Hair Cut.

Friday, 28 September 2007


My Mum did what I’d been trying to put off for weeks today. She finally managed to get a pair of scissors to my hair.

I tried my best to stop her cutting lots off without giving myself away, but it was difficult. She said, “Now this bit needs cutting, it’s looking a bit girly, and we don’t want that do we?” And I said “No”, but inwardly I was shouting “YEEEEESSS, I want it that more than anything!”.

As she cut my hair I hung my head down and saw it all falling off. I was quite literally close to tears at that point. I did manage to hold it back, but I was still upset. I know it sounds trivial and everything, but to me, my hair was one of the best improving things about me. It was getting longer and girlier every day, but now it’s just back to be relatively short.

Ok, so it’s not too bad, in fact I kinda like it. As a guys haircut it’s good, but for me, no. It’s kinda like Peter Petrelli’s from Heroes. God I love that show, so far!

Anyway, I’m getting too sidetracked by Family Guy at the moment, so I’ll update tomorrow.

Currently I’m…(see above)

Night! X


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