Things Are Looking Down…But I’m Feeling Up!

Monday, 08 October 2007


Well well well, look where I stand tonight. Tomorrow’s fabled cross dressing night is NOT going ahead. Or even we’re not cross dressing. The night is still going ahead and we are still going out.

The reason, well there’s plenty. Woo was never on my side through all of this and I could tell he wasn’t into it as much as he claimed. He said finally today that we shouldn’t do it. He had some fair points, and I guess it might be for the best that I don’t go out dressed.

  1. Woo was saying about the practicality of it all. Where do we keep ID, money, keys? I suggested handbags, but that would be taking it too far!
  2. Neither of us have clothes to dress up in anyway. Ok, I have a blouse, but that’s not exactly enough!
  3. No girls shoes either, or maybe even make-up come to think of it.
  4. Not enough people joining in. There would be no other friends coming with us, it would just be us two, and there probably wouldn’t be that many at the club dressed up anyway.
  5. What do we do when going to the toilet?! I’d be trying to fit in as a girl, going into the men’s would screw that up!
  6. I have a much smaller possibility of getting stabbed.

And the most important of all…

7. Woo will still respect me as a friend and there won’t be an air of awkwardness between us.

There we are, the seven reasons to not do it. I know I know, I could come up with many more reason to counter those, but I still think it might be for the best not to go out. There’s no denying it, I am upset about not dressing up, but if it means that I’ll have Woo as a friend for a longer time, that’s ok. I get the feeling that once he sees me, he’s just either going to be disgusted and try and distance myself from me, or he’ll compliment me (maybe..) and it’ll just be even more awkward!

This is all very reminiscent of last year. Here’s a quote from the entry exactly a year ago.

“You know, I should really stop telling you what I’m going to be doing in the next day, because nothing ever seems to come out as it seems.”

That’s not a coincidence, no way. I say that phrase so many times it’s unreal. It really is true, I don’t get to do a lot of the things that’s talked about, but this time, I don’t mind as much. We came to a mutual decision and it is for the best, I’m convinced now.

Also, I just thought, maybe there’ll be chances to cross dress at the club anyway. The theme is “Cross Dress Me”, so maybe there’s the actual action of crossdressing taking place there. Anyway, I’ll be glad of the night out no matter what happens.

Ok, away from tomorrow night, I’ve been browsing around the net and I found this great advert. I have seen it on TV, but I can’t show you that can I? All done in one take apparently. I believe everything apart from the TV turning on and the tennis ball shutting the fridge. If it’s all real, then wow, just wow. You wanna get a job…

Well there we go, that’s about all there is to show now. It’s very late now (I’ve just been watching Gladiators videos on YouTube, oh the brilliant memories of Saturday Night!

Currently I’m…reminiscing about my childhood.

Night! X


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