Took My Camera On A Bike Ride

Friday, 05 October 2007


Today was kinda eventful I guess.

Early on I got a text off Charlie about meeting up. Inevitably not today. Then I found out that my friend Woo does still want to go out on Monday to the Crossdress night but he’s not sure about the ‘fancy dress’. Well I tell you what, if he still wants to go out, I’m coming out for sure, and that means I’m going to go and look good doing it! I’ll dress up no matter what he does. I can pretend he’s my boyfriend! As long as I get next week off of course, and I can find myself something wear…

Is this the beginning of the inevitability of things not going ahead as planned? I think so!

I also went around to my Nan’s, did her lawn, and then went out taking photos on my new camera. I was lucky enough to run into a balloon that was about to take off, so I stayed there for a bit taking pictures. I didn’t get many good ones, but I’ll post one all the same. In fact I’ll just post a few that I took today.

My Legs! Lol!

^^This is what a day off means! Relaxing on the grass with friendly technology!^^

The Day Moth

^^A Moth, in the day?! What is it thinking?! Why’s it not flying to the sun if it likes the light so much?!^^


^^A Balloon. It has G-Orgy on the side of it. I originally laughed (silently, to myself) at the fact it said Orgy, but then I thought it was a sign to call my moth buddy Georgie!^^

Finally, when I got home, my parents went out as well as my sister so, once again, I got a fleeting chance to dress, this time with photo evidence. The thing is though, that these pictures do show me without my wig and I’m not exactly willing to show myself online like that. At least with a wig you can look a lot different! If, by some chance, my friends stumbled onto my profile, they wouldn’t know it was me.

Anyway, the reason I’m speeding ahead tonight is because I keep thinking I head noises outside my door, so I’ll just finish up and get some sleep.

Currently I’m… hoping my parents don’t come barging in in a second!

Night! X


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