Day Of Recovery

Wednesday, 10 October 2007


I wasn’t sure if I actually managed to come in and write an entry on the computer last night, but apparently I managed it.

The truth about last night is that there was a friend of Woo’s that did seem to obviously like me. I didn’t really act upon it, but bear in mind I was drunk. She gave me her number and so far I haven’t text her. I will do, after all it’s only fair, but I don’t expect/want anything to come from it. When it comes down to it, I think being with another girl sounds hot in my mind, but I wouldn’t actually want it. It’s like the media has portrayed it as a hot thing as I’ve been brought up, but when it actually comes to it, I don’t think it’s what I want! I want a long term steady boyfriend that I can love and he can love me. That’s the life I want. It’s a long way away.

Maybe it’s too far. I can’t even organise to go out dressed as a girl for one night, how can I possibly organise being a full time woman?! I hope living without secrets will definitely help, but when am I ever going to get to that stage?! Ahh, I won’t go into that again, it will likely just get me upset.

Today I did nothing more than recover from the night before. I did a lot of internet browsing and TV watching. I caught up with the new season of Ugly Betty and the current season of My Name Is Earl.

Wow, it is now past 3am, in the time it’s taken to put a gap in between to paragraphs, about 2 hours have passed! I’ve been chatting a lot. That’s about it. So now I will leave. Farewell diary entry!

Currently I’m…wondering where all the time went!

Night! X


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