Harry Potter and The Seeing Eye Dog

Friday, 12 October 2007


Just finished reading the last Harry Potter book. It’s sad, just because it feels like the end of an era. All the way through my teenage life Harry Potter was there, and now it’s ended I kinda feel like I’ve got to grow up! The first book came out when I was the perfect age for it I think, and so I got hooked and my ever increasing age never put a stop to that!

It’s weird how books can make you feel so emotional. As I was getting near the end of this one I had the beginnings of crying creeping in. I could feel that feeling in my chest, that you get when you just find out some really bad news, like a relative dying. It did feel like that today, just obviously not quite as bad. The Harry Potter books are brilliantly written and J.K. Rowling has got everything she deserved with that series! I would love to be able to write as well as her.

I love writing, I mean I do it every night, it’d be silly if I hated it. I enjoy writing stories, or sketches, or just about my day, like this. I want to just let people into a world that I create, there can be nothing more rewarding. Just think if J.K hadn’t written the Harry Potter books, all of those deep believable characters would not have come about, they wouldn’t exist. But now there’s books and films about it. Maybe we wouldn’t even know Daniel Radcliffe. I do just see him as Harry Potter now, I can’t help it, when I read it’s him I see, but the thing is that’s not necessarily a bad thing because I think he was so well suited to it in the first place!

Anyway, it is actually pretty late now and I am working tomorrow. My five days off have been great. Maybe it could have been better, but I just liked the time off, to just relax and cool down a bit. You sometimes don’t realise how much you need a break until you have one!

I’m working normally next week, but the week after that I have the Monday off, and I may be going to London with my family. Should be fun, especially with my new camera!

Ah yes, that reminds me, we’ve been looking after a guide dog puppy today. We do it for just days when the actual puppy walkers are going elsewhere, so it’s quite a nice ‘trial’ experience for us, to see if it would be worth having one permanently. It turns out the answer is no. Dogs are great and everything, but without them you just get a whole lot more freedom, you’re not always worrying about how they are and things like that. There’s plenty to worry about without that thanks.

Here’s a picture I took of Gina today. She is gorgeous, there’s no denying it!


Currently I’m…regretting staying up so late!

Night! X


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