all just seems pointless. It’s when the national team plays that it’s fun to watch, you can really get involved!

Unfortunately I was working pretty much through both matches, but I didn’t really mind that much, it’s not that important! Not that I could do anything about it anyway. Work today was good, I can’t think of anything specific that was unusual or funny. There was this one woman that asked where something was and she just kept blinking all the time. It wasn’t even normal casual blinking, it’s like she was putting her heart and soul into the opening and closing of her eyelids. I don’t know what was up with her, but hey there’s probably a perfectly good explanation. You do see some people that just have a problem that you didn’t know existed, or maybe you just tried to imagine didn’t exist. There’s usually people in wheelchairs, people with guide dogs, people with no fashion sense, everything!

I have a terrible problem of not being able to tell peoples ages, so when someone who looks remotely young comes to my till I get all worked up and worried about if they’re underage or not. So far I’ve successfully ID’d two people, one of them was fine, the other was underage. I’ve also ID’d a thirty year old and a forty year old (!) and failed to ID a seventeen year old. I have literally no idea how old someone is when they come up to me, it’s just like a bit of a guess really. A lot of the women that come into our shop do look younger than they really are, some of them are clearly just the trophy wife, and they’re paying with their husbands money. So obviously some of them are mutton dressed as lamb. But some are actually attractive mutton dressing as conservative lambs, and they look alright, and you can’t tell they’re age. They could be anywhere between 17 and 35. Then there’s the lambs that dress like muttons dressing like lamb, which is even more confusing because you’re not sure if they’re trying to be young or old your brain just goes into a mind-numb. Basically, I would just like to be able to tell someone is by just looking at them. I’m not saying that we should be able to cut off their heads and count the rings, I just want something that shoes the age to the exact year, and it’s not something you have to ask for and also something people may not have with them.

What’s the deal with the law of selling alcohol anyway. Buying a bottle of wine is for 18+. Buying a Cherry Liquor was, up until recently, 16+. Then there’s the food you can buy at pubs. Steak and Ale pie, and there’s some puddings that have brandy in or something. And anyone can have that. I don’t think it should be against the law for me to sell underage kids alcohol, when kids can just buy some food in a restaurant and get a drop anyway. Besides which I think it should be the kid that’s punished rather than the seller. Ok, you were in the wrong, but as I was saying there’s too many people that don’t look their age, it’s wrong.

Anyway, I didn’t want to stay up late tonight. I’ll go.

Currently I’m…glad of my day off tomorrow.

Night! X


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