Help! I’m A Nerd!

Saturday, 06 October 2007


Work again today. But at last, good news! I have next Monday and Wednesday off, so after tomorrow, I’m not working again til next Friday! Wahoo! This also means I can get ready to go out on the Monday night as well, so hopefully I can be dressed up! Now just got to sort out a way to acquire clothes! I’m looking forward to it, but at the same time I’m so nervous, but then if I don’t do it and see all the other people crossdressing at the nightclub I’ll be jealous I’m sure.

Anywho, away from that. At work today this woman came to my till with a few items including two very tasty looking desserts. She then said, “I shouldn’t be having these you know! I’m diabetic, and my doctor tells me not to”. Then she went on to say, “I’m 82 and I’m doing alright aren’t I? I mean I’ve got to die of something haven’t I?!” and I was like, oh my god. How can you be saying this, what do you expect me to say, “Yes, you will die, hope you had a good life and everything,”. What is she thinking?! Ok some older people do feel like they’re waiting for Death to come knocking, but that doesn’t mean you have sit out on the doorstep inviting it in. If you’re smart enough, you’d want to live as long as you can. If you’ve lived 82 years then you’d think that dieing from eating a mousse would be fitting, then frankly you’ve lived a pretty poor life. There is no good way to die, but come on, there’s plenty of bad ones. Eating mousse, decapitated by your own boomerang, run over by a milk float, tripping over and landing on a spike when you were just about to run over the edge of a really high building with a banner flying behind you that says “I Want Everyone To See Me Die”. I’m sure there are plenty of other bad ways to die, but there’s too many to name. I guess when it comes down to it, once you die, you’re just dead, and then as far as you know so is the rest of the world, so it doesn’t matter at all.

I hate thinking about death, so I don’t know why I am, morbid curiosity I guess. Actually yes it is exactly that. Is it just an endless nothing? Once you die, is that it, is there no more, you just don’t exist, the world continues, you know nothing, you are nothing, you are gone. What I like to think is that the mind lives on. I think the best thing that could happen would be to wake up from being plugged into the “Matrix” and just think, “What a cool game, bit long though”, just get up, and walk away. Continue living as normal.

All joking apart here, I think the most believable definition of life out there, is not one by any religion, it would be the ideas that are portrayed in “The Matrix”. It is the only logical one. Obviously computers are going to get better, and it is obvious that in the future people are going to create virtual worlds that are so accurate it’s crazy. And then artificial intelligence will reach the same stage as the human brain. It can happen. If our brain is just chemicals churning around, surely that can be done by computers.

Anyway, I went a little nerdy there, I apologise!

Actually no, I’m not going to break out of my nerdiness, here’s some interesting Eye-Illusions I found on a site called . Check these out…

Angry and Calm

^^ For this one you have to first of all look closely at the screen, then back away slowly, and you’ll see the faces swap over, kinda spooky until you know how they did it, then it’s just boring! ^^ 

^^ This one isn’t really an eye illusion. But look at it and see if you can see what’s different about it. Apparently to some people it’s difficult, but I saw it straight away! *smug smile* ^^

Beach in Colour

^^ This one impressed me. Click the picture above and it’ll go to a video. Watch the video and do what it says. It’s weird what your eyes are capable of without really knowing. ^^

Ok, well, I’m sorry the nerd in me completely took over tonight, but it is what I think, and if that makes me a complete nerd, then so be it!

Currently I’m… very, very sleepy.

Night! X


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