Thursday, 11 October 2007


I just watched the end of “Lucy : Teen Transsexual In Thailand”. It was pretty emotional. I knew exactly what she was going through and I can only say that I think she is so brave not only going through with it, but also being the focus of a TV documentary, she’s got guts! I would say she’s got balls, but…! Seriously though, I just think she deserves to live a happy life and find the right person for her. I’ve had doubts as to whether she really is transsexual, but after today I think she is. There were times when she seemed to fit the bill too well. I’ve never said that I always acted feminine and done feminine things. Ok yeh, some things are more feminine, but I still have to live as a guy right now, and really at the moment I just want to fit in and not raise any questions I don’t want to answer just yet.

Now, this may sound like bragging, and well, maybe it is, but I honestly cannot believe how many people have viewed my pictures of flickr. The total number of people that have seen my profile page is currently at 24,596. Now I’ve not really stopped to think about that, but… 24,000 people is one hell of a lot of people! Think about 100 people in a room, then 9 other rooms in the building each with 100 people in. Then have 24 of these buildings. That is a huge amount of people! I’ve also been on Hot or Not as well, and although my rating wasn’t amazing, I was still apparently ‘hotter’ than 57% of the women on that site. Not bad for a genetic guy ‘straight out the box’ if you get my meaning. I guess I’m just lucky, and for that I am very thankful.

You know, I just read that 24,000 people die EVERY Day for malnutrition. My God! I never knew just how bad it was. You hear numbers pelted at you on the news everyday, but do you ever stop and think how many people that is?! Malnutrition In ChildrenI mean, it could be false, but I’m not going to take the cynical view here. All of those people in all of those rooms in every one of those buildings that I explained earlier would just go. They would all die. That is an awful lot of people. Something does need to be done if this is the case. I know people have lost respect for food, I see it, working on a foods hall. The amount of food that just gets disposed of after a day of sales is just crazy. It would be able to feed all the homeless people in the city, easily. Why is this the case? Not all food has such a short life expectancy, besides which, most of it can be frozen anyway. If so much food is going to waste in just one store in one city in one country, how much is wasted in the world whilst there are 24,000 people dieing of hunger everyday? Why can’t we just freeze all the food we can, stick it in a plane and deliver it to the people dieing of starvation? Money. And that’s what it comes down to. All the effin time. I don’t know what can be done, I really don’t.

Feed The World

Just raising money, but how much money would be needed to pay for a load of planes as well as the fuel to run it everyday. It would be an uncanny amount. On the left there’s a link to a site that lets you donate money if you want to.

Anyway, I’m really getting carried away here, I should wrap it up. It’s late again of course. Just to lighten the mood, I hope this helps you realise how happy you are, and how I am. I know I do a lot of complaining in this diary, but it’s just words and petty problems when it comes down to it. I am lucky and I do know it, but I just hope whoever you are, you can just live a good and happy life and never have to be one of the many who has to go through true hardship everyday. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.

Sleep easy won’t you?!

Night! X


2 Responses to “24,000”

  1. Falcon Says:

    I`m looking for the documentary Lucy : Teen Transsexual In Thailand, and i found it, its only one episode? or i have to looking for the others

  2. Anmol Says:

    I liked your comment about the malnutrition and food wastage thing. It shows your positive instincts. It is also kind of girly.

    [I am a heterosexual boy who likes pretty girls like you. Just bumped into your flickr page today. I have added you as a contact today and really fell in love with your pic which is girlier than the girly girls :-)]

    Reading your diary from the beginning to end ..i.e 2007 to 2010.

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